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This needs no explanation, but I'm rarely that short winded.  Your practice, your beliefs, your magick - do it *your* way.  You're going to hear a lot of opinions - no shortage really. But, how can you do your magick effectively when it doesn't feel right, when it makes you question what feels good or when it comes solely from the guidebook of someone else? Magick needs to make sense to no one, but the practitioner (that's my opinion, feel free to disagree). Now, I'm someone who shares what I've come to learn with others. And I hope through all of it I am crystal clear, with a zillion disclaimers, that what works for me may not be 100% what resonates with you. And through it all, you must always be empowered to throw away, rewrite or put aside for later viewing as you best see fit.  We could spend ages arguing over the best crystal to use to enhance intuition, the perfect phase of the moon to perform ritual, whether the cards can or cannot see into the future, whether past lives run parallel or - I don't know - fucking perpendicular to the present. Like honestly who knows. Is it working for you? Good! Then it works...for you 🔮  Do your thing - k? ✔️p.s this is meant to be commentary on rather benign topics. yes, there is room to have very definitive opinions about super serious shit, in fact, please do. ✔️p.p.s this is not a rant against sharing views and opinions. do your thing, remember? this is permission for others who don't agree to take it with a grain of salt. ✔️p.p.p.s i think Aries season has finally kicked in for me 😂  #magick #mymagickmyway #ritual #spirituality
Friday magick with Freya, Frigga and Venus ❤️ Calling in love and patience for our family, love for myself since I am severely lacking in this right now, fertility 😍, love for our home since we haven’t showed her how much she means to us and also for strength while I walk my new path. Love love love starting my mornings watching the sun rise and creating beauty to honor the planets.  #witch #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #witchmama #pagan #pagansofinstagram #paganmama #solitarywitch #practicalmagic #everydaymagic #hoodoo #eclecticwitch #mymagickmyway #planetarymagick #fridaymagick #frigga #freya #venusmagic
New additions to my fertility and pregnancy altar. And a message I wrote. I don’t normally like to speak my mind as I am one who doesn’t like to rock the boat. But today, I’m speaking my mind. I have noticed this trend lately, shaming the witches who like to use crystals, candles and pretty things while doing their magick. I am not understanding this issue. Why does one person have to shame another about how they practice their spirituality? I think it is the equivalent of the mommy wars crap I see everywhere now. Just because a witch has the money to purchase the items that make them feel good about the magick they do, does not make them less of a witch. Or just because a witch already has a whole arsenal of witchy trinkets and doodads, doesn’t make them less of a witch. If you only have what you can find in nature, by all means, use it!!! If you have the money to buy beautiful things made by a stay at home witch who supports their families with selling on Etsy, do it!! Support your community. Here is the thing with me, I am a bad witch. I hate spending time outside. LOL! I like to admire nature for a few moments and then head back into my cool or warm house. So MY way of honoring my god and goddess is by creating what I perceive to be beautiful rituals. Using what i have here that I bought over the years. I love to use all my crystals, herbs and colored candles. It is MY way of doing magick. I am a very visually oriented person by nature. I love to look at what I have created and offer my gratitude to the divine for allowing me to do so. So there is a saying in the online business world about not worrying what your neighbor is doing, stay in your own lane. I am putting a spin in that and saying, here in the online witchy world, don’t worry about what your neighbor is doing, stay on your own altar ;-) #witch #witches #witchesofinstagram #witchymama #pagan #pagansofinstagram #paganmama #fertilitywitch #fertilityspell #fertilityritual #fertilitycoach
Mercury and Morrigan, Wednesday planetary magick, helping with my communication skills today, supporting me in the knowledge I have to do what needs to be done, offering financial guidance for today’s transactions, helping with the fear that is creeping in around transitions.  #witches #witchesofinstagram #witch #witchcraft #witchmama #pagan #pagansofinstagram #paganmama #planetarymagick #mercury #morrigan #candlemagic #herbalmagic #crystalmagic #solitarywitch #magickmyway #beautifulwitchcraft #itsokaytouseprettythings #magickalmamas #magickalliving #magickal #hoodoo #greywitch #practicalmagic #practicalwitchcraft #everydaymagic #usewhatyouhave #mymagickmyway