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This is going to be very difficult for me to write. But I am going to do it because I have a story to share. It is a very personal matter for me and I hope that you find strength in my words.  In 2013 myself and my siblings were removed from our family home and placed into foster care. The youngest three would also be placed on forced adoption orders. During this time I was dealing with a lot of heavy turmoil. The reason we were moved from our family home was due to the abusive nature of my father.  During this time I went completely off of the rails. I would drink very heavily and gain a negative reputation for myself at school. I had lost sight of the little girl I used to be with a passion for success and travel.  At 16 I returned home to live with my father. He became worse than ever. Everyday was an uphill battle to push through the emotional abuse I was enduring. There was no break. It was 24/7. One day he had worn me down to the point it was either fight or flight. I picked up the phone and had social services place me back into foster care.  That fight or flight reaction is the essence of who I am today. I have done all of the things that I never thought possible during those dark times. I still can’t believe how far I’ve come.  I am often asked how I did it. My response is that there is a spark in me that I WILL NOT let die out. Just like there is a spark within every one of you. Another factor is that I intend to make my siblings proud. I might not be able to see them for another 10 years but there will come a day that we will meet again and I intend it to be worthwhile for them.  After a lot of time to develop I have come to realise that I want to help people that are in a similar situation. Or people that are struggling to achieve their goals in general. I am living proof that no matter what situation you are in, if you let that inner hunger surface you can and you will succeed.  There is a lot more of my story to tell, but for now if you have read
#journeynote #119 Bunderan HI, Jakarta, Indonesia (2008) . Boi, there will always come the time to prove something you doubt and skeptical about on your college years. In my case: mass rally and student movement. . For more than two years wandering about issues and rallies. The only objective is only about: is it still powerful enough on making changes? . #ceritabuatrayya #collegelife #freshman #yellowjacket #universitasindonesia #ui #movement #studentmovement #student #lifestory #rally #rallies #indonesia #jakarta #insta #instagram
FELIZ DIA DO ABRAÇO! 📸 @fabianaaraujofotografia  #alvarovcfc #fevcosta
The only true source of politeness is consideration. 😋 #beingpolite #myself #tired #lifestory #my #potrait #l4l #f4f #f4l #f #i #lp #summerdiaries #summer #bts #face #mu #look #gn #instagood #instagoodnight 🌃❤️
Keep it up. The world has so much to see and to visit, so stand up and visit as many places as you can.!!!! It is for you. You will get rich of feelings and knowlege, remember it!!! !  #motivation #wakeup #seetheworld #perspection #boostfy #boostupyourlife #behappy #wonderfulpic #nightshot #boostyfy #lifestory
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A life journey is just starting! 🔥🔝
Le leadership n'est pas basé sur l'argent que vous faites.. C'est basé sur la volonté d'aider les autres, de les faire accéder à des positions supérieures dans la société en terme de développement personnel, de perspectives & de relations. 👬  L'argent viendra toujours quand tu fais les choses de la bonne manière avec intégrité, justice & honnêteté ⏱  Répondez à votre téléphone, consultez vos partenaires, passez du temps avec vos meilleurs éléments.. Laissez vos actions parlez plus que vos mots ! ✊🏼🔥
подпись придумайте сами 😂😜
обожаю так ездить ❤️
Questa foto è stata scattata al Parco del Valentino. "Fontana dei 12 mesi", opera di Carlo Ceppi. La storia della Fontana dei 12 Mesi è legata ad una leggenda: Si narra che essa sorga nel luogo in cui Fetone, figlio del Dio Del Sole, sia caduto dopo essersi impadronito del carro del padre e aver fatto imbizzarrire i cavalli. Fetone cadde proprio nel fiume Po dove secoli dopo i romani fondarono la città di Augusta Taurinorum.  #naturalhistory #arthistory #art #turin #picoftheday #pbeautiful #photography  #storytellingphotography #history  #lifestory #storytime #storytelling #love #amazingart #storyteller #stories #truestory #like4like #likeforlike #parcodelvalentino
Dream bit and dream beautiful, and take small steps to get there. Believe you can! - - - - - - - - - -
Bismillah Keep on Process 🙏 • You are in control of your Enviroment . • • You Can't be anything you Can Be ! • Whatever you want to be is entirely up to you 💪💨 Let's fight for it !!! • • #tiyapangestu #onjourney #onprocess #mentalblock #keepgoing #keeponprocess #nevergiveup #merryriana #instagram #lifestory #latepost