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Doerksen baby #2 is due December 21st! Our little Christmas joy. Best gift ever. That puts me at 9 weeks pregnant! We got to see baby’s heart beat and man was that beautiful. We can’t wait:)
So proud of @kellihudec for finishing IM Chattanooga 70.3 after having Mary Lynn just last year and on a bad ankle with a PR. Just shows you can do anything you set your mind too. #whatsyourexcuse #momofatoddler #imchatt703
Just sayin’.....the struggle is real!
•The answer would be 5lbs! Wow!!!! . •Around the time you reach your 20’s, your skin will have absorbed, on average, 100lbs of toxic chemicals that can really harm your wellbeing. . •This is why it is important to purchase your products from a company that has a seed to seal promise.  Young Living cuts out the worry of what is in their product & you can feel at peace knowing all items they offer contain NO toxic chemicals. . •If your company doesn’t provide a promise from the seed to finished product, why would you even risk your family and your own health?  A lot of new clean companies set out to jump on the “organic” bandwagon just to make a profit.  The FDA requires little to make that claim.!!!!!!! . •Don’t believe everything you read on a package.  If a company doesn’t have a seed to seal promise, how do you really know what their process is? What are they hiding? . •What is a Seed to Seal promise?  A promise the soils and seeds are tested & pure. They distill one time, while other companies distill over and over. making even more profit and your product is basically watered down.  Most companies don’t even have their own farms & rebottle oils!!!!! Yikes!!!! After all of that good stuff, the products are then tested by a third party. So from the seed itself to the sealing of the bottles, your product is guaranteed 100% pure and organic!  Switch to Young Living, the company that started the oil/seed to seal revolution, & experience what it’s like to have no worries. . •Contact me and I will help get you started with however you feel most comfortable beginning your clean journey!  If you would like a few oils, the awesome thieves cleaning products, amazing Savvy Minerals make up, Art skin care Seedlings baby, Kidscents, or the adult personal care body products, let’s set you up!  They even have supplements, snacks & other clean items. Get all of your worry free products in one spot. . •Also download the app, EWG healthy living
- Vormittag bei Oma verbracht, Mittagsschlaf ausgelassen, Spielplatzrucksack gepackt und den Nachmittag am Spielplatz verbracht, „fuppe“ {Suppe} gegessen und jetzt ? Jetzt schläft er ♥️ Und da geht er - mein Baby, welches in 17 Tagen tatsächlich schon seinen 2. Geburtstag feiert 😭  Und dieses Baby ist gar kein Baby mehr, überhaupt nicht ! Alles „kann“ er alleine machen, kooperiert so wie es manch ein erwachsener nicht mal kann, will immer helfen und ist immer DA ! ♥️ Glückliche mama - glückliches Baby ♥️ • #spielplatzzeit #childhood #childhoodmemories #happymama #happyme #momofaboy #momofatoddler #teamblau #mamablog #mamablogger #mommyblog #instablog #proudmom
So thankful for some quality family time yesterday at the rodeo fair!!! As a family, we so needed that! Having all that fun and eating all that food truck goodness 🎡🎠🌭🍟🍩 #familyfunday #grateful #cloverdalerodeo #wewentallout #balance
Between this and my #dropthefbombkindofmom  tee my wardrobe explains my life 😂 #thetshirtwhisperer #graphictee #igotagoodheartbutthismouth #momofatoddler @jelizabethboutiquellc
Poor baby girl is running a fever. I love the snuggles but not when she doesnt feel good.  #harperchase #poorgirl #fever #thinkingitsteeth #momofatoddler #snuggles
Leigha.firstfitness.com  I am thrilled to be a part of the amazing 100% Rich HEMP oil with First Fitness Nutrition. As a person with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and chronic intense pain, I am so relived to be able to take a 100% Natural product that has some truly amazing benefits including but not limited to pain relief!  #ffnhemphelps #changinglives #ehlersdanlossyndrome #chronicpain #backpain #momofatoddler #fulltimeworkingmom #firstfitnessnutrition
It's not unusual to be greeted by those guys at the doorway. Hi Yoshi, Toad, Yujiji, Mayio, Yoki, Kuma-san and Stephen. . . . . #toddler #toddlerlife #momlife #momofatoddler #nerdlife #nintendo #marvel
Dinner by mood lighting 😍 I should really do this more often.  I try to eat most meals with Paxton at the dining table despite us not always eating the same food. However this dinner outside with the purple lighting is peaceful. The temperature is perfection and for being in the city on a Saturday night, it’s fairly quiet. I hear an airplane overhead and a television in the distance. It’s all a reminder to surrender into the moment. May this upcoming week be full of accomplishing goals both big and small. May I continue to chip away at the masterpiece of my life. On the plate tonight are some simple baked potatoes stuffed with @kitehillfoods cream cheese, salad with cukes/red onion/lemon juice and steamed broccoli. Plus a photobomb by my dog, Tyson Jackson. #veganfood #vegan #veganaf #momlife #momofatoddler #sahm #veganmama #veganmom #socal #dinner #losangeles #soyfree #glutenfree #dairyfree #plantbased #plantfeast #nofoodfear #lovethyself #liveabovetheinfluence #infinitegratitude #kitehill #eatyourveggies #rescuedog #rescuepup #adoptdontshop #photobomb #dogs #healing #hypothyroidism #adrenalfatigue
Last year I started a gratitude journal 📓💗 Every morning I start my day by listing 10 things I’m grateful for😍 Then, at the end of the day, I write down the best thing that happened that day🤩  While I’m thinking of the absolute BEST thing... I think about all the other great things that happened as well. There truly is so much to be grateful for💕 Going to bed thinking about happy thoughts, also makes it easier to wake up with a positive mind, and a grateful heart💕  Today I have to share this guy feeding the goats 🐐 This was by far the best part of my day. There were many moments... but it’s always his laugh 😂 The things that bring him joy, and make him laugh from his belly... are what make my heart swell the most💗 #morecorn #wecoulddothisallday #thebestmomentoftheday #lovethiskidd #catchthat #goatsarefunny #lovecorn #momofatoddler #momofaboy💙 #goodthingheiscute #highlightoftoday #victoriadaylongweekend #adventureswithkids #goodtimes #betweenlosingmymind #alwaysontherun #thisslowedhimdown #thankful #attitudeofgratitude💫 #blessed🙏 #happyhealthyboy
“Plant dreams, pull weeds and live a happy life.” 💚✨💛
#relayforlife2018 baby girl and I volunteering, she stayed the entire time with papa, as where I had to leave with a kid that shall remain nameless that had a full blown toddler meltdown 🤨 #momofatoddler #momslife
Take me to church ✨ (The three gorgeous hours of sunshine before a week of storms...)