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pink looks good on everyone πŸ’—πŸ‘›πŸŒΈ #southernbliss #shoplocal #kendrascott #outfitoftheday #fashion #makeitblissful
🌈 Summer COLOR Lovin’🌈 How fun are these bright and festive Krobo beads?! Handmde in Ghana from recycled glass, they have a larger hole size so they’re perfect for string on leather or other cords.  They’re also strung on Raffia, ready for wearing as-is!πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸŒˆ Visit the link in my stories to shop. . . . . . . #colorloving #crafttherainbow #rainbowlove
Lilac, the πŸ‘Έ flower of the north (if there's a #scandi gal or boy seeing this, please confirm!)! Sometimes I think the cities where built around the lilac flowers! And the smell of it!! Crazy!! #summerflowers #crazyinlove #ig_singletraveler #singletravelerhere
This evening I’ve got a night all to myself in this beautiful hotel suite, thanks to the babes at @goldwelluk to celebrate the expansion of the Kerasilk Color range. I’ve had a good mosey through the room service menu and a date with Harvey Specter, fillet steak and a glass (or two!) of Sancerre is on the cards. Restores mode: ON. πŸ§–πŸΌ‍β™€οΈπŸΈ #lovekerasilk #kerasilkcolor
Wee Izzy, backflipping and singing her way happily through life. She has her classical singing exam on Friday so she has been practising hard with her breathing techniques. So at the minute all I’m hearing is a lot of ‘I dreamed a dream’. However although it’s not on her exam when she asks me what do you want me to sing for you mummy (usually happens in the car/no radio needed πŸ˜‚) I always request ‘Hey there Delilah’ from her! Melts my heart when she sings that one as she sings it that earnestly ❀️
Things I actually missed when I became a mum (as opposed to the stuff I thought I would miss): going to the supermarket on my own, travelling on the train on my own, driving on my own, with my choice of audio - what a luxury it would be to trade in the Moana soundtrack for a podcast - and going for a coffee on my own. There’s a theme here. I think time alone is going to be pretty rare in the next couple of years so I made sure I had a coffee date for one today, accompanied only by some lime and coconut cake because breastfeeding+pregnant=eating for 3, right? Can you think of any other things I need to fit into the next few days before pockets of time to myself become non existent again? (And don’t say ‘watch Love Island’ because I’ve missed the boat and 9pm is past my bedtime anyway). On a completely different note, if you’re a breastfeeding mum in London please see my stories from today about something happening tomorrow for Channel 4. Your boobs and babes are needed!
• A M A L F I • we took the boat to Amalfi yesterday to capture Positano from the coastline & travelled just down the coast from Positano to see the town. Hahaaaa at the 5th picture...not sure what happened here on uploading πŸ˜‚#guardiantravelsnaps#topeuropephoto#pastelsquares#darlingweekend#elevatetheeveryday#nothingisordinary#thehappynow#abmhappylife#abmlifeisbeautiful#abmtravelbug#abmlittlethings#travelbug#makeitblissful#liveauthentic#inspiremyinstagram#dayslikethese#afternoonslikethese#lifelivedbeautifully#makelight365#momentslikethis#happyweekend#rememberthis#amonthoflovely#great_captures#amalficoast#italy#positano#photooftheday#vitaminsea
It’s πŸ”₯ ✨ • • hey guys sorry for the lack of posts! I was in the field for this thing called cadet leader development training. It’s the capstone field event as a cadet, consisting of a few days training up and testing on warrior tasks and competencies before going on a 10 day culminating field exercise. I hope that everyone is having a great summer! Also, I’m starting to put in work on my blog thanks to some help from @justrina.co so be on the lookout!! ✨ • • also congratulations to @alanaabbott for graduating from @loyolamaryland and making it into @northwesternu for grad school! Thanks for sharing your home and parents with me! ✨ • katie
Spot the cats! How many can you find? 🧐 It is no secret that my partner and I are foster parents to many stray/sick/injured cats and currently two dogs 🐢 πŸ±πŸ™ŒπŸ» if you think that one or two cats are little whirlwinds in your home, try to add some more who are constantly playing and jumping around 😏 looking for a quiet moment? Surely not at our place πŸ’• I am working on a Q&A since many of you asked me about being a foster parent and being active in animal welfare πŸ™πŸ» Stay tuned for this blogpost on my (soon to relaunch) blog 🌿 . . . . #makeitblissful #darlingdaily #oneofthebunch #chooselovely #myeverydaymagic #solovelysofree #pursuehappy #adorablecat #livingwithcats #catmomlife #catladylife #catcontent #solebich #katzenliebe #katzenleben #ihavethisthingwithcats #lebenmitkatzen #austrianblogger #blogger_at #grazerblogger #katzenfoto #stubentiger #katzenliebe #tierliebe #adoptdontshop #dontshopadopt #rescuecat #momentsofmylife #graz
As I was reading 1 Samuel 17, I've been hit by the reaction of David's older brother, Eliab, when he sees him. He calls him arrogant and says that he has a " wicked heart ", which is funny because Eliab is the one that had been disqualified by the Lord because of his heart (1 Sa 16:7). And that made me realize how often we hate people, not because of how bad they are but because of how much of us we see in them.  The crazy thing is that we love to keep it this way, simply because it's always easier to hate something in someone else than in ourselves, right ? That's why some of us are kept in the cycle of relationships that never get better : because, we don't really want the person to improve himself or herself and to change this one thing that we hate, since it would mean that we would have to face the reality of hating this thing within us. So, to protect ourselves, this person remains the same, and so does the relationship.  We really need to realize that true love sets free, but we can't give to others the freedom to be imperfect if we don't give it to ourselves.  And since we can't give to ourselves what we haven't received from God first, today, I encourage you to meditate on the unconditional love of God, the one He prove in that while you were still a sinner, Christ died for you. Receive this love freely given to you, independently of how perfect or imperfect you may be.  Grasp it and then give it to yourself. Accept that your flaws don't change how wonderfully made you are. Love yourself the way God loves you, and then love others this same way. They may not be perfect, but give them the grace to know the unconditional love of God through you. • • • • • • • #womeninspiringwomen #shereadstruth #soworthloving #womenintheword #shareyourheart #bedeeplyrooted #thatsdarling #purposefulliving #makeitblissful #lampandlight #jesuscalling #followingjesus #gritandvirtue #christianblogger #darlingmovement #faithfilledcaptions #soulscripts
Simple - yet gorgeous 🌷but you can grab a bunch of 7 which look fab! Had a bit of an afternoon off doing errands ( so good to do) ! Had a great time trying out different Foundations! Think I’m going to try @lancomeofficial this time! Had the sweetest sales assistant, who wasn’t over pushy & really tried to get the right colour! As you hit 50, I find it gets harder! I want it to look natural & fresh. Reckon I’ve found one!! She gave me a tester to try out! And - I bought a bronzer... so here’s to the summer! @wearenoths @notonthehighstreet @photoboardshq
I don’t know what I would do without this group!!! @gtatuesdays They are my light in sometimes an alienating business of being an entrepreneur. πŸ’  Staring dreamy eyes at @bridesmade.ca and @simplyelaboratehq as they dazzle and enlighten us all about SEO (search engine optimization, aka google ranking) πŸ’ž It was so helpful to soak in more info on this to help my digital marketing business. Love soaking in new knowledge. It seriously never stops πŸ™‹πŸ»‍♀️ πŸ“· @memorable_treasures Venue @tmodernbride