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⭐️ ACTIVATING THE CODES OF ABUNDANCE!!! ⭐️ @juanpa_global and I are co-writing a book!! We're celebrating by holding a live training for you guys, for free in a few days!! >>> Comment below with "Abundance" to join us!!! . . . . . #theabundancecodes #livetraining #locationfree
Make a online income Give up the 9-5 Location free  Message me to find out how. #laptoplifestyle #onlineincome #nomore925lifestyle #locationfree
Traveling always gave me tickles, but now it’s turning into monster butterflies, because it’s not just seeing new places, but also meeting some bad ass people and growing the business.  Doesn’t matter how dark your life might feel right now, there’s a light somewhere.  But power to see that light, is in your head.
Super easy sheet pan meal: . 🍽 salmon fillet (skin on because it's delicious and nutritious) 🍽 parboiled potatoes/ sweet potato or cook rice separately 🍽 veggies of choice . ➡ coat veggies & potatoes in olive oil (salmon does not need extra oil, it's a pretty oily fish on its own) ➡season everything with herbs/spices of choice ➡roast in preheated oven (200C/400F) for 20 minutes and done. . Easy to meal prep several portions ahead of time or for dinner tonight 😋. . Macros for 134g salmon, 200g potatoes, 100g asparagus and 1tsp of extra virgin olive oil: 495 Cal 35carbs/ 32 protein/ 27fat . Who else loves sheet pan meals?😉 . Picture credit @girl_livinglife . #nutrition #exercise #lifestyle #coach #coaching #personalcoach #holisticapproach #body #balance #being #business #macrobasedapproach #micronutrients #health #happiness #fitness #confidence #macrosandmicros #allin #locationfree #onlinecoaching #onlinetraining #functionaltraining #crossfit #calisthenics #inspiration #training #eatrealfood
Count your blessings not your problems ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ You hold the light within to embody we are one, Xoxo Col
COMMENT BELOW BOOK ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Live Your Truth!  This is a 5 step process to live your truth courageously to live a life with no regrets.  This goes deep in releasing the negativity that doesn’t serve you.  This empowers you to live a life filled with love :) Comment below BOOK & I’ll send you the details  Let’s infuse the world with love, Xoxo Col  #book #ebook #amazon
I’ve discovered that the secret to living happily in LA is to have one foot out the door at all times. Also a shitload of cocaine.
What are you doing to release your inner power?🔥🔥🔥 COMMENT BELOW  You hold the light within to embody we are one, Xoxo Col
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations🌴 📷:@haylsa
What's your spirit animal?🐘 📷:@danmaniel
Aloha familia! We are offering a free online webinar on activating Abundance in every area of your life! It will be different and more profound than the one we did in our 5 day Abundance Challenge!  We will do deep work around the Abundance Codes and how we can use them to accelerate the process of Manifestation in the best way possible!!! >>> If you are into doing this training, all you need to do is  1) Comment with “ABUNDANCE” below 2) Share this video  3) Get ready to go deep  Sending you the best vibes ever... JuanPa and Regan. - - - #abundancecodes #leadership #freetraining #abundance #rise #locationfree #bestever #goingdeep #purpose #spiritualgangster
We decided this poolside set up would do ok as an office today!! I think we might integrate this a lot more moving forward. 🤩late am rising 🤩poolside meditations 🤩bikerides and cafe brunch 🤩exploring the outdoors and improving the sun tan 😍dedicated connection time= deeper love And now a splash of hustle with taste!! Yes more of this I think... Dont just dream it....... live it!  You are a powerful creator..💪🙌
And one day she discovered that she was fierce,  she was strong, she was full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears ~ Mark Anthony . When your girl  @mrs_birty starts to hit $700 weeks and decides to make it the new normal. First you decided to get in the best health of your life, then you decided to use Isa as your vehicle to build financial choices for your future + family and I consider myself so lucky to partner with you to do just that! . Mum 👭 Corporate career 👩🏻‍🏫 Took 6mths to decide you were ‘worth’ the initial brown box  Didn’t want to tell a soul🤷🏻‍♀️ Didn’t believe anyone would join you! Worried about what everyone would think 💩 . And now.. . It’s join you or watch you ! 🔥💫 You have filled your head + heart with the right knowledge, growth + understanding of what’s truly possible and your passion for your future outweighs any B.S fears.  Let the magic begin 🙌 . Giving you a BIG virtual hug + 🥂. So bloody grateful for you! I cannot wait to see who else you inspire on this journey X
