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Level up ✨
What a gift to have had the opportunity to listen to the one and only world renowned pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears the other night in NYC. And what a blessing to have amazing friends by my side who are equally as passionate about sharing the gift of health with others! ❤️ The subject was brain health and I shared 5 takeaways on my Facebook live video yesterday. This information is just too important to keep to ourselves!! 🧠❤️ If you are interested in learning more we have access to a webinar from Dr. Sears, please reach out to anyone of us so we can get it into your hands! 🙌🏼 #brainhealth #education #knowledgeispower #grateful #blessed #friendship #team #inspire #healthyliving #soulshiningwellness ❤️✌🏼
Start your day the right way; Vegan 🌱😜
Not all breakfasts are created equal..and definitely not all smoothies! Is your breakfast helping you fuel up for the day ahead, and giving you the results you would love?? If not, we totally need to chat! . Here are just some of the reasons we're slightly (okay totally obsessed) with our Isa shakes.. -  they are a completely macro- balanced meal! the scientists already did the work for us in ensuring it has the perfect mix of fat, fiber, protein and carbs to keep us feeling full and satisfied - the source and quality of protein is key! with options for athletes, weight wellness, and vegans alike, you get to pick what works for you! - all the good stuff and none of the junk! you'll never find artificial sweeteners, flavors or chemicals in our products AND they are all tested for heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, contaminants that even organic foods sometimes contain (yuck!) - it doesn't just stop at quality protein though! they don't leave anything out - chia powder, flax seeds, pre & probiotics, branched-chain amino acids, fiber, digestive enzymes, micronutrients.. the list goes on! (you'd have to eat over 3 plates of organic food to get all of these nutrients that we get in one meal!!) . SO whether you're on a fitness journey, weight loss journey or just want to feel pretty darn good each day.. so you can get out there and live your best life.. just make sure you're not missing one of the most important puzzle pieces (your superfood breakfast of course!) Our yummy shakes always set the day off in the BEST way, C H E E R S !
Squats with friends is good for the soul @mandyfordham 💕
Hoy comemos fuera de casa 🏠!! Cómo hemos aprendido unos hábitos saludables, decidimos un sitio que hacen comida sana!  Nos decidimos por arroz, con verduras con salsa picante 😋😋😋 Y tú qué comes?
Going out boozing in London tonight which undoubtedly will involve prosecco 🥂 so having a cheat meal to fill me up. And by cheat meal I mean not homemade 🤭 Meatballs and rice from @leonrestaurants, jalapeños by me. Happy Saturday!
Wishing you the happiest of Saturdays, filled with love, donuts, pumpkin spice goodies, deadlifts, squats, lots of fun and ZERO food guilt, because what’s the point in feeling guilty when it tastes so good? 🌞  Enjoy your weekend! Start it off with your favorite class and get on moving! . . . . .  #fitstudio #fithmb#bodypositivity #selfcare #cardiodance #progressandperfection #yougotthis #welcometotheteam #healthybodyhealthymind #crushinggoals #showmeyourfitness #pilates #itsalifestyle #cycle #spin #cyclecore #bodypump #bodystep #lesmills #personaltraining #strentgh  #trx #feeltheburn #liveyourbestlife #healthyliving #wellness #zumba #igniteyourpassion #loveyourself
It’s  officially the #firstdayoffall, which means we can officially start making cozier smoothie bowls. Who else is excited?  This bowl uses inner-ēco Young Coconut Smoothie packs, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, and is topped with some fresh apples and oats.
Determinare, pasiune, ambiție, perseverență, puterea de a nu renunța sau... Cu ce e pavat drumul către succes! ❤️🔴❤️ ✨ #haifaimosii #teamlilisandu #mybaby #exatlonromania #kanaldromania #lilisandu #echipafaimosilor #castigamimpreuna #traiestesanatos #healthyliving #designyourlife