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Monday, Lobbying Los Angeles City Hall, along side Ellen Brown, Author, Speaker and Radio Host to discuss the benefits of a city-owned bank. . More about; BANKING FOR THE 99% .  It's time for our banking  system to evolve into publicly-owned financial institutions prioritizing people and planet over profit. . . PROBLEM  The City of Los Angeles paid over $109 million in fees and interests to commercial banks in 2016.  Our tax dollars are extracted from local economies by big multinational banks and used to finance socially and environmentally destructive business practices. Some of these banks have been downgraded by authorities for their risky or fraudulent practices. Many of the city’s investments finance direct harm to the public, including over $70M invested in tobacco companies alone. The firms who help manage these funds seek the highest possible fees for themselves, extracting the financial power of taxpayers to perpetuate bubbles in housing and capital markets, instead of economic development here at home. . . SOLUTION . With a city-owned bank, our revenues stays within our city. By cutting out Wall Street as the middle man, banking profit gets reinvested back into our communities. . . VISION . Imagine a City Public Bank revolution where every major city has its own public bank with a social and environmental charter, explicitly designed to serve the needs of the local community. . . Goodbye Wall Street... HELLO PEOPLE'S BANK! #revolutionla #divestla #publicbankla #acce #berniesandersbrigade #democraticsocialistofamerica #losangelesfeeltheberndemocraticclub
Had a great afternoon talking with students at Columbia University's School of Social Work about community organizing, nonprofit management, fundraising, youth development and bipartisan politics. Starting to love the higher education circuit. Someone needs to hire me as an adjunct. 😁😁😁 #youthdevelopment #communitydevelopment #politics #adjunct #nonprofit #nonprofitformation #nonprofitconsultant #nonprofitcoach #grassrootsorganizations #brooklyn #newyork
Get yourself a lotion that supports regenerative agriculture around he world. This is not a freakin ad, I love this brand and I freakin love the smell. @lushcosmetics ----------------------------------------------------#vegan #handmade #noanimaltesting #ethicalbuying #recycle #lovelush #grassrootsorganizations #lushcosmetics #lushlife
Attended the Better Business Bureau's annual Charity Effectiveness Symposium this morning. It was refreshing to have such an open, honest, discussion about how nonprofit leaders can strategize for the future, particularly in an environment that's proving to be politically hostile and economically volatile.  #bbbcharity #dealingwithdisruption #betterbusiness #betternonprofits #effectivenonprofits #effectivecharities #boards #philanthropy #nonprofitlife #nonprofit #nonprofitconsultant #nonprofitcoach #grassrootsorganizations #newyork #brooklyn #queens #bronx #harlem #statenisland
SAVE THE DATE for the 8th annual Beyond the Bars Conference of the Center for Justice at Columbia University in New York City!  We are so grateful to be a part of this year and extend a huge thanks to the @columbiacenterforjustice at Columbia University in New York City for having us.  Please register by clicking the link in our bio (it's FREE!) and join us for a packed weekend of events to end mass incarceration, build a safe society, and learn about the grassroots organizations that are working towards these goals. • #likeanyotherkid #laok #beyondthebars2018 • • • • #massincarceration #endmassincarceration #incarcerationinamerica #incarceration #prisonreform #jailreform #closeprisons #closejails #grassroots #grassrootsorganizations #nonprofit #ngo #newyork #losangeles #milwaukee #momentum #criminalization
Was so honored to share about the work of Spirit in Action and #smartrisks at the Unitarian Congregation of Mississaugaom Sunday. #grassrootsorganizations are #worththerisk #uu #spiritinaction #serviceisourprayer
We're hearing from a lot of folks feeling like January was a full year...instead of one month...because there was SO much going on in your work and personal lives. We feel ya! As we all head into mid-February this week we want to encourage everyone to prioritize taking care of themselves first by getting outside in nature and then saying NO more often! Science has shown getting out is in nature is good for our mind, body, and soul. . 📚National Geographic did an article on this “Call To The Wild: This Is Your Brain on Nature” exploring personal stories and the research. WARNING some of the pictures in the article have folks in their b-day suits! If you want to avoid the pics just watch the video at the top of the page for some good takeaways. . 📌Here is an excerpt: “Motivated by large-scale public health problems such as obesity, depression, and pervasive nearsightedness, all clearly associated with time spent indoors, Strayer and other scientists are looking with renewed interest at how nature affects our brains and bodies. Building on advances in neuroscience and psychology, they’ve begun to quantify what once seemed divine and mysterious. These measurements—of everything from stress hormones to heart rate to brain waves to protein markers—indicate that when we spend time in green space, “there is something profound going on,” as Strayer puts it.” . 👉🏼 Full Article Here: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2016/01/call-to-wild/ . . #selfcare #advocateselfcare #selfcaresunday #nonprofitadvocacy #natureheals #naturehealsthesoul #grassrootsorganizations #nonprofitconsultant #advocacycampaigntraining #advocacycampaign #advocacycampaigns #womeninpolitics #advocateselfcare #grassrootsorganizing #climatejustice #environmentaljustice #savetheplanet #womensmarch #sciencemarch #climatemarch #feminist #speakout #speakout #womenleaders #womenlead #activist #climatechange #savetheworld #garyvee #nature #environmentalist #veronicabutcher
