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Grabbing lunch at the original A&W Root Beer here in Lodi, California.  A&W Root Beer was established in 1919 as a roadside stand here in Lodi. In 1920 Roy W Allen partnered with Frank Wright to formed the A&W trademark. They founded the first restaurant in 1922.  #travel #travelblogger #travelersnotebook #travelgram #travelbug #gorving #homeiswhereyouparkit #digitalnomad #fulltimetravel #livemorewithless #nomadfamily #lessjunkmorelife #fulltimervers #lodi #lodicalifornia #california #california_igers #historical #rootbeer
M I N I M A L I S M | 📷 @he_li_ze • • • #livemorewithless #minimalist #lessismore #fullheart #theartofliving
It's ok to change your mind if what you have been doing all these years stops feeling right. - Link to podcast with @meyerfamilytravel in bio - http://bit.ly/2rZCiIh - #liveimmediately
I am pleased to say I was raised in a generation when "clutter" or "declutter" weren't words I'd ever heard of. My mother and grandmothers only ever had what they needed in their homes. . An excess of home decor didn't exist. The only decor I can remember is gifts that were received from special birthdays, Christmas etc. There were never any decorator cushions on beds or couches and a throw? What was that? If we had a blanket on our bed it was to keep us warm, not just to match the cushions, curtains and floor rug. . When did it all become important for us to have our homes full of so much 'stuff' just for show? Was this the start of the "cluttering" phenomenon that exists today? . We own and hold onto stuff that serves us no real purpose. We're so influenced by what we see that we just have to have it, at whatever cost. . The result is a house that is bursting at the seams. Having to buy plastic tubs to store all this 'stuff'. Stuff for summer, stuff for winter. Stuff for Christmas, Easter and birthday parties. Stuff that we don't use but we might one day. . Don't worry, I've been one of these people and still hold onto stuff. Sentimental stuff I just can't part with. yet. But I don't have a clutter problem. I don't hold on to what doesn't serve me and my family. . Too much external clutter can soon become 'internal' clutter which then creates it's own other set of problems. . I started a mini series over on the Domestic Goddesses in Training Facebook Group yesterday that will help anyone who has a problem with too much clutter and not knowing where to start. Click on the link in my bio to join.
Today we dine in beans. Jelly beans to be exact. Jelly Belly has bean shaped burgers and pizza from their cafe to keep the fun happening. We have a school assignment to finish and then off on a Jelly Belly Factory Tour! #jellybellyfactory #jellybelly
Does your boudoir say Let’s make love .. or Um, let’s not? What you surround yourself with becomes your reality. Make it luscious🌹  #letloverule #chifullife
The secret to French women’s slim silhouettes? Indulge occasionally, in small doses, and linger over every luscious mouthful .. without regret. 🌿 #jeneregretterien #chifullife @olivierbourau
Keeping the vampires at bay.⠀ .⠀ It’s a bit haphazard planting garlic here. I like to break the rules and start planting in batches about two months before the winter solstice. It keeps the harvest coming for a bit longer, and provides extras to plant with the during spring, alongside other plants to help keep the bugs away.
