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I always looked forward marrying a friend and indeed by God's grace he landed me  one.  It's very important to have a friend in your partner. It will not always be romance in your marriage , sometimes /most times you will be just two people doing life together.  May friendships in marriages thrive #mystory #marriagelife
I want to say a big #thankyou to my entire clientele @ginastotalfitness_ct who motivates me and inspires me to provide FREE workouts & motivation everyday @fitwithgina_ct to people who can not attend my gym.  I honestly could care less about the number #10k as a “follower” I am hoping I have some impact & I can motivate all 10k of you everyday to become a better version of yourself.  My therapist (yes who doesn’t have one 🤣) asked me the other day what’s my purpose...I responded “to try and reach as many people as I can with #mystory” she knew exactly what that meant and 😄  I truly ❤️ & appreciate every single one of you especially through this last year. Honestly I don’t know how many times I told myself that @ginastotalfitness_ct was over, that I was too sick to run a fitness business, too sick to train people, I mean I could barely get out of bed some days, but YOU guys kept me going, kept me strong, kept me fighting & I appreciate it everyday. Everyday is a battle but our mind is so powerful...read my wall if you are ever in my gym or see my posts on my @fitwithgina_ct page
How I stared unleash last year vs. How I'm UNLEASHING this year. Are you ready?? 1 more day, before we take off.  Ask me how to get started.  Let's do it together. 💪 #unleashyourself24 #getfit #mystory #changeisgood #transform #fitmom #livingmybestlife @morgannicolemartin @birdsong05 @beautifullymade1908 @teddy_bear_5106 @beautifulbrown_paramedic @dokesdejah
They say he’s deaf and I’m disabled and we’re without. We’re saying we have more than enough in HIM. (JESUS) 🌵Southwest Ministry Tour🌵 #arizona #thisweek #theworld #nextyear #evangelist #imafighter #liveinspired #hustlehope #mystory #hisglory @simonsayzwassup
#borntoshine🌟 #mystory 💎💫❤️ #enjoyamoment 💑#withallmyheart💜#itsmylife❤️andiloveit #iloveyou🔥🖤💜
You call it a selfie, I call it art.
"She is clothed with strength and dignity, & she laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25 #mystory #notashamed #thankyoujesus #butgod
My good friend @sannahakansson came by earlier this evening, wanting to go for a swim. A swim turned into dinner and later a walk. It was amazing to explore the surroundings with her this beautiful evening.  I'm so grateful for our friendship, it's built on mutual trust, love and understanding. Sanna was one of the few friends who knew early on about my struggles with mental issues (anxiety, depressions, worry, high demands on myself etc) and has, since I was about 13 years old and just had reached a new low point, followed my long journey to where I am today. Thank you for your never ending support! ❤️ She's the one who really encouraged me to write my book and tell my story. #writeabook #skrivabok #psykiskhälsa #psynligt #nature #natur #bok #mentalohälsatillhälsa #mentalhealth ##anxiety #feelbetter #friendship #swedishsummer #swedenasitsbest #myjourney #mystory #adventures #dreams #depression #feelgood #goals #grounded #breathe #recreation #sunset #öresundsbron
My  Truth ... I did something I never thought I would do in my life or relationship I cheated on a females but my own insecurities and fears . Instead of staying true to myself I hurt a women and broke down and I had to set there and witness her change from this loving person till very hurt , heart broken person and sucked cause nothing I could and I knew it was mostly my fault .. Ladies what you do to a man he have to live with if you hurt him den you leave him confused on what he did wrong and what love is . Almost all my relationship I been cheated on never cheated on them n, never tried to hurt them back just on with my life , I cheated once and I regret it that’s something I will never do again .  So ladies if you think as man we don’t get hurt by feelings rethink that  Fellas be carefully how to treat these females you will regret and long run  #mytruth #truth #honesthour #sorry #mystory #storytime #love #hurt #heartbreak #grownman #usmanhurttoo #wehavefeelings #becareful #behonest #be100
Happy Saturday everyone! #behappy #beyou
What are you doing to make your dreams a reality?  Me: On the beautiful Saturday afternoon, I am sitting in front of computer at my dining room table working on content for my collaboration with @dr_sadi. I have been thinking about the people that I appreciate what they are doing in reference to their purpose walk. Its inspiring to see what @lisa2motivate @susiecarder @myleik @oprah @naptural85 @messinabottle @talkingwithtanya @realtalkkim @baabwriting @epicaprille are doing to not only follow their dreams but to provide a platform for others.  What I appreciate most about this group of women is their transparency related to their journey. They don’t just talk about where they are today but detours, missteps and learning moments. Most of them didn’t start out speaking to large sold out stadiums or closing million dollar deals BUT.... they started... with what they had...no excuses...achieved their dreams.  What’s your excuse? #thismessageisforyou #thismessageisforme