For all of our clients teaching concerned citizens how to meet with decision makers we recommend incorporating the basics of how to listen actively. It's also a great skill to have in our personal relationships as well! . 👂Active listening is a person’s willingness and ability to hear and understand. At its core, active listening is a state of mind that involves paying full and careful attention to the other person, avoiding judgment, reflecting understanding, clarifying information, summarizing, and sharing. It’s about first understanding the other person, then being understood yourself. . 📚We love @ccldotorg book "Active Listening: Improve Your Ability to Listen and Lead: Improve Your Ability to Listen and Lead" which you can find on their website. (We get no kickbacks for this mention or use of their book with clients!) . 📝Here are some of their tips we love: . 📌PAY ATTENTION to your behavior and that of the other person and create space for the other person to think and speak. . 📌SUSPEND JUDGMENT: Have an open mind, be patient, get comfortable with your own silence. . 📌REFLECTing: Briefly paraphrase or restate what you heard them say: “What I am hearing is…” . 📌CLARIFYING is just a quick double-check with open ended questions if you are confused or want to be sure you understand what the other person has said: “Let me see if I’m clear. Are you talking about…?” . 📌SUMMARIZE: “It sounds as if your main concern is…” . 📌SHARING: Once you have listened and understood the other person share your thoughts: “Your telling me….triggered the thought that…” . .  #speakup #speakout  #changethesystem #climatemarch #womensmarch #sciencemarch #workingwithintheprocess #advocacycampaigntraining #nonprofitadvocate #grassrootsorganizing #bethechange #civicengagement #womensmarch #climatemarch #sciencemarch #savetheplanet #environmentalist #actonclimate #environmentaljustice #nonprofitconsultant #nonprofitadvocacy
136 days after the hurricane🤔Michael Jackson sang it best. "All I wanna say is that they don't really care about us"🤔 All we keep hearing about is the constant red tape and the Bureaucracy that is purposely kept in place while people are dying in Puerto Rico. Every so often you hear an authority figure say they wish they could do more but "their hands are tied" well yesterday we heard it again from Colonel Donovan Ollar of the US Army Corps of Engineers, during the "Financial Oversight Board Hearing" I attended with @motherleeearth7 regarding the crisis in Puerto Rico. All of this is just more validation as to why we the people must unite and collaborate on more ways we can help the people on and off the island. It's truly the only way things are going to get done. Each organization must be willing to share resources and combine the efforts on the ground. This is an ongoing crisis and some people think because it's not being broadcasted on the news and social media that everything is fine. It's the actual opposite...In fact there is now a growing mental health crisis on the island that needs serious attention. Yes our people are resilient but let us not fool ourselves into thinking that we are super human. People feel neglected and left to fend for themselves. Let's keep the conversation going and spread the word about what is happening in Puerto Rico. 🙏🏽✊🏽#SaveLives #community #grassrootsorganizations #rebuildforwho #landgrab #lajunta #promesa #falsepromise #thejonesact #thestaffordact #unitednations #freepuertorico #whynotcare #whatareyoufightingfor #overthrow
There is no such thing as a #childprostitute. #grassrootsorganizations and #publicsafety organizations across the country are establishing a pipeline to resources for victims. Join us in #atl to do your part. #ockteensummitatl #missingkids #childsextrafficking #ourchildrenskeeper
How well do you know the targets of your campaigns? Whether you are targeting an appointed or elected decision maker it’s important to prioritize building lasting relationships on the local, state, and federal level. Especially in local or state level work, you never know when a person could elevate to a higher position or higher office! * By taking the time to get to know your decision makers and truly learning about the person and what motivates them you can better design your campaign messages. A mistake we often see with groups, and individuals, is making assumptions based off mainstream media or placing labels on a person based on their party, religion, or state they are from. By asking these “Get To Know You” questions you can learn more about the persons core values and what tugs on their heart strings. Use that knowledge to be more effective in your advocacy efforts. * On a personal note our President & CEO #veronicabutcher was honored to serve in an appointed decision maker role. Here are her thoughts on this: “Be compassionate and try to come from a place of  understanding the human being not just the title they hold. I served as an advisor to the Governor of North Carolina where I was the one being lobbied. I can tell you that I formed lasting relationships with the folks who took the time to chat with me and not just launch straight into business. The folks who called me in between meetings, instead of emailing, I got to know even more…but a word of caution here…the calls needed to be valuable not just a quick thank you or a waste of time. Don’t email thank you notes. Send them in the mail with a stamp. I only got a handful over the course of several years and I kept each one.” * Photo credit: by @kellysikkema on @unsplash * #speakup #speakout #bethechangeyouwishtoseeintheworld #changethesystem #climatemarch  #womensmarch #sciencemarch #workingwithintheprocess #advocacycampaigntraining  #nonprofitadvocate #grassrootsorganizing
