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The cellar is now empty and ready to welcome the 2018 vintage.
We are welcoming our last group of volunteers today and then we will start picking the grapes. Stay tuned for more updates!
There are many ways to tell when the grapes are ripe and ready to pick. One of them is more bird activity in the vineyard.
We will start the winemaking season in a week and weather condition should be optimal.
We like lady bugs...
If you are reaching us by train in a few weeks to help us pick  grapes and make wine, you will get of at the Berheci train station. Good news, looks like we will still have great weather, sunny and still pretty hot.
Mamaia natural wine about to make a therapeutic mud bath more enjoyable.
We are excited to announce that we will set up a few ‘trânta’ seminars during the upcoming winemaking season. Trânta is an ancient wrestling style practiced in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, similar to Greek-Roman wrestling, but with its own particular set of rules and moves. A true retreat will not only connect you with the land and nature, but also your own body and spirit.
Because it’s light and semi-bubbly, Mamaia natural wine is a great choice for a vegetarian meal.
Berheci sunset, looking towards Mamaia Rural Retreat.
Thanks for the positive feedback!  Mamaia natural wine gains international exposure. Natural wines are not just a trend. They are here to stay. There is no future in killing the planet.
Impressive armour... we will not be climbing this tree anytime soon.
Mamaia natural wine takes a day off by the lake
Morning dew on yellow rose at Mamaia Rural Retreat.
There’s a natural marriage between wine and nuts that seems to bring out the best in each other. It’s almost as if they were predestined for pairing. We follow this duet up close, as we explore the local specific of Romanian Moldova.
We have numerous wild camomille plants around the vineyard. These plants attract loads of bugs and bees, increasing biodiversity and balancing the numerous relationships between plants, insects, birds and animals on the farm.
We’re in a heat wave in Amsterdam, with temperatures going over 30 degrees Celsius. A perfect day to have a glass of chilled biodynamic Mamaia wine, along with a slice of Spanish tortilla to match the freshness, exotic fruit taste of this delicious natural wine.
Looks like this will be a pretty laid back weekend. We have finished weeding the vineyard and we’ll monitor nature taking its course from the comfort of our hammock.
Directing the grapevines up is crucial for their health and the quality of the grapes. Two months to go until winemaking season.  #biodynamicwine #naturalwine #organicwalnuts #moldova #romania #climatechange #prepper #offgrid #offgridliving #tecuci #babeascaneagra #biodiversity #ruralretreat #mamaiaruralretreat #rawwine