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#breakfast for #navigatingthroughnovember .  The sun comes up and the cats wait for us to vacate the diningroom before they move in for their all afternoon sun siesta. .  Although time has been limited to write of recent, I had some really fabulous posts scheduled. Creativity, Fear, and Self-trust are sujects I tackle this week and come up with some pretty profound observations. Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee.com. .  Happy news! I got my nerve numbing procedure finally done today. I have been holding my breath all Summer and Fall to finally be pain free. Today is the day. I also dyed my hair and got a pedicure. How's that for some self care? .  #diningroom #catsofinstagram #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #morning #createeveryday #writersofinstagram #blogger #mywiadomlessons
My blog post from yesterday is titled When Not Getting What You Want is a Good Thing. Link in my profile to my thoughts on wanting the wrong things and how I'm changing that around. "Sometimes what we want isn’t really good for us. Our want can be based on what our inner 6-year-old wants but she doesn’t have the reasoning that the rest of her life could have given her." " We want money, fame, or power but when we get it, we squander or abuse it because we haven’t the emotional wisdom to manage our gift. " " To be so invested in any outcome as an absolute necessity is to forget the universe might have better plans for you than your inner six-year-old." "Earning enough to be philanthropic would be a better goal. Having clout enough to champion a cause would be a better reframe of fame." #ontheblog #soul_selfie #selfdevelopment #enough #eamonspencerpeach  #fionamariepeach #imawriter #positivepsychology #mywiadomlessons