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🍃🌿 neuhausenamrheinfall 🌿🍃 Когда-нибудь я осилю весь Гранд Тур Швейцарии.
Kotor 🇲🇪
“Cuando hay hambre no hay...
View from the Tower of Hadash  #batinah #oman #omantripper #عمان
Kongola, Namibia. Soon after I took this photo, the sky was bright blue. The oddly shaped country is a member of the British Commonwealth despite the fact that it was never a British colony. After Independence in 1990, the English language became Namibia’s official language. Good for us tourists, anyhow also somewhat eccentric, considering that Namibia has the largest Khoisan speaking population in the world and that English is the native language of only three percent of the country’s population. Namibia is devotedly diverse in language and culture with more than eleven indigenous languages, for example, Damara, Kavango and Otjiherero, being spoken. In general, locals speak a few languages. Nearly half of the population speaks Oshiwambo and many also Afrikaans, a remnant from a time when Namibia was occupied by its neighbour South Africa. As a colonial power, Germany has committed a genocide in today’s Namibia. Between 1904 and 1908, up to 80,000 Nama and Herero were killed. So much to see, learn and understand when travelling. Earlier today I was in a group travel chat on Twitter and we discussed (a rather full on question) "whether there is a place we have visited and been disappointed with?" There is excting things to learn and see everywhere. Life is what you make it. If you can't find interesting things, find out why you are so bored with life. What do you think? Thoughts please. 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 Please use, follow and tell everybody about #igramethical, and show that you say no to Instagram fraud.✔️Ask me for details and what we can do to bring on positive change on social media. 🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺🔺 .
If you're not barefoot, then you're overdressed 👙⠀ .⠀ Happy official first day of summer! What summer plans are you most looking forward to this year?⠀ .⠀ Photo: beachside 🏝hut on Isla Bastimentos in Bocas del Toro, Panama.⠀ #summer #islabastimentos #panama #bocasdeltoro #beach #southamerica #firstdayofsummer
#lanzarote copionaaaa !! @moniccagil
Tsubaki-chou lonely planet • Манга | Одинокая планета из квартала Цубаки • Автор: Ямамори Мика • Дата релиза: 2015 • Перевод: продолжается • Жанры: драма комедия повседневность романтика сёдзё • Описание: Оно Фуми - простая старшеклассница. Однако в жизни ей не повезло: из-за отцовских долгов её вышвырнули из собственного дома. С этого момента она может полагаться только на себя. Чтобы выжить, девушка нанимается домработницей к мужчине писателю. Теперь она будет жить с ним, но что из этого получится?.. #манга #мангака #ямаморимика #одинокаяпланетаизкварталацубаки #одинокаяпланета #драма #романтика #писатель #комедия #сёзде #повседневность #любовь #домработница #чернобелое #горничная #manga #mangawriter #tsubakichoulonelyplanet #lonelyplanet #blackandwhite #love #animeinsta #maid #housemaid
The view of Tokyo Tower from my room at The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, a Luxury Collection Hotel
Go far enough that you meet youself. ... Centralia was a glimpse into the Apocalypse ☠️