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Siapa yang tidak bahagia ketika akan kedatangan malaikat kecil untuk menghangatkan suasana istana anda para pasutri?  ㅤ Nah yang mau cepat punya momongan atau malaikat kecil untuk menemani hari-hari anda dan membuat hari2 anda lebih ceria dengan sibuah hati bisa konsultasikan masalah bunda bersama kami. Wujudkan harapan kehamilan Bunda bersama kami. Yuuk...ikuti keberhasilan Bunda2 yang sdh Sukses Hamil dgn Promil bersama kami dan temukan solusinya disini.  Jika ingin berikthiar dan konsultasi lebih lanjut mengenalnya hambatan kehamilan, silahkan hubungi.  Contact Person:  BBM : D292B1BB  WA : 085730464711
Should you ever think the a pectoral release is always comfortable. You could be very wrong.  With habits and consistently rounding our shoulders and using mobile devices all the time. Chances are muscles are going to be stiff and shortened.  @theposturelab.sg  @theposturelab.sg  @theposturelab.sg
Happy bday dear @ethan_leongkr 😘  Wish all your dreams come true and stay healthy!!! Love you ❤  #emenethan #instagramsg #instagram #igsg #ig #sg #happybirthday
Today was those "suay" days when I accidentally bit my mouth for 4 times at the same area over the span of just 8 hours. Lucky I have this little baby! I applied a few drops of it over the wounds to numb the pain!
Dear @ethan_leongkr bday dinner ❤ (The 100min fish and the bake clam on sea salt were super yummy!) #instafood #instagramsg #igsg #ig #foodporn #foodie #foodpics #food #foodblog #sgfoodies #sgfoodlover #sgfood #sgfoodporn #sgfoodblog #sgfoodpic #instagram #sgfoodblogger
-Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take.- . . . . #sginsta #sginstagram #instagramsg #instasg #sgnightlife #sgnight #sgnightview #sgphotography  #rollingaroundsg #sgscenery #sgshots #longtimenopost #finallyback
Never a dull moment with these boys. #jetsetchausin #hongkong #chautyler #chautravis
Yesterday, these boys turned #28monthsold and #3monthsold. These two are so different in almost every way — #chautyler latches to sleep, while #chautravis is capable of falling asleep on his own; Tyler takes long naps but Travis doesn’t; Tyler is cheekier while Travis is the “cool & charming” one. One thing for sure, is that Travis cries more easily than Tyler as a baby. 😂 But there’s nothing too hard to handle (as of now), and we’re definitely enjoying this phase where they are abundantly adorable before this duo starts wrecking havoc together. We love you so much our little boys, grow well and love more! ✘︎
This little feet that always sticks out of the blanket — just like his Brother. This has gotta be my genes. 😅 #chautravis
I don’t need it to be Mother’s Day to be reminded of how blessed I am because of the both of you. 💙 Happy Mother’s Day to all of you strong ladies out there! x #jetsetchauin #hongkong #chautyler #chautravis
I’ve been oblivious to her full duties in the household until I became a Mom myself — she taught & guided me on how to be the best Mom/Wife/Daughter-in-law I can be, demonstrated how I should teach my kids in difficult times when I couldn’t handle, and basically helping me take care and teach them while I’m out at work. I couldn’t have survived being a Mom of two while the Husband is abroad without her by my side. . This simple, humble lady is my superwoman. Thank you for being my role model, Mommy. Happy Mother’s Day to you. 💋 #jetsetchausin #hongkong #chautyler #chautravis
This #3monthold little charmer of mine — your curious, sparkly eyes and those subtle smiles that you have been giving lately! 😻 May you never lose your sense of wonder my boy. #jetsetchausin #hongkong #chautravis
Can’t believe four weeks in #hongkong just flew by like this, and now we are making our way to the airport for our flight home. It’s gonna be another flight with these two kiddos without the Hubs, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a smooth one. Till the next flight out, and come back home soon @jonathanchaucs! ♡︎
JB trip! Not an enjoyable one as my foot is in great pain with bleeding and also an autocratic friend resulted with lousy food. Bought a lot of hair products though....