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My reason for not wanting to go to a seventeen fan meeting /hi touch #kpopconcertrant #kpoprant
Who y'all gonna stan if you cancel everybody out? Like ppl are leaving the bts army bc of clothing? Like wtf,they have a concept and an idea that they want to do so let them do it smh. 🌸 🌸 : : : #bts #btsmemes #bt21 #kimtaehyung #btsjungkook #btsjimin #btshoseok #btsnamjoon #btsyoongi #btsseokjin #kpoprant #rant #kpop #love_yourself #love_myself #loveyourselfanswer #outfitrant
I have a rant.. I feel bad because everyone is calling out ARMYS due to a lot of fake ARMYS trying to bring down other fandoms.. I know that real ARMY would never do something like that. If they are to try to bring down others, they are not a real ARMY. We as a fandom are getting much hate lately because some ARMYS do some toxic stuff.. ppl think all of us are horrible but I know that not all of us will be like that, so as a fandom we need to smarten up and help make others happy instead of bringing others down in the name of ARMY, were making BTS look bad ;-; thank u for listening, I love u guys, thanks for 100 followers :3 #bts #army #bts2018 #btsrant #kpoprant #spreadlove
okay rant time, this is why i don’t fuck w new armys, LIKE EXCUSE YOU BTS IS NOT THE BEST, IF BLACKPINK DID BETTER; SO WHAT POWER TO THOSE QUEENS DONT TRY AND TAKE THEM DOWN WTF LEAVE THE FANDOM OK #newarmy #newarmys #newbts #armys #bts #kpoprant
wow. just, wow what! is! wrong! with! people! as if they didn't already have a rough time,, you're gonna make it worse and rob them of personal items? and their phone really? you dont have your own?  this is sad, I wanna find who did this and bang their head into a wall until they go unconscious bye uwu tags: • • • #24k #kpop #kpopboys #kpopboygroup #kpoprant #kpopl4l #kpopf4f #kpop24k #kpop2018
I'm sitting here thinking...what has happened to BTS fandom....it was such a peaceful fandom 3+ years ago. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. Yeah there was an occasional mishap and immaturity but...not like this.  Army's accusing stray kids of copying BTS and calling them BTS 2.0 is really uncalled for. BTS is BTS. Stray kids is stray kids.  Stray kids new album sounds nothing alike BTS album or any of their songs.  There is no comparison. Stray kids album is them trying to find who they are. Who they truly are for the depths of their heart, is that really copying BTS?? I don't understand. If you don't like stray kids, just say it and move on. Why try to push them down when they just begun? Stay away from them if you don't like stray kids. Focus all your time on BTS and BTS alone.  I'm tired of the immature side of the fandom. I'm not pissed to the extreme... I was..now...I just hit a point where I'm just mellow. Calm, cool and collected.  I'm going to sit here and enjoy stray kids wonderful album as I go play overwatch.  Thanks for reading.  Oh another thing, stray kids respect BTS and BTS respect stray kids.  #straykids #bts #bangtanboys #bangtan #kpoprant
Alright what the actual frickity frick frack... First of all, our man is not racist or sexist?!! Second of all, what are you even trying to accomplish? Everyone knows that you're just jealous🙄... For someone who's @ is "lovecomesfirst", I... I don't even have to say anything, now do I? Go back to support your faves instead of hating on others. Thank you. . . . . #exo #lay #exolay #layexo #layzhang #yixing #zhangyixing #yixingzhang #exoyixing #yixingexo #exom #exok #exocbx #kpop #cpop #jpop #rant #exorant #kpoprant
so, some jobless "monbebes" have been practically harassing my boys lately. listen here linda, have some respect. just imagine how TIRED these boys are. world tours take a lot out of all artists, not just mx, so while they're amazingly sweet towards us mbs, know your boundaries. staying in the same hotel as them on purpose, that's just not right. shoving your phones in their faces? screaming in their faces at the airport? learn some respect, this goes for all stans, not just monbebes, give your favs some space. you can support from a distance, honey, no need to get all up in anyone's face and then fight anyone who criticizes your actions for it. mx treats us so nicely, let's not fuck this one up guys.🙃 #rant #kpoprant #monstax
