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Yesterday I crossed another item off the old bucket list...an ultramarathon @riversedgeultra It was supposed to be 50km but due to weather and safety concerns they shortened the course. It wound up being around 36 km but no less challenging. I rappelled down a cliff bank, sank knee deep in a mud bog and slid on my ass down many a mucky hill. It was awesome, gruelling and humbling. Came across the line to my amazing husband and a third place finish. Next up...Boston 2019. Did I mention I got into Boston? #myfirstultra #ultramarathon #riversedgeultra #theroadtoboston
Siis, kui kõik oli veel lust ja lillepidu 🤪 sellist kogemist ei vahetaks mitte millegi vastu. Kogu oma võlus ja valus!  foto: Anna Markova (@mankaphoto ) #100km #sillamäeultra #minuesimene24hjooks #minuesimeneultra #myfirstultra #uhkeolla #happyrunner #icandoit #minaviitsin #goalsaretobeachieved
Ultra challenge run 21: Surrey Hills Challenge half marathon. It started horrifically, tipping it down with rain! Running up Leith Hill was basically running up a river, the paths were insane. It was by far the hardest half marathon I have ever done but it was also the prettiest and it gave me a lot to reflect on for the ultra 😊 and yes I look like a dork! #surreyhillschallenge #ultrachallenge #ultramarathon #myfirstultra #trailrunning #halfmarathon
Ultra challenge run 21: Bromley Parkrun with dad and @alanabrownxox Today was about pacing dad. He can comfortably run Parkrun in 28 minutes but hasn't done a 10k in a looong time, he is doing the Petts Wood 10k in a few weeks so we were attempting to run further and a bit slower - the only problem? He kept running off! 😂  Anyway I'm now super excited about tomorrow's @surreyhillschallenge I'm doing the half marathon and it'll be my first official trail race! Now to spend the rest of the day eating pasta and attempting to find an outfit! #ultrachallenge #ultramarathon #myfirstultra #parkrun #surreyhillschallenge #halfmarathon #trailrunning
OMG! What have I done! Signed up for my very first ultra race. The weekend after my next HM... 🙈😳😱 . . Love the concept. Food and chatter between the rounds, could it be better? 😁 I’m super exited, really looking forward to this! . . Guess I need to get in some runs on really tired legs to prepare. . . #run #ultrarunning #runnersofnorway #runnersofinstagram #running #myfirstultra #backyardultra #stavangerbackyardultra
Ultra challenge run 20: Danson Park dash!  I got called into work last minute today - it turned out to be quite a difficult shift and the only thing that got me through was this run to look forward to! Mixing it up a little today in Danson Park.. It was here I first started my running journey doing park run with Leo. I remember we had a big argument and I think I even cried halfway around. Two years later and I can appreciate just how far I have come both physically and mentally and all with the support of Leo. #ultrachallenge #ultramarathon #myfirstultra #parkrun #dansonpark
"Purpose fosters motivation; motivation lets us endure a greater perception of effort; and enduring a greater perception of effort often results in better performance." Keep climbing sister, keep pushing, it's worth it. ✨ 📷@jecaristotleballou #50ktraining #trailrunning #myfirstultra #hillsfordays #peakperformance
Ultra challenge run 19: Dulwich runners club run. An adventure in the dark through Brockwell Park! Good fun😁 Just a short one tonight because this amazing lady @emilyroseruns ran a smashing time in Berlin on Sunday and is doing it all over again in Chicago in two weeks! #ultrachallenge #ultramarathon #myfirstultra #dulwichrunners #clubrun
After rolling out of bed this morning, I allowed myself to scroll through Instagram and my online mom community, not feeling bad about it. Sometimes your brain just needs a break. Then, after the coffee kicked in, I felt the urge to go for a run. So here’s this beautiful view found in my new neighborhood.  This run allowed me to take some time for myself, relax a little, and plan my day. Isn’t that so needed? A little time to yourself? You come back a completely different person.💕
