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🎬 🍿 RDV le 17 août dès 21H30 au cinéma en plein air de @la_villette pour (re)découvrir #promisedland, un film de #gusvansant avec #mattdamon, @johnkrasinski, #francesmcdormand, #rosemariedewitt et #halholbrook !
Senti, sei il mio migliore amico, perciò non prendertela a male, ma se fra vent'anni tu ancora vivrai qui e verrai a casa mia a vedere le partite e farai sempre il muratore, cazzo io ti uccido. Non è una minaccia, è un fatto. Ti uccido, cazzo [...] Non lo devi a te stesso, lo devi a me. Perché domani mi sveglierò e avrò cinquant'anni. E farò ancora questo schifo, ma non fa niente, va benissimo. Tu sei seduto su un biglietto della lotteria, ma sei troppo smidollato per incassarlo. Ed è una stronzata. Perché farei qualsiasi cosa per avere quello che hai tu, e lo farebbero anche gli altri ragazzi. Sarebbe un insulto a noi se tra vent'anni stessi ancora qui. Startene qui, cazzo, è uno spreco di tempo. 🎥 Will Hunting - Genio Ribelle (1997, Gus Van Sant) • • • • #gusvansant #willhunting #mattdamon #cinema #moviequotes
Mi amor platónico Juvenil, que ojazos.....😍#kenaureeves#recuerdosjuveniles#gusvansant#foto#esosojosmedejan🤤#
Surprise! We're opening Gus Van Sant's new film, Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot, this Friday! Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Jonah Hill, Jack Black, Mark Webber! Watch the trailer and help spread the word! Thanks! #dontworryhewontgetfaronfoot #gusvansant #joaquinphoenix #rooneymara #jonahhill #jackblack #johncallahan
#riverphoenix #gusvansant #myownprivateidaho #90s #movies ▫️▫️ . . “River: What is your favourite year? . Gus: I don't know. Probably last year. . River: Nineteen-ninety is my favourite year, too, which just means that it was consistent and decent and OK. What is your favourite word? . Gus: My favourite what? . River: Word. Phonetically speaking. Oh, I know you have one. . Gus: [pauses] God, I can't think of one. . River: Like 'carousel' or 'jagged'? . Gus: I like Italian words, because they're funny. We were just in Italy, and this big truck passed us, and it was called - it was a brand name - Bindi. B-i-n-d-i. Bindi. And that was like saying Hershey's chocolate. Instead of saying 'Hershey's', they say 'Bindi'. . River: [laughs] What's your favourite desert? . Gus: Um, I don't have one. Chocolate cake. . River: What's your favourite - . Gus: That's all. Let's just stop. . River: Just one more. Who's your favourite interviewer? . Gus: River Phoenix. . River: Oh, that's a good answer.” (1991) . . 🕊 (2)
#riverphoenix #gusvansant #myownprivateidaho #90s #movies ▫️▫️ . . [In an airport restaurant] - “River: What else? Let's talk about favourites. . Gus: Yeah. What does that mean? . River: What's your favourite car? . Gus: My favourite car? Well, I have a 1982 BMW-528E. And usually the car I have is my favourite car.[laughs] . River: It's your favourite holiday of the year? . Gus: Probably Halloween. . River: What's your favourite brand of coffee? . Gus: I usually buy Medaglia d'Oro espresso. . River: The reason why I'm asking you your favourites is because I have none. I'm always split decision. But it's so neat to be able to hear people commit, and you're the kind of guy who can pretty much just say, 'It's my favourite.' What's your favourite pop artist? . Gus: I guess it would have to be Warhol. He was sort of the Capra of the pop art movement. With the Warhol project that I'm working on, I'm trying to make a correlation between early 1950s to 1960s Warhol and then intercutting that with the later Warhol of the 1980s and his relationships with the younger artists, like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. It dawned on me that you look a lot like Warhol did when he was, say, eighteen to twenty-five. It would be a stretch, but you could pull off playing the young Warhol. . River: What is your favourite colour? . Gus: Green. It's my middle name. . River: What's your favourite city in America? . Gus: Portland. . River: Do you have a favourite relationship that you've had. Sexual? You don't have to mention any names. . Gus: Do I have a favourite one? Yeah. The first one was the favourite one. But not always, actually. . River: How old were you? . Gus: Thirty-two. . River: That was your first? . Gus: It wasn't my first sexual relationship. It was the first one that was really, like - . River: That you loved? . Gus: See, I worked all those other years, so I had to catch up. . River: Wow, wow.” (1991) . . 🕊 (1)
Perhaps I will post some of the "River Phoenix and guys talking" vidoes. It's pretty interesting and for River's floating towel lmao 😏🔥 . . . #myownprivateidaho #riverphoenix #mike #river #phoenix #scott #keanureeves #portland #gusvansant #art #artistic #aesthetic #aesthetics #grunge #1991 #90s #1990s
It's been a while since #gusvansant has made a Gus Van Sant film. Surprisingly uplifting. Great cast #dontworryhewontgetfaronfoot #joaquinphoenix #jonahhill #berhditto #whyisrooneymaratakingthisawfulpartssincelion
Ama la vita... #dontworry, con Joaquin Phoenix e Jonah Hill, dal 29 agosto al cinema.  #joaquinphoenix #jonahhill #gusvansant #johncallahan
Mala Noche - Gus Van Sant - 1986 «Ils sont rares les films qui donnent comme Mala noche, le sentiment d'avoir devant soi des étoiles filantes, qui brillent d'une extrême intensité tout en étant d'une fragilité cristalline, à la fois surpuissantes et menacées de se fêler au moindre choc.» Jean-Sébastien Chauvin  #malanoche #gusvansant #americancinema #gaystory
On the way home from @kinodvor (the best cinema in Slovenija) after watching the new Gus Van Sant film. I’d recommend both!
#keanureeves, 1992 from 108 #portraits by #gusvansant
DIRECTOR POLL #2 Winner: Gus Van Sant 15-14? Choice: My Own Private Idaho  Mike is an interesting guy. For two main reasons. 1. He's a male prostitute. 2. He's got narcolepsy, i.e., at moments of stress he falls asleep. As you may have guessed, these two things don't go together. MOPI is an entrancing film for a host of reasons. Aesthetically, this is a mix of Lynch, Korine, and Oliver Twist. The acting is heart-breaking and deeply felt. Mike's vain journey to find his mother amidst crushing abandonment is more than compelling. But his relationship with Scott, who's fascinating in and of himself, leads to some of the film's most tender moments. Thematically, there's a weighty statement on the necessity gulf between rich and poor and the quest for money. Scott cruises through this dangerous life with the luxury of a privileged upbringing as a backup. However, Mike is stranded, unable to move on in a delirious limbo. Neither of them really care about cash for most of the film, that is until Mike needs it to find his mother and Scott abandons his friend for a cold financial scheme. Really, we should have seen it coming. But it still hurts, because we feel Mike's loss.  Despite it all, in the end we're shown the contrast of deviousness and devotion among humanity despite our eccentricities. There's not much of a soundtrack here, but if one song best summarizes Van Sant's melancholic celluloid beat poem, it's "People Are Strange."