‘s ᴘᴏsᴛ☁️ i’m so f pissed my story will explain to you what happened but i swear i hate dealing with immature fans that are like what 11-14 year old or younger idk if that person is younger or not but they act like it and i swear this person need to ffff read. Also, i can’t last night or this morning around 3 am i have to deal with this troll that called themselves an ARMY and started bashing BTS’s sunbae/seniors and saying “bts is better and our fandom is too and you’re toxic” blahhh like take a hit!! You’re literally 12 years old and immature af and can’t learn basic kpop history literally. The old days it all physical contact with fighting and fanwars bad but now its all f online, at last if it was physical i can see who you are. So i can REPORT THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR IMMATURE MOTHERFUCKER ASS YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!! ahhhh i’m so pissssssssss with both of these types of people × × × × #bts #bangtanboys  #jhope #v #jungkook #rm #jimin #suga #yoongi #jin #namjoon  #taehyung #seokjin #agustd  #btsmemes  #bulletproofboys #bangtansonyeondan  #beyondthescene #kpopl4l #kpoplfl #kpoprant #kpopmeme
Yeah... #kpop #kpoprant
Fanwars are really pissing me off, can everyone stop?I see accounts on social media saying stuff about how no one except Bangtan can comeback in August or they'll just be ignored. BTS is popular but they're not the only group like wtf. Fandoms are really annoying. At this rate y'all might as well stan no one. Please, if you're one of "those" fans just like who/what you like and keep it under /their/ comment sections. Stop attacking other fandoms. Sorry for ranting -Gray btw that's J-Hopes sister (@mejiwoo103) • • • • #kpop #kpoprant
I'm starting to see why people are hating on kpop fandom's now... Why does some people in the fandom get so offended that bts success is growing largely.This girl or boy hella disrespectful, I'm sure that other pop groups like ikon, blackpink, exo, etc -met them and got to know them, and being in the same industry they might be proud that kpop is growing rapidly. I also see other kpop groups that alot of westerns like and which are almost at the top of the charts what are they going to do next let Nct get trashed bc they're topping charts.I personally like all of those groups she said to dislike bts but they have to see that bts have worked hard to get where they are and the more hate they try to throw at someone the more hate "the person gets or something they love" P.S they damn sure wouldn't like it if bts fandom did the same thing :'( Follow >> @dean.tbrl 🍡 🍦Update: ranting 😍🍦 ⏰/Date: July 24, 2018 / /Time: 5:32/⏰ 📕>QG ~ •its really sad how people like putting others down :') • • ~||tags||~🍵 • × /to be tagged comment "🍵" or "🍭"/ #jimin #suga #bts #jungkook #jhope #hobi #rm #v #btsedit #army #namjoon #btsmemes #bangtanboys #kpop #minyoongi #kimseokjin #kimnamjoon #junghoseok #japanese #japanesetreats #food #kpoprant #fandomrant #sad #disappointment
The whole Holland is sexist is bullshit. Ppl need to know context,( from what I've heard from a friend) he was tired and somebody asked him who his favorite GG was but he answered bts. Like ppl get confused when tired. And that's not a reason to call him by the f word or call him sexist. Like he even covered a GG song in the same stream. Also is it wierd for him to not like GG? Like he likes dudes so he's more attracted to bg than gg.. Know the context ppl  #holland #kpop #stantwt #kpoprant #kpopmemes #rant #bts
Rant Part2: RANT: I ain't trying to be biased either but fuck I know a half white half Indian rapper who's lyrics are bomb and who is a damn visual smh @missblushofficial sorry for bringing you into this but seriously get your ass to Korea and show them what's up 👍🏻 because let's be honest if they wanted to start in India they're gonna need an Indian idol so people will feel more connected to them and you're pretty and you have good lyrics so just do it please and thank you. Imagine though seriously what an icon and whatever company shows more diverse groups will have so much traffic to their videos and that's a fact. #kpop #kpoprant #kpopfan #missblushofficial
