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The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating 👌🏼#greenville #sc #smokeonthewater
🎉 Congratulations to Michael’s clients, Richard and Lora, on your new home! 🏠 Thanks for choosing The Bluefield Group! 🙌🏻
From purple to charcoal grey and silver! #greenvillestylist #greenville #yeahthatgreenville #greenvillesc #greenvillesalon #greenville360 #guytang #pulpriot @yeahthatgreenvillehair @greenville360 @behindthechair_com @saloncentric @pulpriothair @kkfenway @saloncentric_greenvillesc
@edi_gourmet1 trazendo deliciosas marmitas saudáveis. Excelente opção para quem quer manter a forma e não tem tempo de cozinhar. Seja parceiro da revista Guia Meu Bairro e alavanque suas vendas! Faça parte da nossa próxima edição OUTUBRO/NOVEMBRO💰 PLANO A PARTIR DE R$ 97,50 MENSAIS. #guiameubairro #revistadebairro #guia #propaganda #publicidade #promocao #marketing #marketingdigital #caboatashopping #silvershopping #imbuimaster #shoppimgimbuiplaza #imbui #leparc #alphaville #manhattan #greenville #leparcsalvador #alphavillesalvador #greenvillesalvador #manhattansalvador #follow4follow #followme #instagood #likeforlike
Introducing my associate, DOGtor Coop!  Hi, I’m Dr. Coop, but you can just call me coop. I’m not one for formalities (or pants). Like Janelle, I too am a strong advocate for a health at every size and intuitive eating approach to treatment for eating disorders and disordered eating. All foods fit (preferably in my mouth). I don’t believe in judging foods or bodies. For example, I’m a beagle dachshund mix. Is my body every going to be like a Great Dane or a bulldog? No. I wasn’t genetically built to look that way. Yet no one judges these differences. Rather they seem accepting of our genetic differences. You humans don’t seem to treat your bodies in this way. In fact it seems like there is a struggle to recognize that body diversity exists among the human species. So you keep trying to change and shrink your bodies. I know my body will never be that of a Great Dane or chihuahua so rather than futile attempts to change myself, I just take care of my body and don’t compare it to others. It helps me maintain a PAWsitive body image.  Come Evolve with Janelle and I! Im personally hoping to evolve into having thumbs. It would make typing this post much easier and allow for me to enjoy more hand held food selections. Pizza is my favorite. So until such an evolution occurs, please place all food items on the ground directly in front of me. I’ll helps myself. That’s how coop self cares 👌🏻 #haes #healthateverysize #intuitiveeating #intuition #bodypositive #bodydiversity #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #nondiet #effyourbeautystandards #greenville #greenvillesc #allfoodsfit #anorexiarecovery #bulimia #bulimiarecovery #bingeeating #bingeeatingrecovery
It’s #friday 🙌 so we thought we’d answer one of our most frequently asked questions for you.  #flatfees
We love getting treats! Thank you to Dr. Harry Bobotis and Dr. Matt Carpenter of Greenville Endontics for the great cup cakes from How Sweet It Is. We thoroughly enjoyed them!
Open TOMORROW (Saturday) from 11-4, and bringing you the best in local, handmade products like this satisfying sugar scrub from @lavitalush!
Tickets for MADWORLD are on sale NOW!!!! Today only - grab your tickets for 50% OFF! Use them whenever you want. Take advantage now and SAVE $$! Buy them at: www.madworldattractions.com
We always love seeing one of our favorites, Leslie, dressing in The Poinsett Bride. . This female powerhouse + entrepreneur also has a new TV show called Uncovered debuting tonight on Fox Carolina at 7pm, so be sure to watch! . Leslie will also be hosting a premiere party at Nantucket tonight from 6-8pm, and we can’t WAIT to show you the dress she’ll be wearing from our store!