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#sappypost  Where did the time go? Can I freeze it now? Tonight I crawled into bed with you and, shed tears as I, snuggled you as closely as I possibly could. It’s overwhelming how proud I am of you. I wish I could freeze time so we could enjoy these days a little bit more together. You are my life! The reason I get out of bed and fight to make it through each day. I would do anything for you. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.  You won’t ever yearn for a thing my darling. Mommy’s got you 💞 #motherlylove #pouringmyheartout #proudparent #mybabyisgrowingup #sleeping #sleepingbeauty #napqueen
Do I even need a caption for this beautiful child 😍💕😍 #mommiesboy #mommiesworld #motherlylove #unbreakablebond #lovelikenoother
Being a mother is the best feeling in the world 💕 #motherlylove #mommiesboy #mommiesworld #lovelikenoother #loveofmylife #unbreakablebond
Not a mom day, just a reminder, you'll always be her lil daughter and she'll greatly miss your presence. Btw when was the last time you hugged her? May be it's time! #indiagramwedding _____________________ 📸 by @thewhitebox.in
When I say boobs have magic powers I am not even referring to all the incredible health benefits in breastmilk. What I am referring to instead is how incredibly significant the act of breastfeeding is between a mother and her child. It’s the unwritten love language, first steps in communication, the comfort pillow unlike any other and the all mighty way of saying “ I got you”. If you followed my story today you would know that Jordan my 15 month old took a pretty scary fall at the park. Once he calmed down a little, I offered him my breast. Without hesitation, he took a big breath in through his nose and latched on. He then proceeded to lay his little head on my chest and let out a huge sigh of relief. That’s when I knew he was going to be OK. You see, breastfeeding is the pathway to communication without words and allows mother and child to exchange the very powerful and mutual feelings of “I got you”. That instant feeling of relief rushes from the baby to the mother and both are instantly calm. Boobs are so dang special and today I was extra thankful for my milk makers and their super powers ! 💥💥 . . . . . . .  #boymom #motherlylove #raisinggentlemen #naturelover #normalizebreastfeeding #postpartum #naturalbirth #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedingmama #hippiemama #cosleeping #happywife #boobiemilk #boobsareforbabies #momlife #happylife #growinglittles #raisingboys #momsofinstagram #momsclub #selflove #lifestyle #magicofchildhood #instinctual
That’s not what I hoped would happen.  Another dr visit for another earache went today (FYI: this is her 5th earache this year.) She said since she feels yucky she’ll keep the Willy head on and that way you can’t tell she’s sick. 🐯 😔  Uggh. I hate it when my baby’s aren’t feeling well. Update: Looks like ENT and tubes time for our baby girl. #motherhoodunplugged #daughterlove #mamaoftwo #oilfieldwife #livingbyfaith #yucky #wildcat #thursdayvibes #motherlylove
Piyang’s Day!! She’s been bugging me to go to yogurtland for days now and I gave up.🤣😂 #motherlylove #sophieandmommytime #irvinespectrum#gymnastkid
Today was likely our last 90 degree day of the year so twinning at the pool was a must 💜
BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT WITH MY 7TH GRADER!! TRA-TRA  #oldestson #mylove #mommasboy #proudmom  #motherduties #motherlylove #mothersjobisneverdone #middleschool #fitmom
This little chunky monkey has hit the milestones to start baby led weaning. We’ve actually been trying things out for a couple of days now.There’s more mess being made than actual eating but it’s so fun to watch her have fun with it.⠀ •⠀ And a little nerve wracking for me, but I’m slowly getting more and more comfortable with each feeding. She’s tried bananas, sweet potato, and avocados.⠀ •⠀ For me, I’m starting out with one food item at a time. I know some people just dive right in with several different items on a plate, but we have some food sensitivities in our family and I’d rather be safe than sorry. But ever family is different and so are their needs.⠀ •⠀ If you did baby led weaning, what meal/food did they try first?!?!
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