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So a part of me is super embarrassed to post this BUT kind it’s of a reality check and super grounding . With 1 more year almost in the books (YES, IT’S ALMOST MY FUDGIN BIRTHDAY! Hello, 27🤙🏽) I have thought about the last year and how it’s been one of the most trying, yet transformative years so far. The hideous picture on the left was April 2017, the right is today. There’s plenty of issues with the picture on the left (uh, horizontal stripes don’t look good on ANYONE, wth was I thinking? And let’s not talk about posture. Thanks @alicia_dotti for snapping one of the most unflattering pics ever 😂) but I never realized how out of hand my eating and drinking had gotten. Work and life stress got to me and I dealt with it by self medicating with wine and food. February I got a wake up call from God,and I  started implementing some huge changes. I started putting myself first and completely adjusted how I worked out and ate. Beginning of May I really took stride and got down to business and I’m officially down 17 pounds. It wasn’t until I saw these two pictures next to each other have I realized how far I’ve come in this past year and I’m more than happy to say “see ya never ” to the girl on the left as I start the next year of my life. Here’s to a healthy and safe 27. Big things are ahead for me. #slowlybutsurely #itsaprocessnotaquickfix #transformation #weightlifting #girlswholift
Me :  But mama, what if they say I'm different? 😩 .  Mama : But you are! They'd only be telling the truth. You are a different kind of woman , let your difference melt away their indifference.  #mamaisalwaysright #selfworthiseverything  #itsaprocessnotaquickfix
If this is truly what sugar does to the human body?! Thank you Lord for revealing to me that I cannot consume it!! #iamsweetenough #nosugaradded #todayisnow #ketomom #ketofamily #itsaprocessnotaquickfix #livingloved #stopbeforeitstoolate #hismerciesareneweverymorning #listentoyourbody #goddaughter #eattolive
"Sometimes people aren't always the nicest on social media, so remember that no matter what anyone says, your body is beautiful just the way it is. Working out is a great way to feel better and de-stress, but never feel like you have to change yourself for people's approval-or your own!! Coming back to Abs😉!! "You might inspire someone to start working out or find a gym buddy. The possibilities are endless, so never feel ashamed of posting that picture and flexing!! “Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret!” #youarewhatyoueat #absaremadeinthekitchen #nutritiongamestrong #healthylifestyle #nutritionovertaste #dedication #motivation #disciplineequalsfreedom #itsaprocessnotaquickfix #veganlife #vegan #nosteriods #lookithappens #investonurself #youearnagoodbody #whykilltoeat #instagram #joinvegan #instafitness #fitnesspeople #fitnessjourney
3 miles 🏃🏾‍♀️today #13892stepssofartoday #itsaprocessnotaquickfix
It doesn’t matter how long it lasts, it shall pass........pain is temporary. Remain positive and keep trusting in the Most High JAH (the process). • • #trustandbelieve #keepthefaith #keepmovingforward➡️ #onlyyoucanwillyouon #itsaprocessnotaquickfix #youcandoit #toyoursuccess #bfit #bfitabsolution™️package
So much truth right there!! @bymariandrew Beautiful written #perspective #truth #thisthingcalledlife #itsaprocessnotaquickfix
Newest addition to my fridge! Cottage cheese. I tried it for the first time and it made the cut!!! It comes as a surprise to me because I'm not a huge fan of anything 'cheese'  I prefer adding some almond butter and a wee bit of honey to it...maybe that's why i've loved it. Anyway reasons why it should be part of your nutrition👇 ♡100g contains about 11-12g of protein ♡it's main protein is mostly casein(slow digesting protein)-hello muscle mass💪 ♡it is surprisingly quite filling-bye stupid hunger pangs ♡rich in calcium and vit D- hello healthy and strong bones ♡it comes ready to eat so no preparation necessary...perfect snack on the go😉  #itsaprocessnotaquickfix
“So many people ask me why I take so long to color one client! The reality is that most people do not have virgin hair walking in the salon or my studio. Most clients have box color in their hair or just had a bad color experience that leads to splotches and spotty color that takes me hours to balance out and blend away. As you can see in the before and after pics! I do whatever it takes to finish it in one day which requires multiple steps and hours to process each step and not to mention in-depth consultations so my clients feel safe and know what to expect in between each stage without being nervous! And that is why it takes 6-9 hours for color correction!” –#Guy Tang . . . . . . #leahlaruehairstudio #leahlaruestylist #loyalclientsarethebest #allenhair #ashblonde #blondehair #btconeshot_transformation18 #colorcorrection #executivesalonsuites #friscohairsalon #hairofig #haircolor #highlights #hairchemist #itsaprocessnotaquickfix #olaplex #pulpriot #planohairsalon #planohairstylist #redkencolor #redkenshadeseq #warmblonde
“It’s a process” #goingblonder #itsaprocessnotaquickfix #orangeisokay
Another workout in the books. Had two subs today so I got a good ab and booty workout. Excited to start my one80challenge to create better eating habits. #growingmybooty #blackwomendoworkout #tiredashell #summertimefinegoals #fighting2getfit #itsaprocessnotaquickfix
Remember that time last week when I talked about being #transparent and REAL?! Today I woke up feeling excited about re-commitment and being #real about where I am at. Sometimes you need a little wake up call to be reminded that where you are now is where you desperately wanted to be a year ago. . Over the last few months I followed and completed the longest and most challenging program. I was #committed to finishing, but what good is the end game if you didn’t give it your all?! I mean, I did push, I did have small victories, and I did learn from it, but when you take a deep look at what you know you are capable and see that maybe you just didn’t hit that mark; it certainly makes you re-evaluate where you’re at and what you’re looking for, right? . Scroll left and see my #before picture (left) after really pushing myself last September. I hit my goals, was my strongest, and was in my best shape ever. I felt soooo GOOD! Shot on the right is from 2 week’s ago. The day I completed that intense 80 day program. My gains are unseen, but where I #stumbled is visible. . Does it piss me off that I have gone backwards? No, actually it really doesn’t. It goes far deeper than physical appearance, but this certainly helps the mind with perspective. I think wake up calls are necessary to keep us from forgetting our why’s and our wants. Reminders that we are still human, we aren’t perfect, we all stumble, and there is always something to learn. . Recommitted today along side 50 of my besties to put myself first again for the reasons I started to lose grasp of the last little while. Here is to day 1/80 in a new headspace and a renewed vision. . Life goals 👉🏻 build your dream life one good habit at a time. 💋 . . . . . . . . . . . #renewedstrength #transformationjourney #itsaprocessnotaquickfix #trusttheprocess #motherhoodunplugged #mombodiesarestrongbodies #goals💪 #dayones #roundtwofriends #watchmeorjoinme #igotthisshit #nobsmama #csectionbelly
If you think the process to lose weight is fast you are in for a big disappointment unless you want those quick  fake scheme, lose the weight and gain it all back plus some 🤦‍♀️. But if you want long term results you gotta turn your body into a burning machine by exercising and eating right. I’m not saying that you have to be on a strict diet and deprive yourself of all the foods you once loved but you got to learn to be patient and be your own motivation. Think about it if you had started last year you would have been halfway through it by now🤷‍♀️right????#beapatientdieter#longerlastingresults#itsaprocessnotaquickfix#gymmotivation#wild_shapeup#fitnessaddict#girlswholift#