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Thank you to a certain few people who really help me.💗
Keith looks absolutely drained and exhausted in this post, physically and mentally. Which is to be expected given the verbal and physical beat down he had with Shiro and THEN the meeting with the real Shiro on the Astral plane. When I heard that Shiro died, my world crumbled. I really did because I love him. Shiro is so kind and sweet and strong and amazing and HOW COULD MY BABY DIE? Anyway, Kudos to Keith and his Character development (which in my opinion was the greatest). Remember this was the boy who wanted to leave Allura behind when she was captured earlier in the series. The boy who had a hard time controlling and expressing his feelings.-F  #voltron #songs #quotes #lyrics #love #couples #heartbreak #fandom #voltronseason6 #lotor  #shirovoltron #keithvoltron #krolia #lotorxallura #voltronfandom #voltronedit #keithkogane #shiro #lancemcclain #hunkgarrett #pidgegunderson #katieholt #allura #broganes
I’m really happy. {mr and mrs smith}
If really, really love me let me know. If you really, really need me, let me know. If you really, really want me, I have to know. ✨ ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °  #lalisa #art  #arsty #outfits #jenniekim #rosé #bts #beauty #edit #diversity #l4l #like  #dope #ddududdududu #kpop #friendship #h4rmony  #photography #photo  #bestfriend #squad #edit #lyrics #quote #sad #writing  #lights #heartbreak #blackpink #deepquotes #jisoo
[Q] what/where is your happy place? - sometimes you have to break up to realize yal have to get back together. sometimes the second time around is better than the first, you guys will be what each other needs and more. yal are more advanced to be what each other needs. maybe yal just needed time away from each other to grow up a little more. or maybe yal need to experience new things without each other or with new people then yal come back together and be stronger. the second time around could be better. via anna @/3amheavenly //yesterday was me and my bf's 1 year anniversary!!
🌙☁️✨ - but what if i meet someone that has there priorities straight or treats me way better than you and doesn't screw up any, but what if i still can't forget you? what if i still crave you? what if your always in the back of my mind? would it be bad if your still my comfort even when my comfort should be this person i'm with? what if there comfort they give me is way better or stronger than the comfort you ever gave me..but your still on my mind. you still make me smile when i think of your name, i have everything with you even though sometimes we argue or not on good terms. we are still young. via anna @/3amheavenly
[Q] how old are you? i'm 17. - i want to do everything with you, whether it's spontaneous as traveling to the beach or dressing up going out to the movies to watch incredibles 2, or as little as laying in bed having a movie marathon or having a water balloon fight on a hot summer day. i don't care what we do as long as i'm with you and as long as you love me. i want to experience everything with you like the feeling i get when me and you sit on the beach at night, listening to the waves crash while we talk about everything, sitting on a blanket feeling the breeze, i want to be with you when i feel these amazing experiences that i won't ever forget. i want to go through everything with you, like arguments or moving into a house together. i want to comfort you when there is a death in the family or friend or when your depression is kicking in, etc. i want to experience everything in life with you. via anna @/3amheavenly
[i put all these quotes on 1 post bc they all relate.] - serious venting: these are my worst fears. i think about them quite often. i have major issues because of this stuff. i know how life works, i know anything can happen. i get so scared of my bf getting tired of me (i can be too much to handle at times), him finding someone new or better, falling out of love with me, go behind my back, or more. i just want to always be his everything. no matter how hard i am to deal with. i know i tend to flip out over little stuff because of these fears i have. i promise ill try to get better. i'm thinking about going to therapy agin to fix these problems. i tend to pick up on people's: tone of voice changing, if they don't seem up beat like they usually are, if they don't say "i love you" before getting off the phone, etc. then i overthink it and think they are getting tired of me then i don't know what to do or how to handle the situation or speak up about how i'm feeling to them, so i just sit and overthink in my room then it escalates to more overthinking but gets worse to the point where my mind leads off in 50 directions with different scenarios then i act out if i don't vent about it...its bad habits or problems i need to work out within myself. i don't know how to fix it so i feel like i need to see a counselor. a lot of time i just need reassurance or whatever. but its u healthy to always be caught i. ur fears bc it all has happened to me before...i'm just terrified i'm gonna go through it again and feel that pain again. anyways, bye!
[Q] what is something you struggle with? - its hard to watch your partner breakdown into tears right in front of you. it's hard to see them so broken, whether its because of them being kicked out their house, their depression is getting worse, or any other bad thing thats really affecting them. it's your job as their loved one to be there for them, even if you don't know how to be there for them. you find a way to comfort them and be there and be their safe place to cry to. hold them so tight and don't let go until the sadness goes away. (via) anna @/3amheavenly
A question that burned in my head was how could I take back 3 shots and know that I was done I needed no more liquor, but I didn’t know my limits in love. I didn’t know when to stop drinking, I had this insatiable thirst for a love that was not interested in filling me back up. I had this constant urge to fight when I was the only one swinging. Why do we do this? I have encountered numerous women who have been in my shoes and I in theirs. Constantly giving so much of ourselves without anything in return. So many of us falling in love with potential and memories of the person we once knew being naive to the fact that we can’t change a person, only they have the power to do so. The quickest way to lose yourself, is to fight for a love who is no longer interested in fighting for you. You know why we do it? Click the link in my bio to find out 💕 #chooseyoualways . . . #iloveme #loveyourself #findingyourself #wellness #selflove #relationships #toxicrelationships #unhealthyrelationships #motivation #inspiration #empowerment #empoweringwomen #womenempowerment #losingyou #heartbreak #heartache #love #selfdiscovery