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🇫🇷PARCE QU’ON NE S’EN LASSE PAS 🇫🇷 Déjà une semaine qu’on est 🌟🌟CHAMPIONS DU MONDE 🌟🌟 Petit CR CAP de ces derniers jours : En ben en fait pas grand chose à dire puisque je ne peux toujours pas rechausser les baskets pour aller fouler le bitume... Ben cette satanée toux qui n’était qu’ allergique au départ , s est transformée en bronchite sur infectée et comme si ça ne suffisait pas aux dernières nouvelles c est une pneumopathie 😤 3 semaines d’antibio plus tard ( et c est pas fini), pas de franche amélioration , j’ai plus de côtes et je suis épuisée!! La course à pied commence vraiment à me manquer... mais dans cet état impossible ⛔️🏃🏼‍♀️⛔️ On garde le moral et on se dit qu’on reviendra en forme et surtout que les vacances arrivent à grand pas🏖👙👏 Allez cette semaine, c’est la bonne pour se remettre complètement, on y croit 🤞👊🏻 Crédit photo 📸: @cel_in_2h  mes yeux fatigués cachés mais tjr le smille 😀 #instarunners #instarunfrance #instarun #running #run #runners #runninggirl #runnersofinstagram #runnerscommunity #runforfun #runhappy #runningmotivation#runaddict #runstoppable #runningday #running  #happyrunningcrew#courseapied #irun #igrunners #courir #onrunning #loverunning #justdoit #garmin #france #fiersdetrebleus #frenchgirl #championsdumonde #worldcup2018
And we are back at it with hip mobility! 🍑🍑🍑 With today’s stretch, we will be targeting the piriformis muscle. . 👩🏻‍🏫 Brief anatomy lesson: There are lots of muscles that surround your bum - I’m sure you’re all mostly aware of what your gluteal muscles are, but the piriformis is another one you should be aware of. . 🤔 So where exactly is this mysterious muscle and what does it do? It runs from your pelvis (sacrum) out to the top of your hip bone (greater trochanter). It’s main function is to help externally rotate the hip when walking. . The reason why I like to draw attention to this particular one though, is because the sciatic nerve passes near it. 💡Tight piriformis muscles can lead to lower back pain, hip pain and buttocks pain (diagnosed as piriformis syndrome). 💡The types of referred pain experienced from the tight muscle may mimic other back conditions such as herniated discs, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, hamstring strains & sciatica. . 🤯🤯🤯 Pretty extreme, I know. And what’s crazy is that this is all so easily preventable!!! 👉🏽 Simply stretching these areas out could provide longer-term symptom relief! Now doesn’t that just sound dreamy? I sure think it does 😏 . Come and join @calibratebystephanie with this week’s hip mobility work - specifically with this seated figure 4 stretch. . • HOW TO • 1. Sit on your bum, bending your right leg and place the ankle on top of the left knee whilst sitting.  2. Start to bend the left knee, keeping your heel on the ground. Aim to get your legs into 90 degree angles if your body allows you to do so. 3. Imagine pushing your right knee away from you to intensify the stretch. You should feel a stretch on the outer part of your right hip. 4. Hold for 60sec per side, repeating 2-3 sets. . Final tip 💫 Keeping a lengthened, straight spine helps to isolate the piriformis muscle at the hip joint. Also, the more you push your knee away from you, the more you’re
Tonight, I got to see for the first time My Bloody Valentine at the Shrine Expo Hall at USC. They have only released three full length albums and they hardly ever tour but I’ve been meaning to see them for years since when I was sixteen I listened to their sophomore album Loveless, which is a true masterpiece, and it basically blew my mind. If you get the chance, buy their recently release pure analog vinyl versions of Loveless and Isn’t Anything since they sound amazing from the two years Kevin Shields spent putting it all together. For the concert, as we walked into the Shrine, they handed out ear plugs since MBV is known to play at potentially ear ringing volume and I brought a couple extra plugs in addition just in case. When the first chord and the drums hit for I Only Said, a huge wave of distortion and bass washed over the audience. I turned to the person to the right of me and said, “That’s f**king loud!” and I was wearing ear plugs. Words cannot explain the pure psychedelic sonic two hour experience that 6,300 sweaty bodies felt as they played songs from all three albums and a couple new ones. My second favorite song of the night was Soon with its hypnotic guitar chord strumming flowing melody and undeniable drum beat that lives up to the hype when Brian Eno called it the “new standard for pop.” But the best song of the night had to be the night’s closer You Made Me Realize since during the middle they broke out into a legitimately full sonic assault that I’ve never experienced in my entire life. During the waves of sound that were hitting us, I decided to close my eyes and after a minute amid flashing lights a rush of shivers/chills lifted my body that I swear it almost felt like I was floating for a minute. After I opened my eyes, I saw lots of people reaching their hands out towards MBV in a Messianic like way and it made me realize that the best concerts can be a religious like experience as you forgot the day to day and if only for
