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Although Education Week was last week, we are still celebrating with the posting of our new blog! Check it out to see why lifelong learning is so important to our dental practice and to our patients! http://lifestyledentistrybarrie.ca/education-week.html . . . #lifestyledentistrybarrie #lifestyledentistry #lifelonglearning #educationweek #smile
Did you know last week was Education Week?  Is there something one of your children's educators taught that amazes you? . . . #lifestyledentistry #lifestyledentistrybarrie #educationweek #lifelonglearning #teach #teacher #proud
Dr Chan and his family were celebrating more than Mother's Day this past weekend! Happy 1st birthday Ollie! 〽️🎉🎊🎆🎇1️⃣🎂🕯️🎁 . . . #lifestyledentistry #lifestyledentistrybarrie #firstbirthday #babyoliver #baby #babysfirstbirthday #cutie
It's National Dog Mom's Day! The first one ever! We happen to have a few Dog Moms on our team and thought we would share some pics of their pups! 🐕🐩🐶🐾 . . . #lifestyledentistrybarrie #lifestyledentistry #dogmomsday #lovethosepups #smilemore
Z is for Zirconia// A modern high-tech solution for a missing tooth problem. This all white, high strength material is commonly used to form the skeleton structure of replacement teeth crowns, implants and bridges. Often eliminating the need for metal. The future is bright to be.face.well Zippy typography by @tof.one.art via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
Y is for Yes// say Yes! To good health and wellbeing and enjoy a good life. For as Herophilus the supposed father of anatomy once said, without health, there is no art, wisdom, intelligence to use or create, or ability to use wealth. Say yes to be.face.well Tropical typography by @paddyhams via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
X is for Xerostomia// aka dry mouth. That sensation when you can’t even lick a postage stamp and get it to stick!  Caused by many medications, radiation to the head and neck, and more likely with older age.  A dry mouth makes it hard to speak, chew or swallow. The risk of dental disease also dramatically increases. There are products to help keep one’s mouth lubed to be.face.well Excellent typography by @qbangston via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
W is for Water Fluoridation// it’s a hotly contested issue across the globe. The benefits are clear for preventing or minimizing dental disease caused by excess sugar consumption, provided one also maintains good oral hygiene and dietary measures.  Yet is it harmful to our overall health? In toxic doses yes of course, like anything else in our lives, too much can be dangerous. But considering it’s a naturally formed substance, found in abundance in water and also in black and green tea, that humans have been consuming for eons, there is no clear evidence that it causes harm in the levels supplemented into urban water supplies. There is clear evidence the benefits far outweigh any risks in mouth-body health.  Whether you want to keep fluoride in, or filter it out of your drinking water, the important thing is to brush teeth twice daily, floss once, minimize simple sugar intake, and be mindful of how frequently you consume foods and drinks through the day - 5 mealtimes max a day, with at least a 2 hour break in between is best for good to be.face.well.  Wicked typography by @pizuikas via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
V is for Vitality// a value of how well someone looks and feels. It’s easiest to see in the face. In fact face diagnosis is used in Chinese Medicine and iridology, a diagnostic system of the eyes is used in naturopathy to measure vitality. It includes factors such as the brightness of the face, the redness and shape of the lips, the location and depth of lines on the face, the dryness or moistness of the skin, the presence or absence of any lesions or sores, and the sparkle of the eyes. Vitality is an inner glow, reflecting health from the inside out. You can’t paint it on, neither can you disguise it. Vitality comes from consistent attention to your health and wellbeing and you will naturally be.face.well Vivacious typography by @sonar.atul for @dysrupt via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell#growyourglow
U is for Unique// that’s you! There’s only one of you. Your wellbeing is also unique to you. While there are patterns and similarities between us all, your exact health needs are best tailored especially to you. Get to know yourself well to be.face.well Unique typography by @handmade.by.radhika via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
It feels like Christmas has come early when your floss samples arrive at the office! Thanks @getcocofloss! Now to convince Dr Chan or Dr Rob to give us a demo! 😂😁 . . . #lifestyledentistrybarrie #lifestyledentistry #flosstheonesyouwanttokeep #flosslikeaboss #cocofloss #flossophy #barriedentist #barrieontario
T is for Teeth// we love to whiten them, hate to lose them, and struggle to love them. We all have them, but don’t all keep them. We can live life without them, but life is much more fun with them, less complicated and much better for our whole health to maintain them. Take to your teeth to be.face.well Top typography by @andygilmore_ via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
Check out some of our social media behind-the-scenes action!  We recently attended a dental social media course to help continue to bring you relevant and interesting social media posts!  The best part? It was in Las Vegas!  Thanks Dr Rob! . . . #lifestyledentistry #lifestyledentistrybarrie #lifelonglearning #ddmc18 #social #socialmedia #redrock #vegas #barriedentist
S is for Smile// go on! It takes less facial muscles to smile than frown (see F is for Frown post earlier). Your day will change and so might someone else’s 😁  Sweet typography by @_ekaterina__potapova_ via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
R is for Radiation// a form of energy that can help diagnose health problems via radiographs aka X-rays. It also helps in the treatment of cancers, particularly of the head and neck. These days radiation doses for health are very low, less than those from speaking on a mobile phone or catching a plane. The benefits of radiation, used appropriately can save teeth and lives so you can be.face.well  Intense typography by @_wanker__ via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
Q is for Quid// to dispel the long standing myth of the greatly exaggerated cost of going to the dentist. You get your hair cut every month or so, your nails done every week or so, but struggle to justify getting your mouth checked and your teeth cleaned every 6 months or so? The cost of the dentist generally rises in relation to how long you have avoided going. Keep the visits regular, the time short and your teeth professionally shined to use your hard earned quid well and be.face.well. Cool typography by @teresauyen via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow
I told you all my dentist was dope. Call to make your reservation 678-888-5895  3640 Highlands Pkwy SE #smyrna #lifestyledentistry #doingdentistrydifferently #brainsbeautyanddentistry #davidbanner #blackwomenrock
Na @secretbeauty_esthetic gostamos de cuidar do seu sorriso, mas também dos seus dentes. Os implantes dentários são uma boa opção para a perda de dentes, mas o melhor é manter os seus próprios na boca o maior tempo possível. Se se sentir identificado com este tipo de desgaste nos dentes, pregunte-nos sobre qual a sua solução. Protegemos os dentes para uma boa mastigação e para que o seu sorriso não tenha fronteiras. É um tratamento feito com coroas dentárias de cerámica com uma alta resistencia e um preço acessível. #secretbeautydentária #secretbeautylisboa #secretbeauty #lisboa #portugal #dentistry #dentistrylife #medicinadentaria #odontologiaemocional #smile #devolviendosonrisas #lifestyledentistry #coroasdentárias #dentalcrown
P is for periodontal disease// aka gum disease. The leading cause of tooth loss in adults. One in three are estimated to have this preventable condition. A chronic inflammatory problem that’s linked to many other diseases throughout the whole body, such as diabetes, infertility, gut problems and even mood disorders and Alzheimer's. Clean between your teeth daily and see your dentist regularly to prevent periodontitis and be.face.well Pretty typography by @frb_camille via @36daysoftype #befacewell #lookwellfeelwellbewell #growyourglow