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Looking forward (literally 😉) to our fitreat next month! Yes, we've just released our new date! Join us on 15 July, ladies 🌿  Picture yourself arriving for a coffee and chat with us around a cosy fireplace, and as the winter sun warms and lights up the space, you roll out your mat and join a gentle pilates session and learn about movement and mobility. You'll eat some delicious nourishing food, listen to a holistic health expert, be amazed at the power of breath in our breathwork workshop and be guided on a calming meditation before leaving more relaxed, and with a gift bag to continue the spoils at home 🌿  Now make it a reality ➡ http://qkt.io/FitreatMove (link in bio) · · · #fitreat #fitnessretreat
❋ ORGON PYRAMIDEN ❋ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Orgon ist die feinstoffliche Energie, die alles Leben umhüllt und durchdringt. Manche nennen sie auch Prana oder Chi. Eine Orgon-Pyramide reinigt deinen Yogaraum, erhöht die Lebensenergie, schenkt Urvertrauen und unterstützt dich bei der Meditation. Wie ein sanfter Tanz in warmem Wasser bewegen sich die Wellen der feinstofflichen Energie durch dich hindurch, lösen Blockaden und tragen sie sanft davon. So erfasst die Kraft des Orgon mit sanftem Flow auch unser Umfeld, erhöht die Energieschwingung im Aussen und lädt ein loszulassen, bei dir anzukommen und noch tiefer in die Meditation einzutauchen.  Für die Anwendung brauchst du nichts weiter zu tun, als die Pyramide in der Nähe deiner Meditationsecke, deines Yogaplatzes aufzustellen. Bereits nach kurzer Zeit entfaltet sich ihre Wirkung.  Hergestellt werden die Pyramiden in einem Familienbetrieb in Indien. Dank dem Verkauf der Orgon-Produkte können die Kinder eine gute Schule besuchen und der älteren Generation wird ein würdevolles Leben im Alter ermöglicht. . . . . #orgon #orgonflow #heilsteine #blumedeslebens #floweroflife #energie #schwingungserhöhung #reinigung #yoga #meditation #holisticspirit #shineonmala #shineyourlight #bergkristall #turmalin #blockadenlösen
We find that adding Palo Santo smudging into our daily practices has an extreme benefit on mental and physical health. Palo Santo is a South American holy tree in the same family as frankincense and myrrh. [  Using Palo Santo is said to cleanse and ionize the air, it is shown to have antibacterial and anti viral properties in its smoke, which is extremely beneficial when dealing with illnesses. The ionizing properties are thought to to transfer negative energy into positive thus dispelling the negativity. We use this to cleanse all of our items and crystals! [ This wood also has great results when using for respiratory issues or anxiety as it is an anticonvulsant and works to calm the nervous system and muscles. [ It is also said to promote the expansion of consciousness and open minded ideas as well as being used to increase creative thoughts. This is a very amazing smudge or tea for meditation, yoga, cleansing, or any other spiritual practice. [  Many south American cultures use this wood in their ayahuasca ceremonies (ayahuasceros). They have a belief that the smoke or medicinal properties in tea can connect the user to "God or "source", or the creation energy that is the origin of all that is. [ We offer this amazing ancient medicine on our shop so if you're interested in adding this into your routine then head to our etsy site and get yourself some for a good deal! Stay happy and Be well 😊🌅
💥💥 SQUARE ORBEEZ 💥💥 💥💥💥Yaaaaaaaaay! 💥💥💥 BUY ANY 50g BAG OF PLAIN, METALLIC GLITTER OR GLOW IN THE DARK ORBEEZ and receive a 10g bag of SQUARE Orbeez Absolutely FREE!  https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Metallic-Glitter-Plain-or-Glow-in-Dark-Orbeez-Waterbeads-BONUS-SQUARE-ORBEEZ-/123191237232?skus=Orbeez%20Type%20Size%20and%20Colour:50g%20Black%20Plain&varId=423598964145 .... #orbeez #homedecoratoions #weddingplanner #weddingday #weddingdecoration #partydesigner #partyfun #sciencefunforkids #kidspartyplanner #homedecor #homedecoration #stunningdisplays #stunningdisplaysforspecialdays #colourelegance #artandcraft #officedecor #businessdecor #educationalfun #bedroomgoals #meditation #relaxation #presents #giftideas #floralarrangements #outdoordecor #flowerdisplay #interiordesign #colourtherapy #sensoryplay
