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Some times we need to freeze for just a second and look back at a memory. It may reflect on something you may have taken small notice to but it could have just been a small gesture that showed compassion and love only captured in a small moment.  And as time creeps we forget how important these moments actually are . #bestfamilymoments #familyisforever #familygoals #livinghisbestlife #liveyourbestlife #lovethyself #loveothersasyouloveyourself #lipstick #mygirl #myboy #mybrothersareourheros
Anyone else craving a nice vaca Rn?! Or is it just me?!😩😩😭
Health is not just about what you're eating and doing. Its also about what you're thinking, feeling and saying. Look after yourself. #treatpeoplenicely #bekind #loveothersasyouloveyourself #follow4follow #instadaily #estes #moba #hahaha #fitnessenthusiast #committobefit
#lovegod #lovepeople #beablessing #loveothersasyouloveyourself @bless.viii @bless.viii  #ilovemydaughter. Follow @bless.viii  your suport will be a blessing @bless.viii
Time to be cool 😎  #happysaturdayeveryone  Even psychologist needs to #chillout . . #weekendvibe #expatliving #fitsg #momlifebelike #balancedlifestyle #sunfunlove
I’m not always great at encouraging people. I talk a lot, I say a lot of things but as far as being encouraging, I’m not so sure. I am a horrible listener most of the time and I am legitimately working on this. Life really is just super unfair sometimes. We’re up against things we can’t see over & our worlds don’t just stop spinning so that we can figure things out. I have the privilege of sitting with a lot of people who are struggling and I love it. Not that they are struggling but the sitting with them is wonderful. The fact that they put their trust in me even with the above mentioned listening skills is kind of something I don’t understand. I wasn’t always like this though, wanting to listen better. In fact not that long ago even, it annoyed me. The truth is that all I could usually see was how hard my life was, how deep my pain was. So one peep out of someone else’s hardship and I wanted to jump overboard. It made me build up walls upon walls. We often seem to have a competition of who’s life is harder and I was the #1 fan of this sport. This left me in no real condition to love people well and I’m simply just so sorry about it. I’m learning that our end goal cannot be to have a life free of troubles. We cannot strive for easy or comfortable. I am definitely growing sick of just looking for what’s fair. Our hope can’t be for the days that don’t suck but instead having hope in the days that do. If you find yourself worn and weary and in a pit you don’t think is possible to get out of, you are not alone. I live in that place too a lot of the time. I’m still all of those things I mentioned before way too often. I know what it feels like to not be seen. To think everyone else but you is visible to the world. But God does see us. He is what we need. He is what we need to turn to. He sees you friend. Always. I’m praying that you believe that today. ❤️
With everything happening in our crazy world right now I think it’s very important to have empathy. I strongly strive for empathy on projects I work on, and as a future museum professional my goal is to bring more empathy into our museums and make them more inclusive places for all walks of life. This is a reminder that empathy doesn’t make you weak, but rather quite the opposite. #empathy #itcouldbeyou #putyourselfintheirshoes #bemindful #empathyismysuperpower #loveothersasyouloveyourself #aspiretoinspire
Remember....YOU are the light!! YOU are LOVE...and the Golden Rule always applies. #love #loveothers #loveothersasyouloveyourself #thegoldenrule #turndarknessintolight #happiness #happinessquotes
Good morning☀️ beautiful people around the world.  Tecitoooo para acelerar el metabolismo y empesar el dia con mucha energiaaaaa💪❤ Have a best day everrrrrr 😘😘 #bossladymindset  #healtylifestylemovement #energia #pierdepesoganasalud #contactame #feelgooglookgood #fitmomoffour #loveyourselffirst  #loveothersasyouloveyourself