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Murray enjoying the snow.  #justtellmeaboutit #illhaveasnack
| #justellme Since a while, I'm having many problems with drawings: 1- Not only the drawings itself, but even their sketches are difficult for me to be drawn perfectly, but that 2nd case isn't so hard. 2- Since I have my drawbook, I've only made the ridiculous quantity of 2 completed drawings, an uncompleted one and a sketch. 3- I use to be EXTREMELY SLOW to make a decent drawing. My first one (on the drawbook) about Grimlock hanging Bumblebee in his arms took me a total of 12 hours≈, and it has never been painted! (Well, in that case I didn't use any sketches and my style is intended to be realistic) 4- I think it would be easier for me to design 3D figures in my computer, render a picture of it and filter it, but I'm already busy with music, something that I think it's more important (music is intended to be my business, while visual designs are still a hobby.) · But anyway, I need to know if somebody wants to see how I draw with effort. That'd be a good motivation source. So #pleasetellme. I'd thank it to ya. #tellme #tellmeaboutit #justtellmeaboutit
πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’ #savethedramaforyourmama #justtellmeaboutit
It is better to be Informed than Involved πŸ˜…πŸ˜ #idontwantnoparts #justtellmeaboutit
Missing this beautiful face ! #gypsy#justtellmeaboutit#noyougo πŸ’•