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Thanks family for coming out and showing your support 🤗 I wasn’t able to get a picture with everyone else but you know who you are 😘 Love you guys! #tafadenanybody #manuialoumalagatafa #youwillbetrulymissed #kinginpeace
My husband @so1id1ife7_ryma 🤗 #kinginpeace #manuialoumalagatafa #tafadenanybody #94family
Another beautiful flick with our sis @stylinbytylin . We ❤️ you sis! #kinginpeace #tafadenanybody #94family #youwillbetrulymissed
Check in Table Ladies! 😂 @gz6128sz yelling excuse me where’s your ticket? $25 please 😂 It was a night to remember 🤗 #kinginpeace #tafadenanybody #manuialoumalagatafa #youwillbetrulymissed #94family
Beautiful event last night just for you bro Tafa 🤗 #tafadenanybody #youwillbetrulymissed #manuialoumalaga #kinginpeace
Love you Tafa!!!!!!🍻🍻🍻🍻 #riltafa #kinginpeace #🙏🙏🙏
PLS EVERY ONE IF YOU CAN SUPPORT THE SAMUELA FAMILY AND HELP LAY A KING TO REST. HE NEVER ASKED TOOO MUCH FROM ANY BODY. SO HE DEFINITELY DESERVES EVERYTHING NOW. FOR HIM AND HIS FAMILY PLS SUPPORT MAY 19th GET YOUR TICKETS FROM @tripps_94. sorry my old friend I won’t be there for this. I wish I could. But you will always be in our memories. My friend watch us from above and guide us as we go. I miss you big guy.  Forever #kingtafa#kinginpeace#teddybear
HEY TO EVERYONE. just like to take this time to ask for some donations and help the samuela family and help them lay #kingtafa to rest pls help in any ways you can. Thank you sooo much. #kingtafa#kinginpeace#teddybear🐻
Bro Tafa is the true definition of someone with a Big ❤️ and who always puts everyone else’s needs before his. His family especially his 6 beautiful Blessings needs your support during these times. If you knew Tafa then you definitely know what I’m talking about when I say he is selfless. 😢 His family & friends has lost a good soul and any support will be appreciated. #riltafa #youwillneverbeforgotten #waipahufamily #kinginpeace #blessed🙏🏼
Thinking about you big teddy bear. I’m still in disbelief that your gone. #kingtafa#kinginpeace my friend #tafasamuela my heart is heavy as the days goes by. I’m still in shock your not with us. But I can’t be selfish. Knowing that your in good hands. Better in gods loving hands it’s all that matters. I wonder though some times why god takes away the good ones from us. But I shouldn’t look at it like that. It’s GODS way of calling his souljahs home to rest when they have completed their mission in life. #kingtafa you was always So humble, kind to others and always kept your word. Such a big guy but with a loving and caring heart. You made the hugest impact to everyone and #waipahu#94block You will always be remembered and always be in my memories as those to others. May you lay to rest and mind at peace. #kingtafa#loyatyfirst#bigteddybear🐻  Lava se tofa. alofa ia te oe la’u uo.
Is it wrong to say that this one hurts more than Dad? Probably because we knew when Dad’s sun was starting to set and it gave us time to prepare. But you weren’t suppose to go this quick Jun. I love you so much little big brother. I’m so happy that our family was able to spend so much time together this year and that you were in a happy space before you left us, the happiest we’ve seen you in so long. You’re last text to us was absolutely perfect! Until we meet again Brother! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @sinavaiana @6th_samuela @ewyattizo @maumea.saia @lalipop_saopatao_alagante_51 @kingbless94_ @ms_liler #tafathanu #94strong #kinginpeace #riptafa #94block #tafathanu #tafathanu
Manuia Lou Malaga 🙏🏻 I look forward to seeing you again unko Jun, but as of now I walk this road with you in my heart #kinginpeace
KING'IN'PEACE'ORIGINAL'USO'PEEWEE GONNA MISS U USO...... #kinginpeace #originaluso #peewee #flyhigh
#mytafatafa words can’t explain how I’m feeling right now. Having to find out like this. My heart is hurting I can’t believe it. I just want to Thank you for always being there when I needed. You was always there looking out for me being my big tough security man. Always protecting me when I’m working behind the bar and out. I can never repay you for that. It was sooo nice seeing you when I last visited last month. Remember me you and kennzzie we had a talk in the kitchen in LP. you asked me why I moved to San Fran. I never have you a straight answer. I wish I did. I still don’t but I’ll give you my answer when I find it. I will always remember the last words you said to me. I will never for get that. I will always love and miss you #restinheaven#kingtafa omg remember outside of lime light we was burning you out. And then I had my mod you was like what’s what I like try. I let you sample my mod and you started ckroockin I dead on laughed so hard tears was coming down spearing my makeup. Your classic always know when to make some one laugh. I will always cherish the memories I had with you. #myteddybear🐻 #topflightsecurity#bodygaurd#protector I can never ever just walk pass you and not hear you. WHERES MY LOVE WHERES MY KISSES WHERES HUG? I’ll miss you so much. I’ll see you one day my friend. For now look after all of us okay. See you later.#KingTafa#kinginpeace my condolence to the #samuela family
Rest in love to my Uso Tafa🙏🙏🙏. I'll never forget all the good times we had. Until we meet again my bradda. My deepest condolences to the Samuela aiga. #kinginpeace #lovehimsomuch #94strong #waipahustrong #riltafa
MY USO TAFA!!! LOVE U USO!!! #94strong #kinginpeace
Damm Rest In Peace big Uce!!! #kinginpeace #94block
Jus woke up to some shocking news😢Still can’t believe it. One of the coolest usos I know .Always had good/encouraging things to say to me. Big uso with a big heart . My deepest sympathy to my #samuela family 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 especially to his kids (two of em I still coach) .. love you my uso! #kinginpeace #94fam #94strong
Rest in love big uce love you tafa I will never forget you #kinginpeace #xicvblock