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Meanwhile...#Houston is Flooding AGAIN...Remember the LastTime...I Do Because I Helped....They Said They Fixed Levees...Government is behind This...Tryna Put Them in FEMA Camps AGAIN...Make Em Too Frustrated to Startover Again and Leave So They Can #gentrify
team·work ˈ(tēmˌwərk/) -noun- the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. #texas #military #nationalguard #navy #hurricaneharvey #teamwork #rescue #aviationlovers #aviationphotography #aviation
Our church family came over and prayed with us and for us. We prayed that this home honored Him and would bring joy to our friends and family. So many days were full of stress and disappointment, I felt far from his grace and often questioned the decision of not selling our house and starting fresh elsewhere. Though it hasn’t been an easy road I thank Him for strengthening my faith, my soul, my marriage and family. #thecomebackisgreaterthanthesetback #hurricaneharvey #deepwaterhome #lovewithoutwalls
So ever since #hurricaneharvey I have serious anxiety whenever it rains for more than say.. an hour. 😐 Like heart pounding, chest tightening, difficulty thinking anxiety. •••••• Would it be easier to pray and hand that anxiety right over to Jesus? Yes  Do I always? No •••••• I know what the Bible says. I try to live like I believe it because I do, and I want other to believe it too. But life can be incredibly messy y’all. So I take a deep breath and ask God for something to be grateful for in the middle of the scary thunderstorms. And He shows up. #hope2018 #1000gifts • • • • #flourishing #community #heisfaithful #honestprayers #anxietyrelief #trustinhim #thunderstorm #hurricaneseason
Some of the worst flooding south  #texas has seen since #hurricaneharvey. Surreal. #weslaco #txwx
The day after Harvey hit, my daddy & my brother came back to assess the damages to our homes & business and posted this sign outside our shop Rowdy Maui. It was just a rickety old piece of debris spray painted with ROCKPORT STRONG. We’ve had it outside ever since. Right before Christmas, we moved it to the side of our building and hung it up high on the wall where our old logo had been before Harvey took it. It’s been in so many people’s photos from the storm. Locals, out of town volunteers, tourists etc. Alot of Christmas card photos were taken by this sign, as well as many senior photos. It even made the cover of LA Times magazine. Now it’s gone. Why? Because someone felt they needed it more than us. They had to have moved one of our picnic tables on our deck to reach it, brought a drill to remove all 12 screws (8 of which were laying right below where sign was) and took our sign. This wasn’t from the weather. It was theft, plain & simple. You knew to bring a drill, and what drill bit to use. We just want it back. I doubt it will be returned, but stranger things have happened. If you took my sign, or you know who did, I’d really appreciate if you’d do the right thing and return it to us. Just leave it by the front door. No questions asked.  We’ve been in business for 13 years and these last  9 months we’ve almost called it quits more times than I can count. But everytime I saw that sign, I felt like we could hang on for one more day. If our community could come back from all of this, so could we. My daddy & brother made that sign for us and it means more to me than you know. And you know what? If you just really want a Rockport Strong sign that badly, I’ll paint one up for you. I still have plenty of Harvey debris and a paint brush and I’ll make one just for you. Free of charge. Just bring ours back please. #rockportstrong #rockporttx #hurricaneharvey #rockportfulton
If you have seen a performance at HGO, you have seen the incredible talent of our Costume and Wig and Makeup teams. But did you know that some of our heaviest losses during #hurricaneharvey were suffered by these departments? Learn more about these talented artists and how you can help them continue to make magic onstage for years to come in our latest blog post. hgo.org/stocktheshops #linkinbio
3 days into this #houstonrain and these #weatheralerts are starting to give me serious #hurricaneharvey flashbacks 😫
Thank you so much @circleecandlesinc for showing love to our community and donating these beautiful candles for the welcome home baskets we are making for the #hurricaneharvey survivors that are just now moving back home. Myself and Project Memorial are so grateful for your donation. #circleecandles #hurricaneharvey #welcomehome
Hurricane refugee Day 5. Waiting for the water to go down to return to #houston. Anyone got a jet ski I can borrow? #hurricaneparty #atx #hurricaneharvey
Im worried Its been raining on an off for 3days. An it's already flooding. We're not ready for a hurricane or even a strong t-storm. I stay armed an ready because Harvey reminded us how horrible people can be in a diaster. #texas #southtexas #country #countrylife #tornado  #hurricane #survial #hurricaneharvey #nopower #texaslove #flooding #rain  #2ndamendment  #righttobeararms #pewpew  #beprepared  #prep #fnh #fn #fnx #9mm #guns  #protection
🌧☔️🤔 #hurricaneharvey
Memories of #hurricaneharvey are flooding back. #notagain 🌩️🌧️🌊🌊🚗🌊
A little fund raising during my last trip to Houston #coys #hurricaneharvey
Rebuilding homes in Houston that families are still not able to live in has been a blessing. We've met some great people who have shown great hope even in these tough circumstances. Our prayer is that the people we are helping rebuild will be half as blessed as we have been during our short stay. . . . Also, we've been to Buc-ees every day on our trip. Wawa has nothing on Buc-ees! . . #bucees #rebuild #hurricaneharvey #prayer #actions #are #louder #than #words #jesus #love #dosomething #holyspirit #practicesafesocials #contentment #worship  @pssince01 @big_jack___ @lvwxgeek @youthchurch.foundation
They swam in the pool until the lightning ⛈ got too close. Now they are building forts and painting ponies. #rainydayactivities #hurricaneseason  All the traffic signs on I45 are announcing the arrival of Hurricane Season 2018 and reminding us to be prepared. I’m having a little PTSD. #hurricaneharvey
Playing our way through her fears after Hurricane Harvey. Consistent rains since Monday with on going flash flood warnings have had her on edge. I figured rain boots and puddles was a great remedy ⛈️⛈️