Firelight and Idaho night.. #vanlife #livemorewithless #campervanlicious
Ich hab das mit dem Aussortieren und Aufräumen in letzter Zeit ziemlich schleifen lassen. Nachdem ich das Thema 2016 mit einer riesen Portion Motivation angegangen bin, habe ich 2017 immer mehr nachgelassen, da mich die Schwangerschaft und ein paar Projekte ziemlich viel Energie gekostet haben. Aber seit einer Weile merke ich wieder, wie ich unruhig werde und ständig drüber nachdenke, was alles weg kann. Nachdem mir @frlordnung ihr neues Buch geschickt hat, bin ich wieder ziemlich motiviert. Die Bilder darin machen richtig Lust auf Aussortieren und mit den Tipps will ich jetzt Zimmer für Zimmer in Angriff nehmen. Es ist echt so krass, wie viel aufwändiger das Loswerden von Sachen ist, als das Anschaffen! #werbung #livemorewithless #minimalism #getshitdone #interior #heimatecken
In every room of our little Parisian love nest is an abundance of plants, and on our terrasses herbs and flowers. The closer to nature you are, the more peace and beauty exist in your soul 🌿 #powerofplants #chifullife
#shorthairdontcare 💁 After four years of growing I needed a change on my head so badly! And despite all the relatives and friends who said "OMG?! How could you?!" I like this new haircut so much! Somewhere I read the quote: "Every woman should wear short hair once. I have never felt more selfesteem, naughty and free.. as with short hair." YES 🙏  And I will not mention how timesaving and easy to care this haircut is, perfect for my inner sloth 😅  #hair #haircut #hairstyle #shorthair #frenchbob #minimalism #simplicity #livemorewithless
How's your wardrobe looking? Is it overflowing and when you open it you still can't find anything to wear? Sound familiar? Don't worry, I had the same problem. . I'd heard about capsule wardrobes a few years ago and always wanted to give it a go but never got around to it. That was until when my dear friend Claire Collins and her friend Ellen Bradshaw put pen to paper and created the "Creating a Capsule Wardrobe: A Guide for Real Women with Real Budgets". . A gave it a go and I can't begin to tell you how much of a difference it's made to my wardrobe and my life! I reduced the number of clothes and shoes in my wardrobe from over 50 to 20 and I now have over 256 different outfits to wear. . Thanks to Claire and Ellen, I've got a giveaway happening over on my website for a paperback copy of the book. You'll also find out more details of my new capsule wardrobe. . Click on the link in my profile and click on Recent Blog Posts. The giveaway ends next Wednesday, 30 May 2018. . #giveaway #capsulewardrobe #livemorewithless #organised #organized #organisation #organization #realmum #realmom #budgetmum #budgetmom #toomanyclothes #nothingtowear @travelbyclaire @atnumbernine
This past weekend we dropped in to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. It was surprising how much involvement he had with communities while traveling the country with GE prior to becoming and actor. All of those years as a GE spokesman is what lead him to building a campaign on such a popular message. He also served in the military.  #travel #travelblogger #travelersnotebook #travelgram #travelbug #gorving #homeiswhereyouparkit #digitalnomad #fulltimetravel #livemorewithless #nomadfamily #lessjunkmorelife #fulltimervers #presidentiallibrary #president
Wonder-boy ⚡️Teo⚡️ is currently cruising with his lovely parents down south of Lisbon - and we just received this little peak. What you see is baby-boy sleeping in Bertha’s child-bed 👼Thank you @andreasthybo & @sterndorff89 for the pic ❤️ We can’t wait to hear about you adventures!! We just posted a guide to van-travel with a baby on our blog, including tips for having a good time and a packing list to make it extra easy. Link is in the bio. 🐒We’re excited to help you guys plan-out an awesome route that matches your rhythms, needs an what you wish to experience ✨🌱⚡️🐬 and heya - we still have space left in all three vans this summer ✨🏄🏻‍♂️🏄🏼‍♀️
Beautiful @elisarotterud 💖 in Pure Nature from VERA&WILLIAM 💚🤙 . Lace Camisole in 100% Egyptian Cotton or 85%Merino15%Silk 👌 WebShop Link in bio ✌🙏 . #purenature#highonnature#livemorewithless#kinfolk#kinfolkliving#naturalfibres#globetrotter#rasberryfields#gogreen#camisole#vera_william#theverybestofeverything
THE COURAGE TO CHANGE YOUR PATH - How did you arrive to where you are today? How did you find yourself on this particular path? And is this path the one that you want to continue on? - My guest today, Shannon Meyer ( @meyerfamilytravel ), asked herself similar questions when she started to feel like she was managing her life, but not living it. Shannon was going through the daily admin and coordination of juggling family life and working mum. While Shannon was succeeding at work, it was pulling her away from her family and she started to worry that her three kids would look back on their childhood and not have many experiences with their mother. - I guess the real questions Shannon was asking herself were—what is all this for, why am I doing what I am doing, and is this what I truly value? - Shannon decided to make some courageous changes in her life that enabled her to spend more time with her family. Shannon left her corporate job, her family sold everything they owned, and they decided to travel around North America in an Airstream. - But what I admire even more is how Shannon and her family decided to live after they got off the road. - They opted for the smaller house, with a smaller mortgage, less rooms, and less possessions. They worried less about what other people thought and less comparisons. This gave them more time to spend as a family, more connection, and more experiences. - You have to ask yourself the questions to create change. Sometimes something crazy like a family adventure is a small part of the solution, but the change you create to your daily life will have the greatest impact. - I hope you enjoy x - Link to podcast in bio - http://bit.ly/2rZCiIh - #liveimmediately