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Use your talents, gifts and skills to make impact in the world 🌎! What skills, talents, gifts you have?
A little #behindthescenes action from today’s online course filming!  #designyourwhy #why #purposedrivenlife
The Classic Collection..for the minimalist stationery lover 🙌🙌👌👌 : Have you got yours yet?! SHOP NOW 🔗 in bio : #hyphenlondon #hyphenlondontotheworld #stationery #lovestationery #stationeryaddict #notebooks #faith #passion #pursuit #christian #christiancreatives #liveonpurpose
Join me on a journey this Ramadan. Link in Bio Every day we reflect together on how building reliance on Allah sets you up for success after divorce or any situation. A life you never thought possible can manifest through Tawakkal #ramadan #enlightened #liveonpurpose #enlightenedexcellence #muslimah #divorcedmuslimah #divorcedmuslim #thedivorcedmuslimahcoach
Open up to the wonders of life every day, see the beauty around... * * @LifeByOwnDesign >>> follow for daily motivation and inspiration to design and live the life you desire.
Wer nie durch meine Augen gesehen, durch meine Ohren gehört  und mit meinem Herzen gefühlt hat,  sollte gar nicht erst damit anfangen, über mich zu urteilen...🤫 ° ° ° #eyes #ears #heart #dontstart #judge #dontjudgeme #me #hardlife #falldown #standup #adjustcrown #crown #liveonpurpose #woman #proudmom #3kids #onelove #workingmom #diamond #diamondtattoo #snapchatfilter #flying #hearts #red #pink
Morning refresh  No parts missed in this cleanse {smiley }♡
🌸I stand for boldness🌸. .  Boldness to do what's in your heart. .  Boldness to take care of yourself spiritually, physically and mentally. .  Boldness to make the difference you want to see in the world. .  What do you stand for? . Cee
Juggling mom life and boss babe life isn’t for the faint of heart😳 This boy gave me a run for my money before AND during my live online demo tonight😬🙈 ❤️ We just rolled with it💁🏾‍♀️ To have a job that allows me to stay home AND include my family in the day to day operations is the best blessing😭😭😭 ❤️ So many times during the HARD moments I’ve thought maybe this isn’t what I’m suppose to be doing.... And then I force myself to punch those insecurities in the face, and remind myself WHY I continue on. ❤️ We can do hard things that make us uncomfortable, and push us way farther outside our comfort zones than we ever thought possible. That’s where the magic happens friends😘 ❤️ I’m grateful every day for the blessings and opportunity magic lipstick has brought to our lives😭🙏🏽 #thefoleyfambeauty #foleychats #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhustler
Swimming class was rough today. Bella’s fears led to a meltdown that dominated most of the class. I found myself battling feelings in-between compassion, disbelief, embarrassment and anger. So much of my parenting, I want to be quick and painless. Specially when it comes to irrational childish fears. I want to stare in a way that would make her “shake it off”. Or mentally prep her in a way, that would make all the triggers nonexistent. But as a christian my goal is to be able to turn to Christ in the midst of the fear rather than extinguish all fears. Same goes with Bella...after all the threats were over and the guilt trip was done. I sat her in my lap, asked for forgiveness and cried. Not because of embarrassment but because I once again acknowledge that only in Christ, she will find the strength to deal with her hyper-sensitivity and only in Christ I will be freed from my fear of wrongly parenting her. Because I don’t want to create a fearless world in her mind, but lead her to a Faithful Savior. A faithful savior that I have to run to time and time again, as he does a good work in me in spite of my own weaknesses and limitations. #motherhood #givethemgrace #shepherdinglittlehearts
The beauty of walking in our purpose is that it helps others while simultaneously energizing us. // What do you care about? What makes you light up? Yup, that thing (or those things) you just thought about 😉 Now, go do it! You don’t have to do it professionally or in any official capacity. Just use the gifts God has given you to bless the people around you. 📸: D x L via @unsplash
Wash your face. Brush your teeth. Bedtime Prayers. 💖 . . .  #kinsaroo #embug #lovetheseladiesofmine #liveonpurpose #routine #presentoverperfect #washyourface #bedtimeprayers
✨From the blog✨ Three Ways Meditation Will Bring JOY to Your Life... 3. SENSE OF PURPOSE that comes from within. With a consistent practice of meditating you will reach a point where you suddenly feel like you are exactly where you need to be. Sometimes our inner development is what we need the most to ensure we are on the exact path that we need to be on. Meditation helps you realize that you have all of the answers within you. Suddenly the answers come to you when things get clear.
✨From the blog✨ Three Ways Meditation Will Bring JOY to Your Life... 2. REMOVES DISTRACTIONS that cause anxieties in our lives. That constant chatter and obsessive thinking in our minds is quieted. When all of the noise is cleared out we have a clear outlook on life. Meditation gives you a newfound clarity to use every day. Everything seems simple, all of the what ifs and question marks stop overpowering our lives. Meditation brings simplicity into our lives and simplicity equals JOY.