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The whole "sales" part of multimedia marketing is a tough pill to swallow. I am anything but pushy when it comes to making a sale. I'm probably the opposite. But, I am still a Beachbody coach. Some of you have been asking. 😉 . . . This program is something I am 100% on board with. And if you would like to gain control over your eating habits, this is perfect for you. . . . It's all about learning to have a healthy mindset about food. I'm using my girls in this photo because they are my main motivation when it comes to teaching about how what we put into our bodies is super important and why a positive self image is key. . . Food is life. You can not survive without food. It's so important to teach our youth about health and fitness. And, adults, it starts with us. Ask me about this eating plan.
Catch me outside #workout #inspiration #gymlife #training #gym #fitnessmotivation
Rabo Glam 😍😍
Gnarly District 🖤😈⚔️🌋🥁🔫
🙏 Amen
My story:  Almost a year ago something traumatic had happened to me and it's something that really changes your life. I had gotten into a car accident on the highway late at night as a passenger going home from a friends house. I remember that day, it was a simple day out with friends and it was sunny. There was no drunk driver because there was no drinking that night the only factor of the accident was fatigue. I remember feeling the car go off the road and looking up from my phone and we were heading straight for a light pole, the driver tried to swerve but there was no getting out of that situation, we hit the pole and the car spun 3 times. The car was completely gone and there was no way of fixing it. It is pretty obvious that I am okay considering I'm here sharing my story but there is more story to be told. So if you would like to be updated go ahead and hit the follow button because I promise that there is more to share and there is a reason I'm here sharing with the public. In that moment my entire life changed... . . . . Hit up the blue button to stay updated!! 🔵
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"I can't believe I'm better than I ever was" @burgchar doodooooooo 🍃
"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." — Albert Einstein ‘ใจกลางของอุปสรรคนั้น มีโอกาสซ่อนอยู่เสมอ’ 😉📷✔️ • • • • #wanderlust #travelphotography #travel #journey #love #instagood #instagram #inspiration #outdoors #landscapephotography #life #japanalps #japan #toyama #roamtheplanet #instapic #instatravel #adventure #instalike #picoftheday #photooftheday #photo #explore #traveller #snow #exploremore #travelgirl #nikon #travelblogger #landscape
Que tal transformar um objeto de decoração em “algo usável”? No lugar da mesa de centro coloquei um baú, além de inspirar um “ar vintage” ele ajuda a armazenar itens do dia a dia | Projeto 3D CK | #design #interiordesign #home #decor #tendencia #arquitetura #luxury #decoração #instadecor #inspiration #arch #archi #architecture
Amemos mucho y demos las gracias, y que lo demás dependa de eso... Sí se elige en el amor! Yo te elegí! . .  #inspiration #thepursuitofhappiness #believeinyourself #meaningoflife #notalone #smile #believer #keepthefaith #purpose #pollitobebe
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Уникальное предложение от отелей Madinat Jumeirah -55% на все категории номеров  даты поездки: 01/06 - 30/09/2018 даты бронирования: не ограничены  Mina A’ Salam "Тихая гавань" - так переводится название отеля с арабского и в полной степени выражает атмосферу отеля: классическая аравийская архитектура, наполненная арабским шиком, комфортом и традициями.  Al Naseem Отель заметно отличается от других представителей семейства Madinat Jumeirah и предлагает новую концепцию роскоши. В этом отеле все дышит свободой приятных открытий и радостью жизни.  Al Qasr Окруженный водами искусственного канала, отель Al Qasr (в переводе с арабского значит "дворец") очаровывает своей восточной красотой: ажурные балконы и величественные колонны, декор из драгоценных пород дерева и позолоты, персидские ковры и цветочные композиции. Этот отель для тех, кто выбирает только лучшее.  Dar Al Masyaf  Самый "арабский" и самый роскошный отель комплекса Madinat Jumeirah. Его уютные летние домики рассыпались вдоль пляжа, как будто неповторимые ракушки с жемчужиной внутри. Шик, изысканность и сервис класса «люкс» ждут вас в этом отеле. . . .  Luxury отдых  от компании
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Story time continued:  The night that changed my life I remember so perfectly clear, when the car stopped spinning it was now 1:50 am and my side of the door would not open but the driver's side did. We made it out and I had made three calls that night because of how afraid I was. I called two of my friends and my mom while the driver called 911. We got very lucky because the ambulance had passed us instead of waiting 20 minutes we only waited about 5. I was in terrible shock, my chest hurt, my back hurt and I honestly just didn't understand anything going on. I was given nitrous to help with the pain, I was in a neck brace from about 2:00 am all the way to about 8:45 am and I didn't get to be home until about 9:30am. I felt helpless within those hours, but I remember seeing my mom when I got to the ER and crying because that day I hadn't seen my parents as much as I wanted. 3 of my friends came in to see me and stayed until about 5:00am. Everyone kept telling us how lucky we were that nothing was broken but at the end of the day I can say that we were lucky to be alive but I was left with something more than just broken bones. I was left with a mind that only saw a lot of darkness and some physical injuries as well.  There's more to my story and if you're interested in the rest be sure to go ahead and follow me 😊 i'm hoping that my story can inspire others 💘