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Naked is better 🏜💋
I know you miss me, I know that my absence is hard, that since I left your days are not like before, I know that it is difficult for you to sleep, I know how much you miss me and how much you want me to return.  I've seen you cry and believe me; I cry with you, it is not easy to see you sad, I know that it is inevitable that you cry, because memories are everywhere.  You see photos and your look is filled with so much nostalgia, you cry and I caress your hair. I have felt your tears, your pain and your fears. I KNOW you are very afraid, that you think your life is over.  It's normal is part of the duel ... if you knew that I'm fine, I'm happy and all I want is comfort.  Do not cry, not anymore! You have to accept that all happens to us, that it is so, it is written, that it is not unjust, that God's times are perfect, I lived and I was happy, I loved and they loved me, I lived my time.  How will you live yours? Do not worry about me, I'm fine, if you knew how beautiful this place is, the peace and love that exists. There are colors you never imagined. this place is really beautiful and someday we will share it but do not hurry ... It will be in a moment, in your time! Lives! Enjoy your life! Fill your heart with the best moments we live together. I know that my absence is at all times.  I've seen you cry and I've seen you smile in some memory. If you knew that if you laugh I smile with you, in every achievement every celebration, in every joy in every sadness I have been with you, I will never leave you.  I love you and I know how much you love me. Love lives in our hearts, do you listen? ... It's still beating in yours and there I am ... Do not cry anymore, life is beautiful! Please give me a smile, which I am happier to see also that beautiful smile  There I will be always, always with you I love you with love ... Your Angel who takes care of you from heaven.  Mami Natty👵❤
-¿quien soy? Alguien que tiene miedo de perderte, tu decides si alguna vez vas a hacerlo, avísame. • • • @_bad_girrrl • • Tags🌙:#likeforashoutout#likesforlike#likeforfollower#likeforliketeam#like4shoutout#likeforfollow#like4shoutout#likeforlikeback#likeforlikealways#likeforlikesback#likebackalways#likeforliketeame#likefatherlikeson#like4likes#likeforlikeback#like#tumble#tumblrquality#tumblrgirls#tumblrtextposts#tumblrquotes#tumblrfunny#tumblrstuffmurah#tumbrl#tumblers#tumblrquotes#tumblrtextpost#tumblraesthetic#tumblr