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#tbt to meeting w @andydanecarter. I learned about -100 doors and the road map to generating 1.2 Million of passive income. -To invest in 4plex units  in Ohio. -The story behind the Koi fish and dragons... To top it off, he invited our entire organization to @thegoodbarlongbeach  I’m grateful Andy, thank you. #unlocknow . . . . #selfie#realestate#insurance#agent2021#lamp2018#gama#entrepreneur#10x#insuranceagent#garyv#millennials#hustlehard#success#lampasia18#disrupttour#pasea#realtor#leadership#orangecounty#conference#irvine#networking#loans#lamp18#newera#marketing#huntingtonbeach#gamatize
DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION  Recap created by @lucreativemedia . Makes you wonder what you missed if you didn’t attend the inaugural conference of the Disrupt Tour. . It’s going to be tough to outdo @paseahotel, Buy stay connected for what’s to come... . Check link 👆🏽in Bio to learn more and comment below. . Send us your videos and pics from the event, we love to share the disruption! . Awesome job to you and your team LUCREATIVE! 🔥🔥🔥🎥📸👌🏽
I envisioned a conference where successful, selfless professionals will come together from around the globe, toast to a glass of champagne, share “secrets” of their success and build a network that’s going to out produce any single name or conglomerate in our industries. . It was at this moment, I felt the energy, overwhelmed with confirmation that what we set out to accomplish had been ignited. . Another reminder that every avalanche starts with just a single snowflake. . We are just getting started...and I can’t be more fired up for what’s ahead!🍾🙏🏽. . 📸 @robertuneekcourtney #grateful
Adam Mockett @themocketts absolutely crushed it at Disruptive Innovation.  The energy, value, and delivery behind his message was one we wish the entire industry would of experienced.
“Listening to our customers for more than 100 years” . The leading carrier taking their agents into the new era when it comes to brand awareness. . Mutual of Omaha Advisors -  Platinum sponsors of Disruptive Innovation.
“Always buy the dirt.” Just one of the many takeaways from connecting w/ Andy. @andydanecarter. . As a California Real Estate Broker with @presentrealestate and @presentfinancialpm, I’m always seeking ways to elevate our team and the impact we have on our investors. . Any agent can help buy or sell a house, few understand the difference with investing. . #100doors, learn how to generate 1.2Million a year in passive income, no exaggeration. . One the best podcast sessions for any investor, Realtor, and entrepreneur!. . DM me if your an RE agent or broker looking to run your own office, with offices in Orange, San Diego and San Francisco counties, we’re expanding our brand and looking for partners.
InverCoach presente en el GAMA LAMP International 2018 en Nashville Tennessee. 🇲🇽🇯🇵🇺🇸🇨🇦🇫🇷 El Congreso donde participan las Mejores Incubadoras de Agencias de Seguros a Nivel Mundial. #soyinvercoach #metlife #lamp2018 #somostop
Keep grinding and build the dream. . NO ONE CAN STOP YOU and those that try, are your greatest motivation to succeed. . Who can relate? . Let’s connect on TWITTER.
ReminderMedias CEO and Speaker of Inman Connect NY, Luke Acree will be sharing best practices! . Check out www.DisruptTour.com, or link in bio for more information. . AllMindset is bringing together the most successful practitioners educating on how to  build your brand applying social media strategy. . Welcome to DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION, taking place in Huntington Beach @paseahotel on June 1st. . Recognized as one of the greatest conferences elevating marketing strategy for entrepreneurs. . Less than 10 day’s away, reserve your seat and witness one of the greatest and most epic events and experiences. . #disrupttour @remindermedia @lukeacree 🔥🔥🔥
Never compare yourself with others.  Recognize that no one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you. . Strive to be the best possible version of yourself, not only for you, but more importantly it’s to the benefit and contribution we can offer to others. . Work hard to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Commit to growing a little bit each day and learn to celebrate the little advancements you are making without comparing them to others. . “I look in the mirror, my only opponent.” -JayZ. . Keep crushing it! . 📸 @subtxtmedia
Join us for DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION June 1st in Huntington Beach, Ca.  Check out www.DisruptTour.com, or click link in bio for more information. . Our speaker line up and the networking power at this event will immediately impact and elevate your brand and social media strategy. . This will be one of the greatest and most epic events benefiting sales and marketing professionals. . We’re excited to share Instagram’s Verified Top Marketer, Jeremy McGilvrey is among the keynote speakers at the event! . Those that register within the next 24 hours, use promo code INSTAGRAM for discounted registration.
DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION takes place June 1st in Orange County via AllMindset’s Disrupt Tour.  Check out www.DisruptTour.com, or click link in bio for more information. . Our speaker line up and the networking power at this event will immediately impact and elevate your brand and social media strategy. . Make sure to not only witness, but participate and take part in one of the greatest and most epic events benefiting sales and marketing professionals. . We’re proud to have secured one of New York’s top Real Estate Experts, @marioeldin live at the event! . For a limited time use promo code YPNCAR for discounted registration.
#repost @carlosgil83 connecting at the @allmindset studio before flying out to Miami for @garyvee @vaynerexperience #agent2021 ・・・ No matter what you want to do, you have to start somewhere and work at improving your craft. Through trial and error ("doing and failing") you will learn and by learning you've succeeded and will be further along than where you started. Thank you to @ceoaccredited and @thepeoplesadvisor for inviting me to join them in their studio to spit some sauce about self-proclaimed overnight success and keep it 💯 as I always do... #entrepreneurmindset #doingwork #getnoticed
An innovative physician leveraging social media to build his practice, that's the game plan for Dr. Ben Tehrani, one of California's youngest and leading podiatrist disrupting the medical profession.  So many great ideas and take aways shared by the Doctor. We chopped shop from business to 2 Chainz @hairweavekiller and everything in-between!  Follow Dr. Tehrani, founder of King's Point Foot and Ankle @drben_tehrani or visit www.AllMindset.com to learn more.
We’re excited to announce Digital Marketing Expert, Robert Courtney Collins ®️ will be speaking at Disruptive Innovation.  Join us June 1st - The most influential and disruptive minds in entrepreneurship, real estate and insurance gather for one day in Huntington Beach at the Pasea to deliver the most effective strategies surrounding social media and implementing tactics and tools to building your  business in the current era. .  Disruptive Innovation will be the conference that changes the way you market your brand. . Only a limited amount of tickets left for this event. Secure yours now by visiting www.DisruptTour.com or clicking 👆🏽link in the bio. .  An incredible lineup of speakers: @jeremymcgilvrey @andydanecarter @ceoaccredited , @thepeoplesadvisor , @tylerharrispage , @ericgoesglobal , @jillenarenee , @amber_romance1 , @yocumryan , @marioeldin , @dexandthecity_ , @nickahrensrealestate , @shivairankhah , @mahsheedb , @themocketts, @claudia_ins_broker, @lukeacree @robertcourtneycollins and more at this spectacular event! . This weekend only - use promo code: CINCO for 50% off!
Work hard, play harder. . Who’s got your six? . We’ve officially disrupted the selfie.
Disruptive innovation: A term in the field of business which refers to an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leading firms, products, and alliances. -The most influential business idea of the early 21st century.  #disrupttour
@thepeoplesadvisor gave me one amazing introduction. . We call it...Disru... . Swipe left and you’ll get the idea. . Respect to GAMA for stepping outside the box and giving a platform to a New Era of Leaders helping educate where our industry is headed. . I appreciate the hard work and talent behind this 5 clip production by @robertcourtneycollins @themikeyamonday and @uneekcollection.... . Your efforts will never go under appreciated.
We’re excited to announce Brand Strategist Robert Collins @robertcourtneycollins will be sharing insights and best practices at Disruptive Innovation. . Join us on June 1 at one of the greatest conferences learning from top practitioners on how to elevate your business and marketing results applying social and digital media strategy in the era we live in.