RANT Part1: so I'm Korean and as most of you know Korea is heavily associated with kpop. I don't find it a problem when people who aren't Asian listen to it I actually like that people are finding our media worthy of listening too. What I don't like is the racism and expectations that kpop has but us regular Koreans at. Because of visuals and plastic surgery people come from overseas to SK expecting to find some really hot people and that's not the reality. Your average Korean is tan (tries to be whiter) and isn't the kpop visuals you expect. Now onto the racism because this really pisses me off. It's no secret that in Asian countries that pale is "better" but I recently came across the Japanese gg "Banana Lemon" and they had a Blasian in the group which warms my heart and it got me thinking. Why can't kpop do that? Korea sadly has a long way to go but I'm hoping they'll open their doors to other ethnicities especially if they're half Korean, being half Korean myself I feel like if I went I wouldn't have the best experience. (I'm half white) but honestly Korea and kpop cares about visuals and it makes me so mad. I hate to think of all the talented trainees that get looked over because there is someone who lacks in skill but is prettier. I'm waiting for more diversity in kpop. I understand that people don't want non Asians joining groups and that's their opinion but what about other Asians? I want to see some Vietnamese, Indian, Malaysian! I want to see all of that and more and shit we all know that an idol who wouldn't conform to their light skin stick figure beauty standards would fuck some shit up and get overseas attention. When the hell is a company going to invest and I mean REALLY INVEST into something overseas? I think it was SM? That tried breaking into India (correct me if I'm wrong) here's an idea fam invest in a Indian idol! Do you know how much attention that would get? Even if they're half Indian, that would get SOOO much attention and if they're
Imma just rant...My mood has been utterly ruined by these posts going around with ass wipes bullying my Changbin😭🙄Im sorry but you can choke on a skittle if you think that’s okay. I can’t stand ppl bullying. Idols have feelings too and they didn’t work this hard to get hated on for what they look like. Plus you’re not relevant. Your opinion doesn’t matter and if you got nothing nice to say don’t say it at all💀I’m tired of Kpop fans (definitely not all) having the need to be rude to other fans and idols. I’m sorry but us kind, supportive fans and the idols don’t need to deal with rats. Your humor and opinions are as shit as America’s tax system. Just stfu and crawl back into that hole u came out of and remember you are not relevant. Sorry not sorry. I was going to keep my chill but it’s really starting to piss me off‼️‼️ #straykids #binsuals #changbinissmol #idols #rant #kpoprant
im so pissed rn, omg . . so my school lets us pay a huge ass amount of cash for what you call "good education" smh they cant even give us that.  Like bro why im already in 6th grade and u teaching us 1st grade shits i mean okay?¿ but the problem is this math teacher bull spit.  We just cHUCKLED and he just got fucking pissed and was like "why are you laughing at me" i was legit confused cuz we aint laughing at him like feeler muchh?? istg if we breathe we gonna go to the office smh, and also they replace our air conditioner with oLD AND USED ONES like bro are you that fucking cheap!¡?, bruh our school lunches are expensive af too i hate life and school  #kpop #kpoprant #school #schoolrant
bitch i met a momoland fan ( idk their random name and i have no interest in knowing) and i was like "baam and bboom bboom are so similar" and she got all pissed and said that they are not and momoland is better than blackpink like ohoho momoland is better than blackpink, well shit sorry sis blackpink have more views and fans than you and you're mvs all combined together, i managed to just nod to avoid some fights but i was so pissed i mean yeah baam IS good and audible but bro ehy cant you just accept the fact that they are similar and blabbering some shit about momoland being more popular could you just shut the fuck uppp, if momoland could have a stronger fanbase without that nancy girl then fine you win but no shit u were all up in my face no i dont hate momoland and i never said i did. . . . . #momoland #rant #blackpink #stfu #mad #nancy #baam #nohate #vsco #kpop #kpoprant
Ppl leaking pics from the fancafe and don't see a problem with it is gross. like it's supposed to me a membership to feel exclusive, to get certain posts and pics from bts. It's immature to share the pics and if you do want to share them, don't. You're supposed to pay for that shit, not steal it.  #bts #bt21 #kimtaehyung #taehyung #v #jeonjungkook #btsjungkook #jungkook #btsjimin #parkjimin #jimin #btsnamjoon #kimnamjoon #rm #namjoon #btsjhope #btshoseok #junghoseok #hoseok #btssuga #btsyoongi #minyoongi #yoongi #btsjin #btsseokjin #kimseokjin #kpopmemes #kpoprant #rant