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This is what I do .... for more information... send me an email .. #marketing
A feeling or state of extreme happiness.
Boom 💥 here are the steps lol ... when ever you are selling a product or service always put yourself in the “buyers” shoes ... each step will include you .. the owner in guiding them towards your business ... for more information or a better understanding .. dm or email me 😊😊 #happytohelp #marketingtips #marketing101
It’s just steps you take to secure the customer... yes there are steps ! ... wait for my next post .. I let you know how it’s works .. #marketingtips #marketing101
Just so that you know that it’s real ... 🙃😏😏 #marketing #marketingtips #marketing101
It’s all about perception As I stated before, the stress response that happens in our bodies is actually effected by how we think it will effect us. People who think that stress will hurt them have a much more negative physical response than others that perceive it as a temporary boost to their mental function. Therefore the first step is to change the way you view your stress. Consider stressful situations as a way to boost your ability to problem solve and heighten your awareness of the situation. The whole point of the stress response is to give you a temporary physical and mental boost to fight or flee from danger. Even though we aren’t dodging saber toothed tigers anymore, we can still think about our stress in a way that it’s meant to help us, not make us miserable. The second place we can change perceptions is the way we view the actual situation. Perhaps the reason you’re stressed is because you lost a client to a competitor. Instead of getting caught in the downward spiral of focusing on all the horrible repercussions, think more about what you can learn AND how this might actually be a good thing. Have you ever been dumped, and then later saw a picture of your ex or heard a story and thought “WHEW, dodged a bullet there!”? You weren’t thinking that at the time you were being dumped, but it all turned out for the best. Give all your stressful situations the benefit of this possibility. AND THEN take it one step further. Once you’ve considered all the possibilities about how this might turn out to be a good thing – try to figure out how to make those things a reality. If losing this big client actually frees up time for you to attract multiple smaller clients that will add up to more money but less frustration – go out and get those clients. Find the good and then make it happen. #stressedout #stressmanagement #resilience #resilient
"How do you budget for travel?" . This question was posed to me yesterday and I thought it valuable to share my reply with y'all. When I was getting started in designing how I wanted my life and career to look, travel was a dream, not a reality. I was holding tightly to every dollar I'd make because none of it felt secure and certainly didn't seem plentiful. (More on scarcity vs abundance mindset for another time...) . Yet, I started with a vision to travel at least once a month domestically, and once a year internationally. Then, I was able to figure out an estimate of what those trips would cost and build into my planning the goal to make that much additionally in recurring revenue each month. After setting aside for taxes, savings (10% min, although I prefer 20+%,), and monthly life operating expenses, I created a separate account and budget for my 'play' fund. It's used primarily for travel, but also for other treats like shopping, gifts, giving, or risks I want to take on myself (investments in new businesses endeavors, for example). . Now, I put that set amount into my play account every month so I have a slush fund that is always ready to say yes to travel. Why? Because I value it, it wakes me up, I learn a ton, and it gives me valuable new perspectives. And I'm always striving to better align my values with my actions. Might you want to start a play fund so you you can shift from "I can't" or "One day..." to "Absolutely, when?".
To be a successful entrepreneur, you consistently have to give your best. However, when your success feels like it is at the mercy of your customers, competitors, and the markets, it can feel at times like your best doesn’t make a difference.  Sometimes we don’t feel very positive about our businesses because we are buried under a mountain of to do’s, and we are overwhelmed.  You know what ... I've accepted It's normal to feel negative about your business from time to time but always remember that a positive mindset in business can be the difference between success and failure.  When the going gets tough ... then get on the positive side. Here's four things that can help:  1) Check out your Smile File. Go back and read those testimonials and positive feedback emails.  2) Stop watching the highlight reel. Close Facebook and Instagram and back away from the barely true selected snapshots.  3) Focus on what you can control. Direct all that worry energy instead into practical stuff you can do!  4) Step away and have a break. Go for a coffee. Take a walk. Give yourself some space from your work to reset and realign.  If you want to win the entrepreneurial game you need to develop the toolsets to switch up your attitude and beat those blues. Stay positive.
Do you consider yourself to be an intuitive person? I overthink e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, so for a long time I believed I  didn’t have much of an intuition. Lately, however, my intuition has been coming through strongly, so much so that I actually recognize it, even if I don’t go along with it. • My intuition has tried to get me to reach out to certain people before they reach out to me. It’s told me that certain plans would not go as expected, and my intuition has given me insight regarding potential partnerships. I’m thankful for this insight but still learning how to follow my intuition immediately instead of moving forward in another direction, then regretting that decision! • Do you believe in intuition? If so, how do you honour your intuition? . . . . . #buildyourempire #copyeditor #creativeentrepreneur #editor #elevatemywriting  #growyourbusiness #nationalselfieday #proofreader #punctuation #savvybusinessowner #spelling #youwriteiedit
Food opens doors to new cultures. Open your mind and enjoy the experience
Grandeur..... 💁🏽‍♀️ #marketingmanager
3 simple steps to increase profits. 💵✔️
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🎥 Insta Update!!! 🎥 #igtv . Instagram just release a new video platform called IGTV. It’s a place for (vertical) long form videos and it’s available in the native Instagram app and as a standalone IGTV app! . Videos can be 10 mins for most accounts and up to 1 hour for larger accounts. But insta says that eventually, there will be no limit. . IGTV is like YouTube, and will never take the place of Netflix. So don’t expect to be watching your favorite shows on it. #instagramupdate #instaupdate
✨Friends so excited to share after being away from YouTube for more than six months. Here is a clip of never before seen preview video of what you’ll expect on the channel. I hope you all enjoy it, and thanks for your love & support! ☺️✨🙏🏽💛💖🧡 ❤️🎥: click in the bio to see the video 😉 ✨ ✨ ✨  #youtube  #fitspiration #training #fitnessforlife #positivemood #fitfluential #bestlifeproject #motivation #movementculture #entrepreneurspirit #growyourbusiness #entrepreneurmotivation #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurgoals #entrepreneurlifestyle #successmindset #gogetter #beyourownboss #businessmentor #contentcreator #digitalcontent #visualcontent #socialmediacontent #creativethinking #creativebusiness #calledtobecreative #creativebusinessowner #vegan #holistic #organic