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I'm crying my fucking eye's out. Thank you god. Thank you Justin for made my day. I'm dead I swear. My heart stoped beating when I saw his comment.  Now I know that he is still on her account. Wow I'm crying, that feeling's I try to ignore since 3 year's are here again. The jailey feeling's are back again guy's. . . . #justinbieber#bieber#justin#bizzle#rickthesizzler#damnbizzle#believe#beliebers#beliebersstayforever#belieberpower#purpose#purposetour#baby#daddy#jbishot#jb5#selenagomez#jelena#selenators#bizzlewasiconic#haileybaldwin#misstouring#hailey#jailey#selenagomez#selenators#followforfollow#follow4follow#fff#likeforlike#like4like
Why did I fall in love with arms that I will never hug? Why did I fall in love  with lips I will never kiss? Why did I fall in love with laught that I will never hear? Why did I spend my money for him? You ask why? Cause I love him. I dont say that's easy being a Belieber, cause sometimes hurts. I have got bullied every day cause I'm a Belieber. I got bullied cause I believe in someone bigger than myself. In someone who make me smile every day. I got this hate cause I'm love someone who respect people, respect God, respect his Beliebers. I got this cause I support someone who make people smile, who make sick children smile althoug they dont smiled for weeks or months.  I got this for someone who makes me happy, makes me smile. But this boy make the people happy. And he makes me happy when I'm down. I talk about you if you are my best friend. I talk about you every day every second. You talk about Me as your fan. I could tipe your name with eyes closed. I know everything about you, you dont even know that I'm exist. I'm in love with your personality and everything but you will never know. You are everything. And I think everytime I see you smile I fall in love with you over and over again. And I know that every Belieber fall in love with you over and over again when they see you smile, so dont forget to smile( I know its hard sometimes but you are strong) Its not easy.... We get hated and judged everyday. BUT this dont stop us from supporting Justin. WE ARE FAMILY! And I'm so thankful to be a part of this amazing family. Justin brought us together. And we dont care what the others say. Your hate just make us even stronger! You see, Its worth it to be a Belieber . . .