My Ultra experience💜 From getting convinced to work in China just to see my favourite DJ up close to crying in a portapotty the night before, these 2 days and the 6 months leading up to this were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Thank you to my team for giving me a reason to not give up. Grateful for my vendors and volunteers, all the fans, the DJs, the crew, the people I’ve met. I learned so much from all of you. #myfirstultra #onceinalifetime #soworthit✨🐍 . . . . . #ultramusicfestival #ultra #ultrachina #ultrabeijing2018 #umfteam #umf #backstage #edmlife #ravegirls #edmgirls #eatsleepraverepeat #musicfestival #behindthescenes #festivalseason #beijing #arminvanbuuren #djsnake #nickyromero #zedd #galantis #axwellingrosso #oliverheldens #afrojack
Ultra challenge run 18: the face of a super happy lady! After Sunday's 'run' I needed to find a better way of managing my head space. I read one good way is to set your watch to the mile you are in, rather than looking at the total. It works! In fact I didn't really check my watch at all, by not looking at how far I had gone it made me focus on how my body was feeling each step of the way and it felt good! Before I would think oh I've run a mile, better have a walking break... 2.5 miles later and I didn't stop 😊 #ultramarathon #ultrarunning#myfirstultra #tootingbeccommon #superhappy #trailrunner
Ultra challenge run 17: bad bad bad. When I have bad days they really suck. Having severe discomfort when I run, to the point I can't even bring myself to jog down the hills.. I will have a few days rest (self prescribed!) I tried though and I still used it as practice in my new fancy trail shoes. Speaking of... They are amazing! So supportive of my weak ankles and it didn't take any time to wear them in. Thanks @salomonrunning, they are going to be great for the Surrey Hills Challenge next weekend.  #myfirstultra #ultrachallenge #ultramarathon #surreyhillschallenge #hurtwood50k #surreyhillstrailweekend #trailrunning
"I GET to run here!" That was what kept echoing in my head during my 20 mile course preview run. I'm 3 weeks out from #50k race day and today I got to test out some of the hardest portions of the course. The beauty overshadowed the challenges. I cannot wait for the opportunity to see it all from start to finish.  #myfirstultra #skylinetothesea50k #bigbasinstatepark #saturdaylongrun #trailrunning #optoutside #grateful #naturerocks
Ultra challenge run 16: hanging with the dinos 🐾 Today was about hills, I covered 750ft of elevation gain around Crystal Palace. It was tough and I now feel really sick but on the positive side I could've kept going at that pace for hours! Today I tried real food for the first time, a tiny piece of flapjack. It was a nice idea but made me ridiculously thirsty and took ages to eat... So back to the drawing board! I'm now doing doubles every weekend so I'll be back at it with a 6 mile run tomorrow. #ultramarathon #ultrarunning #myfirstultra #longrun #lsr #hurtwood50k
I basically got knocked down and dragged around on today’s long run. Not really but that’s what it felt like!😖It’s #peakweek for ultra training, I was shooting for 22 but topped out at 18 miles. That was still damn good for being almost 22 weeks pregnant but my body was kind of hating me. Race day is officially less than a month away  and it’s all tapering from here. While training, my body started having some serious aches and pains so I cut a few intense runs from my schedule. I feel pretty good about the last few month’s of running and I guess I’m ready for 31 miles of trail running! We’ll see in October!!
Ultra challenge run 15: Tempo effort 2km warm up, 4x1km 9-9.15 minute mile, 2km cool down. This felt good, I was scared after Sunday's effort as my pace was so slow by the end of the half marathon effort! I didn't need to be as I was spot on with my timing 😊 I'm going to be doing more interval training in the hope it'll help with my stamina and head space for the ultra.  I could've kept on running at the end!  #ultramarathon #ultrarunning#myfirstultra #tempo #intervals
Feeling #totesemosh as I finish this epic book with my own (albeit teeny tiny) NZ adventure ahead. Thank you @annamcnuff it was a joy and full of #inspo! 😢💪🏻🙏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️ #girlsthatwander #morethanamarathon #taraweraultra #thisgirlcan #running #runningmotivation #runningadventure #newzealand #girlgains #myfirstultra #50k
Ultra challenge run 14: PWR coastal run!! I loved today, the friendships and support I got from my fellow club runners is amazing. I started the day with the plan to run in a different group (7 miles) and ended up doing pretty much a half marathon! It was tough as I wasn't mentally prepared but these guys kept me going - if only for the lovely cherry cider and burrito at the end. #ultrarunning #myfirstultra #ultrachallenge #coastalhalf #beautiful #hernebaytomargate