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I'm 50% Taiwanese and 100% proud of it💁🏻 When I was in 7th grade, these boys on the bus told me to get back on the bus to Chinatown. When I got to college, I realized that men fetishized me for being Asian. But these instances can't take away the love of Chinese folk dance that I developed from age 8-18 when I was part of a troupe that went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, was part of Obama's Inaugural Parade, and so much more. I love dumplings a shit ton and I love that I grew up with a mother that insisted upon teaching me to speak, read and write Chinese, as much as I hated it. My culture is part of me. Thanks so much to @savannahwallett for this stunning video! If any of you guys are Asian American women in the Philly/DE area, DM her to participate in her summer research and get some incredible photos taken!💖
All we have is now! It’s so easy to get caught up in the past - wondering how we could have done things better. And even easier to stress about the future - what if I am never going to get the success I crave. We often forget about what’s going on right now! At this moment and miss out on some amazing moments. I’m doing it right now - stressing about my article that’s due on Thursday. What if it’s garbage? What if nobody reads it?  Stressing instead of writing…  All we have is now. Breathe in the now. Live in the now.
Happy Monday, friends! Stay focused on your goals today. Not just that one ultimate goal but the small, daily, almost insignificant goals which are needed to reach that ultimate goal. Stay focused and find someone to keep you accountable for your actions. @justsayingirl
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“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.” — Maya Angelou . Jumping pic fail. Of course I’ll still post it. 😆 . . #lovewall #colormehappy #ramblinrosé . 🎨: @jgoldcrown
✨The higher the vibration, the faster the manifestation✨ * When it rains it pours. We all know this. It happens with good things and bad things. I don’t know about you, but some days I am in the most ass kicking state of flow and feel totally unstoppable. When this happens, I seem to attract more great things! New opportunities, new relationships, more money, more fun. Then there are some days I couldn’t feel more stuck and it feels like everything that could possibly go wrong is raining down on me. Anyone with me on this?! * Everything is energy. The foods we eat, the thoughts we think, the environment we put ourselves in, the people we surround ourselves with. * We can’t control the things that happen to us, but we can control the way we respond to situations by increasing the vibration of the energy we are are giving off. High vibes attract high vibes, low vibes attract.. well.. you get it 😉. This isn’t woo-woo bs.. it’s science. * Things that have been scientifically proven to increase vibration: feelings of gratitude, sunlight, fruits and veggies, exercise, serving others. * Do more of those things every day and I promise you will manifest the shit out of more abundance every day. Let’s all make a conscious decision to shift our energy and up our vibration today! .. xoxo Jen
Currently seeking tropical sunshine ☀️
Luke 4:18-20 (NKJV) then NLT... “Heal the brokenhearted” - broken, bruised, crushed, completely destroyed places in the heart caused by grief and despair : When we hold on to the negative others have done, we hold up what God has already provided for us - the blessings intended to accomplish our purpose : Tag a friend who needs to hear this today. #theoutletcc #soultherapy #liveauthentically #atlantachurch #grantparkatl
Von Salat schrumpft der Bizeps 😬 An die Salat- Fraktion:  Unglaublich aber wahr. Auch ein Salat macht unter Umständen dick. Denn in den Soßen und Dressings verbergen sich oft die Kalorien die es am Ende ausmachen. Und wer hätte geglaubt dass der Ceasar Salat mehr Kalorien hat als der Big Mac?! Das kann zu Hause beim Homemade Salat genauso schnell passieren! . Es gibt keine guten oder schlechten Lebensmittel #balanceisthekey 🙏🏼 Man sollte sich daher nicht immer einschränken, sondern auch mal was gönnen! 🍔🍫🍕Am Ende kommt es immer auf die Kalorienbilanz an👍🏻 . In diesem Sinne, schönen Abend euch allen 👍🏻 . . . PS: wenn schon Burger dann natürlich in einem anständigen Burgerladen😁 . Fotocredit: @ilovepersonaltraining . . #foodbattle #burgerlove #yummm #eeeeats #onmytabletoday #aufmeinemtisch #tastemade #instafoodporn #foodlicious #foodshot #instafeast #vscocook #beautifulcuisine #hereismyfood #rslove #realsimple #foodblogger_de #ifitfitsyourmacros #highcarblowfat #flexibleeating #balanceisthekey #vscocommunity #liveauthentically #nothingisordinary #enjoythelife #visualsoflife #visualsgangs #instamagazine #instamagazine_ #instainspos
Monday's don't bother us because we love what we do! Making people feel better one vitamin at a time! #infusewellness #mondaymotivation #mondaymornings
Give yourself the conditions that you need to thrive. What do you need to be able to give your best gifts to the world? More time to be creative? A stronger community? A change of scenery? How can you give yourself more of the things that help you live your purpose? ❤️ @EmilyJoyRosen @The.Secret.Keepers #couragemylove #justwakingup #healinghearts #secretkeepers #findthelight #woundsintowings
Finishing up my first full session in MY studio. I’m so beyond words right now. I know I say this all the time but AGAIN thank you all for your love and support I couldn’t live this dream without your endless encouragement. I love you all from the bottom of my heart! . . . . . . . . . #darahdoesphotos #darahjonesphotography #newbornphotography #phxphotographer #liveauthentic #liveauthentically #loveauthentic #newborn #newbornsession #aznewbornphotographer #arizonanewbornphotographer #newbornphotos #baby #love #new #clickinmoms #vsco #lightroom6 #newmom #motherhood #nikon #lifestyle #lifestylephotography #newdad #azmaternityphotographer #phoenixphotography #phxphotographer #phxigers #igers #igersphx #thebump
My life has felt very full lately. When people ask “how’s life,” I’m forced to say that it’s #wonderful - because that’s the truth. Work and #community afford me a #lifestyle that I never dreamed of and am deeply #grateful for; it’s an adventure brimming with discovery and #potential. Sometimes though, as I stand at my kitchen window doing the dishes, or I’m driving silently at night with the windows down, or even when I’m sitting at a table of full of friends, I feel #lonely. • Many people are afraid to talk about their #loneliness for fear of stigma or, in my case, a fear of sounding absurd. How could there be any space for loneliness in this wonderful life of mine?! Listening to someone talk about their own loneliness, my mind immediately goes to how lucky I am to be surrounded by an incredible tribe of people who support me, but still my mind wanders. It wanders to the boy who kissed me in the middle of 7th Avenue because he couldn’t help himself. The boy I walked backwards with down Angel’s Landing because his glutes felt tight. The boy who showed up with ice cold aloe water on a hot day on the playa. The boy who took me on the bus to show me his favorite spot in San Francisco. The boy who got me a jockstrap for Valentine’s. These were each different relationships, but they were times when I felt safe, like I really had a buddy. A partner. Things were just easier some how, and once you have a taste of that, nothing else quite feels as good. That’s what I mean when I say I feel lonely. • I don’t share this because I need a pep talk or a shoulder to cry on or even a date. I share it because I know that my loneliness is not something I, or anyone else, should hide away. It’s part of what makes us #human, and like other aspects of our experience we have a choice to wallow or to pour it out and let it go. A choice to accept that it is those spaces where we feel most alone that guide us to appreciate the times when we feel the most
Blush pink and I are bffs 👼🏼