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Took a personal day to spend it with my son and daughter in law.  #oregon #craterlakenationalpark #familytime #morethanateacher #iteachtoo
Quirky and happy-go-lucky. ☺️ so glad to have met you again after 9 years my “student”! Haha! Please, next meet up don’t wait so long 😂😂 #studentasfriend #morethanateacher #studentsgrowingup
Light controlled sparring with Andre. Sometimes I'm so mixed in my fighting style I have no style, just go with the flow. Here I mixed up a little of Tai Chi Chuan, Silat and Kung Fu Fighting. Guiding my young apprentice one step at a time.  #martialarts #martialartist #cikguforest #student #apprentice #taichi #silat #kungfu #sparring #limfamilykungfu #cikguforestdojo #kktconcepts #selfdefense #privatelesson #life #health #recovery #brunei #morethanateacher #bruneimartialarts
This man has shaped some of our lifes in his own way. #morethanateacher  Maybe you are that #youaremyparleg in our school life!
It’s time to celebrate teachers for what they really are – Super Heroes.  Proud to join @Ziploc to celebrate teachers and their heroic impact.  Honor your own super hero teacher with #morethanateacher
#naimsir 🙂 #morethanateacher ❣ #inspiration🔥 #heroofmylife😎💙 #schoolmemory😍 #farewell_2k18
🇩🇪 Unsere #lerntheke in der #zirkuswoche. 🎪 Da ich weder Zeit noch Energie für Internetrecherche, Schnippel- und Laminierparty hatte, bestand sie hauptsächlich aus Arbeitsblättern. #fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram #grundschulwahnsinn Das Clownspiel hatte ich schon eine Weile. Die Kinder durften selbst aussuchen, welche und wie viele Angebote sie in welcher Reihenfolge bearbeiten. Sie durften auch selbst Bilder und Anderes von Zuhause mitbringen und ihr #zirkusheft damit gestalten. Dabei habe ich dann auch gemerkt, welche Kinder diese Freiheit nutzen, um sich zurückzulehnen und welche mit Eifer bei der Sache bleiben. 😏 Dabei gab es auch einige Überraschungen. Neben den ABs gab es drei #bastelangebote: Einen #trapezkünstler  aus Toilettenrollen (Fotos folgen), einen #clown, der auf einem Seil balanciert und einen #haseimhut. 🐇🎩 Insgesamt war es eine angenehme und entspannte Atmosphäre, auch wenn zum Ende hin die Luft raus war. 🙏 #herzmomentemitderwuselbande PS: Das Klopfen im Video kommt von Kindern, die ihre Heftseite mit Buntstiften mit "Konfetti" verzieren. 😂 . 🇬🇧 Worksheets and crafts for the students' circus books. 🎪📓I didn't have the time or energy to search for, cut and laminate colorful games or things like that. #morerealityoninstagram #realstagram #teachersinmay #morethanateacher The kids were free to choose which and how many tasks they wanted to work on and in which order. It was interesting to see who was motivated until the last day and who used this time to relax and avoid working. 😏 Still, overall it was a nice and relaxed atmosphere. 🙏 PS: The knocking you hear in the video was due to some students decorating their books with "confetti". 😂 . . . . . . . . . . . #lehrerleben #lehreraufinstagram #instalehrer #zirkuswoche #zirkusprojekt #projektwoche #schuljahresende #ferienreif #teachersofinstagram #instateachers #iteachlittlepeople #circusweek #circusproject #primaryschool #elementaryschool
I prayed and asked God specifically for educators that were passionate and that their drive would be to see the good in my children and aid in maturing that to GREAT! This educator, advocate, philanthropist @noshadewaderocks surpassed my prayers and expectations! She went above and beyond to assist my daughter in every way possible through her senior year journey! From the AP class to the scholarship forms to the applications to colleges all over! Dr. Wade words can never express the gratitude! Thank you for being you. Thank you for all the parents that didn’t say thank you! I pray God pour out an abundance of blessings for you and your family! #yourstuckwithus #youareatrueblessing #morethanateacher #educator #philanthropist #mentor #advocate #senior #graduate #highschool #youwillneverbeforgotten #scholarship #ap #sherocks #essence 🎁
Back again... Good to see you around again Mr. Donovan. Hope to see you around my life once again. #teacher#morethanateacher#seeyouagain
Thanks @leighsante for being the best kindergarten teacher ever. Trina gets to take the chicks home for the night! #morethanateacher
As the leading indicator of student success rates, valued and respected educators should be a priority. #morethanateacher #earlyedforall #mrswilmington #mrswilmingtonintl
#repost @chrishemsworth with @get_repost ・・・ It’s time to celebrate teachers for what they really are – Super Heroes.  Proud to join @Ziploc to celebrate teachers and their heroic impact.  Honor your own super hero teacher with #morethanateacher #クリスヘムズワース #thorsday Thursdayじゃなくても Thor'sday
We were so lucky to have Mrs. Akina on @themomsview last week!! She was Gage’s 3rd grade teacher and a true SUPERHERO to us!! #ad Join us and @ziploc by showing your support and celebrating your own superhero teacher with #morethanateacher
Our students deserve well qualified, highly educated teachers.  Our teachers deserve to be adequately compensated for their dedication to life long learning in the pursuit of offering your children the best education, just like any other professional. #redfored #morethanateacher #mrswilmington #mrswilmingtonintl
Taylor Head, my beautiful daughter! Yes, you are #morethanateacher ❤️
I've been teaching for 10 years at MSA. Its still surreal that has been a  decade teaching in a School that I BELIEVE in its Mission.  Teaching our kids through the ARTS and Multiple intelligence. Every year , Senior graduate and its very emotional, this year its been one of the most. Most of these kids you see in these pics I have them for more than 2 year and even 4, even when I was their Theater teacher in MS.  So , you think you teach them because you are the teacher, but unless you are a good teacher, you know you learned more from them!!! You learned  to care more, that this  generation is still GREAT. These students are kind, generous, respectful and with a golden heart.  These kids made me laugh so hard in class like BB, Grant and Ebony. Their comments, their creativity,  their cool attitude towards life. I looked forward to teach those classes  because of them and  I knew it was going to be  fun. Yes, they drove me crazy couple of times, but c'mon thats part of it!!!😂🤣 Others they just love to talk and chit chat like Maria and Sonia, or Luna and Kat who remind me of me when I was that age, so why I will be bother by that. 🤣😂 Other  made me feel like a big sis,  not like a mom !! I refuse to call myself like that for them.  Girls like Kay, and then this girl that stole my heart Emilia, only her knows how much I will miss her. Her heart, its so marvelous,  her character and values are unbreakable. Most of the time She stop at my classroom and looked for advice , but what she didn't know is that she opened my eyes for more too see, than me more of  what I probably gave her in wisdom.  I love my kids, I LIVE for my profession , but only because of kids like them. Who show their true colors and they were my 🌈 in my classses.  LOVE you  class of 2018!!! I will look forward from anywhere and anyplace for  SOMEONE to call me:  Hola Sra. VEGA!! #msa  #manateeschoolforthearts #classof2018 #palmetto #bradenton #teacherlife #teacher #mykids
Our teachers and our students are worth more than this, it is time to show them they are respected and valued. What can we expect the future to look like if we do not invest in it?? #earlyedforall #redfored #morethanateacher #mrswilmington
When you have to design yourself a shirt. 9 more days #morethanateacher #cherishlovecreations #blackeducator #iteach