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What it’s like to be on lake time - kids wanting to pee every five minutes when boating, dropping fishing rod in the water, constantly chowing down on snacks, never enough snacks, and asking to drink from a grown-ups drink 😜 but on the plus side - memories to last a lifetime, laughs and giggles, swimming and watching the sunset, telling stories, singing, cuddling, and watching the campfire ❤️ we love summer!
✨GRADUATED🎓😆❤️ #part1 😝✨
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Let’s talk about perfection: There’s something about the summer that just makes me want to binge on chips & salsa & guac & sweet tea on the beach and inhale a good book. I’m a sucker for non-fiction of most any topic, but I’d love to hear an under-the-radar rec of something you love to add to the summer reading list. I’m pretty certain you know the PERFECT one! GO!
I can’t quite believe Elise was 3 months old on Friday! Where has the time gone!? We’re having a difficult time of it at the moment (undiagnosed milk allergy). We still haven’t had her paediatrician appointment come through, so we’re doing the best we can to get through each day. 👶🏻 Friday was difficult, so I didn’t manage to take her 3 month old photo until 11pm, and then most of them came out like this! 🙈 I managed one good photo, which I’ve shared over on @thescfamily account, where I’m sharing more candid family photos (so should have posted the 3 month photos the other way round, but never mind! Can you tell I’m tired!? 😂). 👶🏻 The health visitor is coming today, then we’re off to Birmingham for one of my hospital appointments. What are you up to this week? 👶🏻 Please note: I know everyone who wants to offer advice means well, but it’s hard to read suggestions of things we’ve tried, things that we can’t try or things that just aren’t relevant. With a visual processing disorder, it’s visually overwhelming and exhausting, as well as emotionally. We’ve done everything we can and know what’s wrong. Unfortunately, the thing that Elise needs (allergy friendly milk) is only available on prescription, so we have to wait and hope the paediatrician will agree that she has an allergy and prescribe her the milk she needs. If you’ve done this previously, please don’t worry. I know you’re trying to help and it means a lot that so many people care about us. 👶🏻 [Image description: Elise, a three month old baby is lying on a card, with her arms up, covering her face. The text on the card is hidden by Elise’s face and arms. The image has a border around it, which consists of a larger, lighter, blurry version of the main photo.]
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Priceless moments with family, former colleagues, friends and spiritual family in Manila. 💕 . . #lunchwithsister #dinnerafterdinner #worthmissingflight #joyfuldays #heartisfull
Elise was 3 months old on Friday. 3 months! I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. We’re so lucky to have her. 👶🏻 [Image description: Elise, a three month old baby is asleep in a white baby grow. To the left of her head is a card that reads “Today I am 3 months old.”]
Today is a day dedicated to fathers, those men who have created life in one form or another. . . It is also the day that I decided to initiate a little shamanic healing for my ancestors. You might look at this well-set table and see a pretty dining area ready for peeps to sit down and nosh. What you do not see is the family crest and written blessing hidden discreetly beneath the table cloth. Or the words - WEALTHY, WHOLE, REMADE, SATED - carved into each candle with symbols - MY symbols - and the slick sheen of frankincense oil for purity and ascension. . . The flowers? All white to connect to those who have passed and one yellow rose for solar divinity - that masculine yang energy we attempt to connect with and clear on this day of fathers. . . And green...so much green. This is a heart based practice and I need my Anahata colors to shine bright, to show my ancestors that I love them and that I clear our sacred arteries with purpose: so that our family’s heart will beat a little stronger and with real gumption. 💚 . . The meal is Irish and French—the two predominant cultures in my paternal duffel bag. I wrote out one hell of a blessing, smudged myself, energized the food, and now I’m ready to prepare this meal. To nourish my family. To nourish my ancestors. To fill empty bellies and empty hearts. . . On this beautiful Fathers Day I look to work, but I haven’t forgotten all of you, so I share this with you, to remind you that no matter how hard family might be, how disconnected the lines, you have the power to clear it. You are NOT condemned to your family’s karma. You can change it. Make it right. Make it whole. Evolve from it. . . I believe in you. And I wish you a wonderful day. . . Namaste, dear one. . . . . . . #universallove #clearingout #dadsday #light #magic #yoga #reiki #reikilife #reikihealing #energyhealing #energyhealer #universalenergy #lightworker #magick #trueheart #truth #namaste #namasté #loveandlight #shaman #spiritualism