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“If you don’t expect the unexpected, you’ll never find it” . The discussion that went down this moment is already in fruition... . @thepeoplesadvisor @dexandthecity_  TRI-Coastal...We’re ready👊🏽👌🏽🔥 . Cheers to what’s next🥃🍾. . . . . . #business#entrepreneur#selfemployed #businessowner#hustle#irvine#entrepreneurs#motivation#disrupttour#startup#music#leadership#successtips#grind#networkmarketing#agent2021#lamp18#conference#lamp19#success#networkmarketing#grateful#lampasia#itunes#huntingtonbeach#podcast#insuranceagent#realtor
Marine Corps Veteran and founder of Citizen CBD @citizencbd , Grant Carstensen connects with @CEOaccedited and @Hhumble_hhands to share his story and how his hemp-based product company has a central mission to use every product sale to benefit veterans in need. "Don't be afraid of the mud, you can either lay their and die or get up and keep charging." Just a sample of the takeaways from a very successful entrepreneur.  Thank you Grant for your servant leadership and visiting with the crew!  Click on Link in Bio to learn more or visit.
Brooklyn's Mario Eldin joins Host @ceoaccredited at the AllMindset studio to share his 10+ years of marketing and branding expertise that's helped create his real estate success in New York.  He shares immediate action items to execute as a rookie agent and the different stages of success in the law of the land.  Thanks to our co-host Ryan Yocum for holding it down joining us for the interview.  Eldin @marioeldin definitely holds it down for the East Coast! Click link in bio to hear his segment!🎙👆🏽
“People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed.” - @tonyrobbins . With all the 🌪DISRUPTION some of the speakers went MIA. . Ride the momentum☄️
Throwing it back to just a few weeks ago when we Disrupt the Game with the first ever Disruptive Innovation conference at @paseahotel • You are either disrupting or being disrupted, you choose. • @allmindset @ceoaccredited #industryfirst #disrupttour #killedit #throwbackthursday #tbt
Throwback to #lamp18 with @thepeoplesadvisor ! Such a fun trip! @presentfinancial showed the industry how to do it that day! #gamatize  @ceoaccredited  @shivairankhah  @sarasworld00
DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION  Recap created by @lucreativemedia . Makes you wonder what you missed if you didn’t attend the inaugural conference of the Disrupt Tour. . It’s going to be tough to outdo @paseahotel, Buy stay connected for what’s to come... . Check link 👆🏽in Bio to learn more and comment below. . Send us your videos and pics from the event, we love to share the disruption! . Awesome job to you and your team LUCREATIVE! 🔥🔥🔥🎥📸👌🏽
I envisioned a conference where successful, selfless professionals will come together from around the globe, toast to a glass of champagne, share “secrets” of their success and build a network that’s going to out produce any single name or conglomerate in our industries. . It was at this moment, I felt the energy, overwhelmed with confirmation that what we set out to accomplish had been ignited. . Another reminder that every avalanche starts with just a single snowflake. . We are just getting started...and I can’t be more fired up for what’s ahead!🍾🙏🏽. . 📸 @robertuneekcourtney #grateful
Ryan Yocum, Financial Advisor and one of the speakers at Disruptive Innovation jumps behind the mic to connect w @ceoaccredited and guest co-host @marioeldin .  A must listen for those in finance and pursuing entrepreneurship.  Ryan @yocumryan shares his story, from living out of his car to building the # 1 team with 4,000 plus agents!  Powerful takeaways from this one... . Click Link in bio for more info👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽🔥.
The disruption continues... . Incase you missed Disruptive Innovation in Huntington Beach, @paseahotel . We’re working on the next stop... . Get your passports ready. . MORE TO COME... 🎥Recap created by @robertcourtneyandassociates...®️
All Smiles from the @dalemcleodsagency team at @gama_intl #lamp18, the financial services industry’s premier annual meeting.  More than 2,500 field leaders and industry executives representing more than 50 insurance, investment, and financial services companies from around the world, gather to connect with colleagues, learn from the industry’s best and brightest, and reinvigorate themselves for the coming year.  #fbf  #dalemcleodsagency #travel #dalemcleodsagencytravels #dalemcleodsteam #insurance  #lifeinsurance  #financialplanning #financialadvisors  #financialservices #planningforthefutre  #business  #trinidadandtobago
Digital Media and Brand Strategist Robert Courtney Collins shares his journey to becoming an expert in his field and the importance of marketing through social maximizing the digital era. . From starting as a barber to owning his own shop, creating a clothing line UNEEK and master digital media, he's built a reputation known as the "Man behind the brand” @robertuneekcourtney . We're excited for him speaking at the upcoming Disrupt Tour in Huntington Beach on 6/1/18.  Check out AllMindset.com for more info.
Meet Eric Feng @ericgoesglobal , well known for his bestselling book Unlock Your Personal Charisma, which details the strong correlation between sales success and one’s charisma, Feng has been invited to over 16 countries in Asia to train more than 50,000 sales professionals. . He is most popular among the B2C industries such as financial service, real estate and direct marketing. . We are grateful of his visit to the studio before delivering his keynote 🎙 at Disruptive Innovation🔥. Check out the interview for many takeaways on building your business. 🔥Visit www.Allmindset.com or click link in bio👆🏽!
Help others achieve greater success and you will elevate your growth through the process. . Nothing you desire in this world will come without the contribution of others...including self fulfillment. Be grateful. Be humble. . This toast is dedicated to those who support, motivate and hate on all that we’re up to. . 📸 @tjreevesmindbodybuilder  At the #disrupttour VIP Dinner.
Proud to have been a event sponsor of Disruptive Innovation in Huntington Beach, Ca. . Our Principal Broker, Sina Azari, pictured  w/ #unlocknow’s RE Mogul Andy Dane Carter, Nevada’s Top Broker Mahsheed Barghisavar, No Hook Media’s Tyler Harris and Financial Experts Shiva Irankhah and Ryan Yocum. . Kicked it off w a 🥂 toast at the #disrupttour.
Adam Mockett @themocketts absolutely crushed it at Disruptive Innovation.  The energy, value, and delivery behind his message was one we wish the entire industry would of experienced.
A glimpse of what you missed... . Are you a #disruptor, If you didn’t make it...why not? Thanks @jeremypriar and @mutualofomaha. . All who joined us from attendees, speakers to sponsors, you’re among a powerful network leading a movement, a risk benefiting the masses...#disrupttour. . Those that made it to the event, comment your thoughts below, let’s all stay connected and grow as an industry! #insurance #realestate #finance
It’s a wrap! . Disruptive Innovation was a huge success! . Thank you to all the dynamic speakers, strong network of attendees, and progressive minded sponsors that joined us in Huntington Beach to contribute, take part, witness and experience the event...the tour continues. . Stay tuned for where to next...🛫🤫
“Listening to our customers for more than 100 years” . The leading carrier taking their agents into the new era when it comes to brand awareness. . Mutual of Omaha Advisors -  Platinum sponsors of Disruptive Innovation.