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Salmon is my go-to dinner right now and has many nutrients we don’t get from other foods in our diet. I cooked both the salmon and asparagus with garlic powder, onion powder and lemon juice. What are your favorite ways to cook salmon?
✨🌸 #breakie 👌🏻
Homemade pizza lunch goals 🍕🙌🏻 As promised here is my lunch from today - inspired by the beauty that is @foodie_fitness_and_frolics I made my own tortilla pizza  I layered  Tomato purée  Pesto Grated @violife_foods cheese Half a red pepper  A mushroom Some pre cooked Tofu chunks Spinach  Drizzled with oil and oven cooked for 15mins 🤤😋 Tag someone who would love this 👇🏼❤️
Nando’s fakeaway the other day proved to be a goodun 😍😍😍 cooked the chicken in Nando’s sauce which you can buy in Sainsbury’s and chucked it in a wrap with some salad, pepper, tomato, halloumi and a bit of extra sauce to make a Nando’s dupe 🌯
Chicken, broccoli, cheese, champions, salad ✨👌🏻 #dinner
#lunch ✨
Increased 20lb on his Bench Press & 70lb on his Deadlift in 1 month! . RESULTS...period! . This is why I do what I do. . I live for this sh*t. . Taking you where you are at now, giving you the tools to get where you want to be, and guiding you along the way. . BUT, I cannot do this for you! . This Fitnesser is a PERFECT example of what The Fitnesse is all about. . He was given the right tools, took consistent ACTION, and got the results. . He couldn’t even believe how much he improved! . Now, he has proven to himself that he can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to, even if it doesn’t seem possible. . Take these same principles and apply them to the rest of your life. . At the end of the day, success in any field operates off of the SAME principles. . Why is fitness so important and how will it help you be successful? . It’s the SAME F*CKING PRINCIPLES! . Want to become a successful entrepreneur? . Want to be a millionaire? . Want to be a doctor? . Whatever it is you want in this life. . It’s the same principles that lead to success in any endeavor. . This is why I love fitness so much. . It teaches you how to be successful and you can see visual changes as you improve. . Your results are a reflection, a mirror, of yourself. . If you are doing something wrong, you will not see the changes you desire. . The mirror won’t lie. . Cheating on your diet? . Skipping the gym? . Not sleeping enough? . The mirror will be a true reflection of these things. . The mirror is impartial & objective. . It doesn’t care if you’re a “good” or “bad” person. . If you don’t do what needs to be done, you will not get the result, period. . Are you ready to take action? . Get the body you want? . Learn how to be successful? . If you said “Yes” to any of the above... . Then COMMENT “Principles” to show me you are ready! . Alright, I gotta go! . Later, . Erick
needed something to post so this was a lunch from along time ago. it’s basically a random bunch of leftovers including pasta, peas, vegan chicken, salad, vegan cheese and ketchup 🌈
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Goodmoorning🤗 Have a nice friday✨ #breakfast ☀️
❤ wow ❤... sieht das nicht verdammt lecker aus? ツ Ein echter Traum für alle Sushi-Liebhaber... und vielleicht für die, die es werden wollen 😉 . Was esst ihr denn am Liebsten? Ich persönlich stehe ja total auf die kleinen Makis mit Lachs und Avocado, mein absoluter favourite. Y.U.M.M.Y. 😋 ! #sushi #sushitime #sashimi #sushilovers #japanesefood #sushiporn #salmon #sushibar #healthyfood #weightloss #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #breakfast #healthyliving #cleaneating #healthychoices #fitnessaddict #cardio #nutrition #strong #exercise #fitnessmodel #getfit #instafit #active #gymlife #determination #instahealth #abs #success