Best trip ever.  Honeymoon spent skiing & snowboarding 🌨🌨🌨🌨 #locationfree #laptoplife #skiing #fun #motivation #ceolifestyle #silly
Sometimes the answers are right in front of us and we don’t even see them because we’re are looking too far ahead, worrying about the future! . I’ve talked to numerous high achievers who are caught in this F’d up paradigm: . >> OBSESSED with what everyone else is doing. . “How come they have XYZ and I don’t yet? HOW did they get there so fast? . Comparison is LACK MINDSET. This energy sends a message out that you don’t think you are worthy or have any power in just being YOU. . >> Thinking they need to take action action action to figure out HOW to get to where we want to be, hoping something sticks. . YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW THE HOW! . >> Trying to control everything to achieve the outcome they desire. . The energy of control is fear-based, restrictive, and desperate.  THIS is going to block you from receiving above everything else! . >> So focused on future outcome, that they forget to live in the NOW. To be present and grateful.  TO ENJOY THE JOURNEY. . 3 keys to manifesting that I teach my clients: . 1. Detach from the OUTCOME. Know that if it’s not this, it will be something even better! Focus on what you want to FEEL, not the things you want to have and you will be okay with whatever shows up. . 2. Let go of the HOW. Knowing HOW you will accomplish things should not be your main focus.  Focus on your WHY, and do shit with INTENTION. . 3. Have CERTAINTY. Trust that your timeline is perfect and that you will always be guided exactly where you need to go.
"Let go of exhaustion as a status symbol and productivity as self-worth." - @brenebrown . What a powerful sentence and beautiful words to live by! How often have you fallen into bed and thought "I didn't get enough done today"? . I am certainly guilty of it. But what do we even mean by "enough"? Isn't there always more that can be done? Do you also almost feel bad when you are doing nothing? ... . I encourage you today to switch your perspective and by the end of the day focus on what you have done instead of what you didn't get accomplished. Quite frankly often the key to achieving a task isn't "doing more", but doing the right thing anyway. . YOU ARE ENOUGH, just by being you. 💜 . Book recommendation: The power of vulnerability by @brenebrown . #nutrition #exercise #lifestyle #coach #coaching #personalcoach #holisticapproach #body #balance #being #business #macrobasedapproach #micronutrients #health #happiness #fitness #confidence #trainerize #allin #locationfree #onlinecoaching #onlinetraining #functionaltraining #crossfit #calisthenics #inspiration #training #eatrealfood #powerofvulnerability
Gotta love that 24hr trip effect. ✈️ Up at 6am (for anyone who knows me, this is BIG) and keen to make it a thing! . And straight in to my morning routine that serves me.🙌 . Did you know... If you check your email / social media in the first 60mims of your day, you are 30% LESS PRODUCTIVE all week?!! 😮💥 . I had the privilege of learning from Brendon Burchard (World’s leading High Performance Coach) at our Conference, who shared this stat from the studies they had done. . “Stop starting your day in someone else’s agenda” . Can you afford to be 30% less productive all week?! I know I can’t.  So how are you starting your morning? On your agenda or someone else’s..
This was on my birthday. I turned 39 this year. I still feel 22 except with tons of grey hair. I set a goal for myself to be able to go to a place called @azuliktulum in Tulum Mexico for my 40th birthday. I made it there one year early. WHY? Because what you desire doesn’t need to wait. Once you decide what you want and declare it, it’s yours.  I knew I was going to make that happen so fully that it just happened now. I had the very best night dining at @kintohtulum  It was the most beautiful and crazy cool place I’ve ever been. Such a magical night. Received the royal birthday girl treatment.  And proof that anything you desire can be yours now. Just Decide. I look forward to returning to this same spot next year in even a bigger way 😎This or something even better. • • #birthdaylove#happybirthdaytome#tulum#birthdaytrip#amazeballs#kintoh#kintohtulum#azuliktulum#azulik#mexixo#mexicomagic#legendary#thisis39#cheersto39#feelingit#wonderland#decide#locationfree#nolimits
Quiet times at the end of the day🌅 - Who would you like to watch the sunset with?👇 📷:@emmett_sparling