Want to talk about a cause near and dear to your heart with a friend, family, politicians, or hairstylist don't know where to start? Worried about remembering complex policy or getting the facts wrong? You don’t have too! Facts are such a tricky thing these days with accusations of fake news everywhere and sound science being dismissed on a regular basis.  So what is an advocate to do? Stick to what you know best. You! You are the only expert on you, how an issue affects you and those around you.  When our founder and CEO #veronicabutcher served in the North Carolina’s Governor’s office as a policy advisor she was lobbied on a variety of issues. All these years later what she remembers most are the stories people told her about how their lives or loved ones where being helped or hurt by what government was doing or trying to do through public policy.  Human beings hardwired storytellers and your passionate personal story is much more likely to move and be remembered by whoever it is you are trying to persuade to support your cause.  Photo credit: by @kellysikkema on @unsplash  #storytelling101 #storytellingforleaders #speakup #speakout #bethechangeyouwishtoseeintheworld #changethesystem #workingwithintheprocess #advocacycampaigntraining #nonprofitadvocate #grassrootsorganizing #bethechange #civicengagement #womensmarch #climatemarch #sciencemarch #savetheplanet #environmentalist #actonclimate #environmentaljustice #nonprofitconsultant #nonprofitadvocacy #grassrootsorganizations #shareyourstory #tipoftheday #theadvocacycorner #veronicabutcher
Hello Instagram! We are looking forward to getting to know you all! Consider working with us in 2018! Harmonizing Strategies works across the country with individuals and organizations. Book a free 30-minute consult today! Link in Bio. * Consulting and project management services for organizations advocating on a variety of causes especially those addressing the causes and consequences of climate change. Services include public affairs strategies like: advocacy program evaluation, building high level civic and political relationships, and advising on political strategy. * One-on-one coaching for civic leaders, nonprofit leaders, and business leaders on advocacy campaigns, political strategies, and how government works. * One-on-one coaching for individuals interested in exploring a path to political appointment on the local or state level. * Customized trainings for your board or members on how to meet with elected officials, advocate self-care, how to become a political appointee, the public policy process, and how the NC Legislative Process works.  Find out if Harmonizing Strategies is the right fit for your needs.  Book a free 30-minute consult with President & CEO Veronica Butcher today by clicking the link in the bio! #24hoursofreality #climatereality #veronicabutcher
#newshirt Much love for #colinkaepernick for not only #takeaknee and risking his livelihood to #takeaction and #speakup, but following it with thoughtful and humble reflection on this nation and himself, and then giving of his time and money to support #grassrootsorganizations across the country (including #milwaukee ) You’re a dope human being and I support you.
Ever wonder why nothing ever changes? Two words: #controlledopposition.  Controlled opposition is #counterintelligence #propaganda and is carried out today, legally, under the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act. It’s all an Act. And the Act is part and parcel of #socialengineering, the #systematicmolding and #brainwashing of the individual mind to conform to group-think and one preferred #ideology. Controlled opposition turns a captive audience into a captured herd with an accepted institutionalized message.  Living in the institutionalized system that we do means that one small group can #infiltrate #grassrootsorganizations to change the perception of reality for all. By programming through the #educationalsystem and the #media, an entire nation can be demoralized within a span of one generation or 15 to 20 years. Controlled opposition exists to subvert and undermine “The Truth Movement” to protect #theestablishment.  When truth is subverted, new information cannot be accepted or believed even if evidence to the contrary is presented, that is, until the system crashes. As experienced by many under the #marxist/#leninist regime, those who do not fall in line, those who revolt against the message, the “#dissidents” who promote equality, are squashed.  Despite living in the Age of Information, #humanity has reached a state of #powerlessness, ****unable to defend itself****, the #family, the #community, or the country. The appearance of #freedom is illusion where both sides of a debate are controlled at the top. Any #naturaldisaster or act of #terrorism becomes an opportunity for opportunists to remove more freedoms.  The Establishment sets up the fall by framing the debate as “pro vs. anti.” This manipulation has played out over the past thirty years in American Vaccine policy as a #psychologicaloperation or #psyops. Without a true opposition, vaccine mandates are implemented and enforced to corral the entire herd of “#sheeple” in cradle-to-grave forced
3 day old chicks are now in the poultry house in Mumias, Kenya! When I visited the project in June, the community group was just putting the finishing touches on the building construction. Congratulations, Matungu Charity! 🐥 🐥🐥#spiritinaction #micrograntsmajorchange #grassrootsorganizations #stepsoutofpoverty
I get to stay in this beautiful new training centre and guest house in Manyamula Village in just three weeks!! #malawi #siatrip2017 #smallgrants #grassrootsorganizations
Always inspired by the work of CIFORD Kenya to empower girls! #stopfgm #grassrootsorganizations #cifordkenya #educationnotcircumcision