Frei Sein,  Den Körper spüren, ganz ... Eine leichte Priese, ihn ganz sanft, berührt. Wie die Nacht mich, umhüllt. Über Mir, die Sterne, kreisen. Und alles kommt, zur Ruh. ganz leicht, ganz sanft, ganz leise.  RoSchi Uminoki  #freisein #natur #gedicht #zenheit #meditation #gedanken
Let freedom be your soundtrack, rhythm and anthem today. Be free in your thoughts and your movement. Be free with the love you put out and be free to receive the love of others. Loosen your mind to flow and let all tensions trickle away until they evaporate and are powerless to shackle you again.  Enjoy your freedom day! . . V x
"Your speed doesn't matter. Forward is forward" - Anonymous  Pic from now on the left vs. August 2017 😁 It's the exact same top 🙌
Wolken!! Schon als Kind war ich fasziniert von diesen  großen Wolken am Himmel. Zu beobachten wie sie weiterziehen, oder welche Formen sie annehmen. Schaut öffter mal hinauf in den Himmel!!! Denn: Aus den Wolken muss es fallen, aus der Götter Schoß,  das Glück, und der mächtigste von allen Herrschern ist der Augenblick. Friedrich Schiller  #casanostra #wolken #himmelblau #glück #augenblick #achtsamkeit #meditation #liebe #frieden
SOMMER YOGA PÅ SAMSØ -UGE 30☀️ Det bliver min 4. sommer på Mellem-rummet på Samsø i år og sommeren er uden sammenligning Samsøs smukkeste tid. • Himmelen er mere blå og markerne står så smukke og gule🌾🌾 Mellem-rummets have blomstre og stranden ligger 15.  minutter væk. 🌹🌺👙⛱ • Har du lyst til en sommerferie i Mellem-rummets skønne og transformerende energi, starte og slutte hver dag med yoga? Så kan du i uge 30 komme med på yoga sommerferie med halvpension og 2 x yoga om dagen.  Vælg mellem 2,3,4,5 eller 6 dages ophold🌞🌻 • #raviyoga #yoga #hatha #hathayoga #yin #yinyoga #savasana #yogaretreat #retreat #meditation #samsø #openyourheart #choosethelight #choosehappiness #chooselove #loveyoga #namaste
Ha en fridful dag.🙏 Ta djupa andetag. Stressa inte över smådetaljer. Rör dig varje halvtimme om du sitter vid ett skrivbord. Och ta lite djupa andetag med magen emellanåt. 🙏 #frid #dalailama #blessedbe #peaceful #calm #lugn #balance #harmony #mindfulness #compassion #selfcompassion #yogalifestyle #yoga #meditation #gratitude #tacksamhet #läkning #healing #positiveenergy
Day 6 of 12: Routine Reflection. One thing I feel very strongly about is me time. Not necessarily self care, but 10 or 20 minutes at the end of a day where I can sit in my blue and white faded linen armchair...and disappear. No one is expecting an answer from me, a call, a text...I might sit on my phone and browse Instagram, read a couple pages of a book, put in my toe separators(real thing), or lay an aromatherapy bag over my eyes and practice mindful breathing. I can put certain anxieties on mental shelves or do away with them entirely at the end of each day. When every day can be SO different, those quiet reflection moments bring it all back. When things have been REALLY busy, I’ll expand this practice for a whole weekend. I find that having a rested mind makes me a better sister, daughter, friend, and partner. • • • • Moral of the story: please buy toe separators. They will change your life.
“Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they’re meant to be.” –B.K.S Iyengar.  _ I love this quote from Iyengar. In general I do not fear change, actually subconsciously I am always seeking change. I can be there same places to long at the time, I love when my schedule is changing, I love changes within myself. Still it brings up a lot of confusion, fear and doubt, specially the bigger changes. But I see that as a natural part of the process and a great opportunity to practice not identifying myself with the chatter in my mind.  Are there any changes in your life you are contemplating doing right now? . . . . . #changes #lettinggo #meditation #connectedyogis💕
s u m m e r flashback  _  are you home tonight? are you laying in bed watching black and white movies? all alone tonight? do you ever rewind to the summer you knew me?