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Have you seen @pineappleblushboutique yet? Be sure to follow them and visit in store for some beautiful fashion at affordable prices 😍 They even do online orders with in store pickup so you don’t miss out of you see it on the “gram” - #ilovemyjob #kikidoyouloveme #goodvibesalways #mindfulmarketing #hawaiibusiness #webdesigner #brandingdesign
The #triomf arc shaped structure 😄 Primarily known as the #arcdetriomf
Clouds always make for a good sunset!!! 🤙🤙🤙
It is Friday right ? #showyourglow18
El éxito es quererte a ti mismo, querer lo que haces, y querer el cómo lo haces.- by Maya Angelou. • • S W E E T  N I G H T 🌙💫 #goodnight#nighttime #happynight #goodvibesalways #beautifullnight #sweetnight #peaceandlove#success#kiss 😘
Each time I read passages from this book it fills me with hope. Happy Belated Madiba.
Today, even though it rained a lot, I still got to go on a short walk and play in my backyard. Of course, I did a ton of sniffing as well #backyardfun #rainyday #playinggames #luckydog #outsidefun #sniffsniff #doghouse #dogsbeingdogs #hangingout #happyvibes #goodtimes #goodvibesalways
Happy #throwbackthursday  I’m gonna go ahead and throw back to a month ago when I was in Indy with my coaching team.  We had such an incredible time connecting, sharing stories & ideas and learning together.  I am so grateful to be a part of something so inspiring. I am so proud to be a coach and to know that I’m helping people every day live a healthier lifestyle while becoming the best version of themselves.  My next Become A Coach Workshop is next week, and I would love for you to check it out!  I am excited to mentor more coaches, and you could be one of them!  Just message me for the details. 🤩  #goodvibesalways #piercedwomen #badasswomen #bettertogether #beyourownceo #coachwithme #coachsummit2018 #joinmenow #texaswomen #tattooedwomen #thepowerofnow #strongwomen #summer2018🌴 #strongereveryday #pma #atxlife #atxfit #shineyourlight #beyourbest #loveyourself #loveyourlife #youareworthit
I have to admit something...... - I've been struggling with being ME! - - - I spent most of my childhood looking for unconditional love, acceptance and a place to fit in. After being shuffled around foster homes, being sexually abused as a child, moving place to place as a young adult and experimenting with 50 jobs, I just couldn't ever find a place to "fit". - I now know why.....we're not meant to fit in, we're meant to bring what we've learned to others and that transparency can make people uncomfortable - I don't bullshit I stand for integrity and do onto those as you would have done onto yourself I am honest, even if it hurts, but with intentions of helping I work like my life depends on it I am not fluffy and look for the easy way I am strong, defiant and comfortable with who I am becoming I have lived through enough to write 10 books(seriously, looking for someone to help with that) I am still working on being a better human I still have so much to learn & explore I am not perfect but I'm perfectly imperfect - As much as I hear people preach about authenticity.... I don't see it often. Until, I found the group of people @1stphorm ..... I have built relationships with some of these people and the same holds true for all I have connections with - Life is hard, suck it up Work fucking harder Stand behind your word Learn from your failures, don't fall inspite of them This company is more then a supplement brand.... Its a #movement for the people that take action in their life and help others do the same🙏🙌 #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #1stphormathletesearch  #100to1  #duespaid  @andyfrisella  @paulaciarniello  @steve_pona  @questforthreela  @iammadisendanielle  @iam40_plus  @huge_fat_loser
Nobody Gets To Tell You Who You Are // As you start to navigate through personal growth, be very careful who you allow to have an opinion in your choices // Most of the people that are closest to you will fight the change, argue with your decisions and keep you the same so its familiar for them // Unfortunately many people are stuck in fear, fear of change and the not knowing, so they are simply following others because they have someone to blame if shit doesnt work out. Learning from others is essential but if a person isnt living their best life, what makes you think they will help you live yours? // I have had to make some huge sacrifices to change my life, my support network and create a healthier atmosphere for me to to grow. It was hard but essential & I'm very happy with the outcome // Are you struggling with making changes in your life? Has the "New" you had to abandon unsupportive relationships and find a new circle? 🙋You are not alone! Stay true to yourself &  embracing positive change, it takes courage to be authentically you!  #instagood #instablog #empoweredwomenempowerwomen  #blogger