Proper struggled today.. 😓🤷‍♀️ #couchto10k #keeponrunning #justdoit
#repost @calibratestudio ・・・ 🐈 SPINAL MOBILITY 🐫 . Want to reduce back stiffness and increase overall flexibility in your trunk without irritating your neck? . Spinal mobility is a highly underrated exercise that directly affects the way we move. From desk-bound corporate employees to elite athletes, a healthier spine will benefit all of us in many different ways. Not only does this exercise help with alleviating back pain, but it also enhances the stability of your backbone and surrounding musculature. . Tag a friend and join @calibratebystephanie, learning how to do the cat/camel stretch. . • HOW TO • 1. Start off in a quadruped position (hands directly below shoulders, knees directly below hips). ~You have the option to keep your toes tucked under for more stability, or keep them untucked to stretch the top of your ankles~ 2. As you inhale, come into 🐫 CAMEL pose: soften the belly as you begin to arch your back, shifting your gaze up to match the curve of your spine (be wary not to crunch your neck though). ~Think of pushing your chest forward, squeezing your shoulder blades together as you do so, pulling your shoulders away from your ears to maintain length in your spine~ 3. As you exhale, come into 🐈 CAT pose: draw the belly button to the spine, engaging the stomach muscles as you bring your back through a neutral tabletop position. Continue flowing through this movement, rounding through your spine and continue to draw your belly button in as far as it can possibly go. Allow the crown of your head to drop towards the floor as you look towards your belly button. ~You should feel your shoulder blades separate as much as possible at the top of the movement~ 4. Repeat for 10-15 full repetitions (cat + cow = full repetition) - or feel free to continue doing more 😇 Total: 2-3 sets. . Final tip 💫  Your breath should guide you into spinal flexion & extension - move slowly and breath deeply throughout each repetition… and most
Can't wait to open this box 💖🤙#nike #justdoit #newshoes #box
Today work-free and take advantage of the cooler morning for running. But very quickly very warm, especially in the sun ☀️🔥 The hardest step to fitness is the first 😉  #fitness #jogging  #running  #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #motivation #health #healthy #cardio #instafit #training #getfit  #hearttraining #fitover50 #gettingfit #fatburning #workout #cardio #exercise #justdoit #run #fit #runforfun #runforlife #instarunner #over50runner #run4fun #nrc
Сяду на диету, похудею к лету, к ДР, НГ слышно кругом. А что ПОТОМ? Вы задумывались над тем, как вы будете выглядеть, когда эта точка Х канет в лета? Вы перестанете тренироваться и начнете есть пельмени со майонезом на ночь? В таком случае все, к чему вы стремились и над чем работали сойдет на нет. . Да и на диете всю жизнь не просидишь. Как же быть? . Чтобы выглядеть хорошо, не должно быть точек Х. Необходимо формировать свой образ жизни и правильное пищевые привычки. И если вы уже достигли своей цели, добились результата, то его необходимо ПОСТОЯННО ПОДДЕРЖИВАТЬ! Решили быть красивыми- останавливаться нельзя! Это теперь Ваш ПУТЬ! . И если нам с Вами по пути, буду ждать Вас в нашем @hardcore_gym_barnaul . #спортивныедевушки #спортлайф#спортивная #спортрежим #спортивнаяфигура #спортвмассы #спортивнаяжизнь #спортдлявсех #спортивноетело #спортвнарод #спортмотивация #телотвоеймечты#персональныйтренер#барнаул22 #барнаулонлайн #барнаулспорт #barnaul22 #алтай #алтайскийкрай #altay #altay_russia #altay_region#тренербарнаул#персональныйтренербарнаул#justdoit #bodyfitnessgirl #bodyfitness#fitnessmotivation #kateandbody
They are basically more or less the same so will Aquaman ending up being like Black Panther? Either way I'm pretty excited to see it. #twitch #xbox #areyounotentertained #gamer #streamer #dreamer #nerd #ragequit #gearsofwar #destiny #halo #masterchiefcollection #starwars #battlefront #overwatch #justdoit  #finalfantasy #anime #memes #marvel #dc  Follow:  @southlovesmaineswang4lyfe @vaginosis @nessuhslays @anatlus89 @lilbumblebear @chelsea_marvel