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"Surround yourself with people on the same mission as you..." . This weeks' episode of the podcast is all about what I've learned from working with like-minded people in the mastermind program I'm in. . Come experience what I've learned (link in bio) . . . . #socialmediamarketing#facebookads#socialmediastrategy#launching#marketinglife#marketingcoach#businesscoaching#marketingideas#facebookadvertising#smallbusinesscoach#socialmediastrategy
That’s if we treat it with respect 馃寣
People remember 80% of what they see and only 10% of what they hear. 馃檳That’s why they say a picture is worth 1,000 words! Take note of the images you’re using on your website, emails, social media, and even your profile photos. Are they engaging? Are they professional-looking? Are they relevant? Are they cliche?
Do you dig it? - Are you still trying to earn online but spinning your wheels? It's not your fault. Find out how you can change that with no credit card required! No Credit Card is Needed! You Get it for FREE! - Link in bio @mindsetmajor - Follow @mindsetmajor Follow @mindsetmajor - Turn On Your Notifications - - - - - - - - - - It’s never too late to live the life you always dreamed of having. Regret is poison!馃敟 Repost via @motivate_urmind, Many thanks! Go and Follow @motivate_urmind if you love this! #mindsetmajor
When was the last time you really sat down to think, plan and execute what you really want your life and business to look like? · If you don't take the time to design exactly what you want, then the only other option you have is to accept whatever comes, whether you want it or not. · High achievers continue dominating and expanding their goals because they create such amazing clarity that they can actually follow through on rather than leaving it up to luck and chance. · Spent time this weekend deciding and defining your ideal destination. It's the first step to create a roadmap to get there. · #fampreneur #goalgetter #driventowin
“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” - Ann Handley #dabblemedia #entrepreneurlifestyle #smallbusiness #smallbusinessowner #ladypreneur #entrepreneurmindset #digitalmarketingagency #smallbusinessmarketing #marketingspecialist #marketingteam #marketingcoach
It’s been 3 days since Instagram went out with their big announcements. If you’ve missed it, here’s the summary: one, Instagram has reached 1 BILLION users and two, Instagram has launched a new feature/app called IGTV.  Did you read that? 1 BILLION users. That's an impressive number of users for a social media platform. For a social media marketer, that is the crowd I want to reach!  Then here comes IGTV. It's a new feature or app that allows you to view and share content to Instagram users. This is a step up from the highlights and stories we’re all familiar with.  I’m really excited to see how people will welcome this new app. As someone who loves content marketing, I am excited how this can be another venue for sharing amazing content.  #gooroo #gooroovirtualassist
Hola #vyk. ¿Sabes que es CPA? Creemos que Vyk se puso serio con este termino, por que hasta de look cambio.  #marketing #marketingdigital #lead #onvykes #onvykland #cpa
Decidir o que vender online pode ser uma tarefa e tanto. Há demanda do comprador? Como é a competição? Pode ser lucrativo? . Separei então 35 ideias de produtos que podem ser vendidos online para ajudar você que quer montar uma loja virtual, mas ainda não sabe o que vai vender. . 1 - Jóias e Acessórios de moda 2 - Gifts e Prêmios Personalizados 3 - Produtos Digitais 4 - Bonecas Artesanais 5 - Acessórios para cabelo personalizados 6 - Produtos de Decoração Artesanais 7 - Produtos para a Indústria Musical 8 - Bens e Serviços de Informação 9 - Vestuário Rock-n-Roll 10 - Boutique de Vestuário Feminino 11 - Calçados e Relógios Especiais 12 - Babadores bordados do bebê 13 - Vestuário Formal para Criança 14 - Roupa de dormir para mulheres 15 - Fantasias 16 - Vestuário feminino feito nos EUA 17 - Alimentos e bebidas naturais 18 - Cobertores 19 - Mesas e acessórios para Homeoffice 20 - Produtos Pet Care 21 - Velas de massagem e artesanatos 22 - Ração para cães e Gatos 23 - Produtos para Conservação de Energia 24 - Produtos importados para o lar 25 - Guarda chuvas e Guarda Sóis 26 - Balanços e Redes 27 - Telefone, Tablet e acessórios 28 -  Eletrônicos e Acessórios de Computador 29 - Produtos Orgânicos para Cuidados da Pele 30 - Produtos Naturais para Banho 31 - Produtos Orgânicos de Beleza Natural 32 - Jogos de Tabuleiro 33 - Capinhas de Celular 34 - Bowls Artesanais de Casca de Coco 35 - Acessórios Esportivos . E então, já decidiu o que vai vender em sua loja online? Conta pra mim aqui nos comentários!  Já me segue no Insta? Siga @renatogenestra
HAPPY SATURDAY BRAND BOSS! 馃憫 鈻笍 Today I am so grateful for blessing me to meet and connect with some amazing women of vision over the past few years. 馃挭馃従馃挄 鈻笍 What are you grateful for today???
This is a cornerstone to effective marketing... As a business owner, you need to decide what part of who's mind do you want to occupy.  In other words,  Who are you trying to reach? What's the message you want them to get? What do you want them to do?
As business owners, we can have tough days. Days where the thought of throwing in the towel is easier than the thought of moving on to face the next challenge.  Starting today, we are making a bigger effort to practice gratitude (if that is even possible, since we are pretty big on gratitude here at SoVerve HQ). 鉃 In the words of Dr. Robert Holden, "the miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see." We are celebrating the small things in life like the beauty, and the vibrancy plants bring to our world. How are you practicing gratitude today? 鉃 . . . . . #soverve #thesoverveway #marketingagency #brandstrategist #branddevelopment #orlandofl #marketer #branding101 #branddesign #marketingconsultant #brandingagency #marketingmanagement #brandingidentity #brandstrategy #marketingsocial #marketing101 #instagrammarketing #digitalmarketer #businessbabe #socialentrepreneurship #smallbusinesslife #lakenona #businessdevelopment #mktg #brandingagency #lakeeola #orlandocity #centralflorida #marketingplan #marketingcoach