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1. Name/Age/State-Country where you live?  Alisha/ 28/ Manitoba Canada 2. What/who inspires you? My mom and mother in law 3. How many hours sleep do you get on average per night? 8-10 4. Who is your mentor? My mom 5. What old fashioned values do you think are still important today? Respect 6. If you could have lunch with one famous person who would it be? Ellen Degeneres 7. What is something you love about yourself? My eyes 8. What is the single most important thing to you? Family 9. What is something not many people know about you? I stutter if I’m not careful 10. You have to do something important- what music is playing to keep you motivated? Country, i love music but it doesn’t typically psych me up! 11. What do you hope for for the next generation? To put the phones down and enjoy life 12. If you had to describe yourself in ONE word, what would it be? Positive 13. What is your your biggest fear? Heights 14. What is the coolest thing you own?  Our actifry lol 15. If you could study any one subject for the rest of your life, what would it be? Math 16. Favorite movie? And favorite TV show? I’m easy to please, too many! 17. Your spirit animal? Golden Retriever 18. What would make you truly happy in life? To have my daughter grow up as my best friend 19. Do you believe in God? In some way, shape or form! 20. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Brodie (my maiden name!) BONUS Question: celebrity crush? Channing Tatum @missmilasmama
Just so berry in love with our Peppered Strawberry jam. ❤️🍓❤️
coming in hottttt 😍🙌🏻😏
Şansım hep yanımda 🍀🤲🏼❤💏 #şans
Don't miss a post! SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Eve's Diaries is a platform for black female voices to discuss topics of love, art, travel, health and advocacy. My mission is to magnify and elevate the black female voice. ---------------------------------------------------- What to be a ghost writer, dm for inquires. .... .... .... .... .... ... .... #lifestyleblog #blogger #bloggingtips #bloggersgetsocial #ontheblog #bloggerlife #livecolorfully #theblogissue #blacklove #blacklivesmatter #liveauthentic #liveunscripted #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #bloggervibes #peoplescreative #blacktravel #livethelittlethings #holdthemoments #feelfreefeed #nothingisordinary #livecolourfully
golden hour✨
The stars are aligned...or at least I am with that curly dub ⚾️
Colar do conjunto Kalila. Levinho, charmoso e apaixonante ✨Shop now: www.laoriginalestore.com.br
King of the Jungle...Floor.  Was out searching for owls when this Eastern American Toad (Anaxyrus a. americanus) plopped out from under a log into the leaf litter. This shot was taken from under that log.  Contrary to popular belief, one does not get warts from touching a toad. In fact, your touch is more hazardous to the toad--because toads absorb water through their lower abdomens, it is important that they stay clean. When touched by people, the salts and oils from our skin can impede the water absorption!
Can’t wait to hit the beach
Rise up daughter, and find your feet again ✨ for the ones who feel like they have lost there footing. To the ones who's hearts are broken and the world feels cold. We have a God who is warm and loving. Who wraps us up in his strength and NEVER lets go. Life can be really cruel at times. It can grab hold of our hearts and push us down to the floor. Just a reminder that this is only a blimp in your journey. A chapter in our story. It gets better babes I promise. Everyday just a little bit easier. Time heals all things. And God always provides. Here are some truths. You are so worthy. You are so loved. God made you perfect in his own image. You are a child of God. A beautiful creation. Babes there is a PERFECT plan already laid out for you. This feeling, this hurt is temporary. So let's rise up and find our feet again ❤️
One of the most important milestones I’ve reached in life is that not everyone will love you the way you will want them to. And that’s okay. As long as I love myself, that’s all that matters 🍁 ( can you tell I love fall SO much guys )