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View from Le Pouce- the 3rd highest mountain on the island #mauritius #traveltheworld #medstudent #travel #summer #igerscz
This past week I took my second to last clinical medicine exam in women’s health. This was probably the hardest block for me as there are just SO many things to learn. I feel like I now have an even greater appreciation for women and our beautiful bodies 💕 For all my women out there, make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to keep your body happy & healthy 💗
Happy Sunday! 🥂
Orthodontics does not have an age limit! 💙✨We love seeing our patients smiling and satisfied with their results. Jamie Sirois has been amazing to work with, very compliant with the Invisalign trays and always optimistic about the outcome. You look beautiful Jamie! 😁✨ . . . Nous aimons voir nos patients souriants et satisfaits avec leurs résultats. Jamie Sirois a été incroyable de travailler avec, très bien avec son traitment de Invisalign et toujours optimiste. Tu es belle Jamie!😁✨
Girls being girls. Putting on face masks together was fun hehe 💆🏻‍♀️💕 (A much needed stress relief before the start of the MED2042 tomorrow)
Who has/is taking a non-traditional path to becoming a medical practitioner? ✋🏼 I did a career change to become a PA. I developed cosmetic packaging 💄🌻 for L'Oréal and Elizabeth Arden before pursuing a career in medicine. The road was long and arduous but absolutely worth it. I met so many wonderful, passionate people along the way and some of them have become my closest friends. I've helped and changed many people's lives as a PA and this component reminds me why I chose to pursue this great profession in the first place. ⚕️ ... #careerchange #nontraditionalstudent #pasdothat #medicine #medlife #pa #physicianassistant #physicianassociate #pastudent #physician #residents #medstudent #nurse #nursepractitioner #surgicaltech #advancedpracticeproviders #app #larrythepa
"The most valuable thing I’ve learned is that if you treat your patients (as well as others) with kindness and compassion, everything else will fall into place. Patients feel your energy. Whatever you put out, will come back tenfold.  I’m truly passionate about what I do. I’m one of the “lucky” ones that actually got to spend my life doing what I love. For that, I’m very thankful ❤️" we agree Dr. Stein! Keep up the great work. . ____________________________________________________ 🔥Comment & tag friends below ____________________________________________________ 📷Credit: @lianasmilesdentistry ____________________________________________________ 😎Use #studentsofdentistry and get featured ____________________________________________________
Why do we struggle with comparing ourselves to others? ——- This is something I’ve always struggled with probably since high school, through college and now at times in medical school. It seems no matter how good I feel that I’m doing, there’s always someone who’s “better”. Or someone I always envy, whose talents and qualities appear to be superior to mine and have “everything put together”. It was not until a couple of years ago, I started to realize how self-destructive comparing is and began to see my value and what I brought to the table. ——- My faith has taught me that everyone has a purpose. We have been given a certain personality, talents and qualities that will help us fulfill that purpose which makes us unique. When we compare ourselves to others we belittle ourselves and devalue the things that have been given to us. ——- You are wonderfully made with a personality, talents and qualities that will allow you to do great things. You are going to do something that only you can do and no one else. So focus on how you can be great with the things you have and not worry about others because they have their own journey to travel. Keep grinding because the journey will be worth the reward. #morningmotivation #morningthoughts #medschool #medstudent #premed #premedlife #keepgrinding #comparisonisthethiefofjoy