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#wellness for #naigatingthroughnovember .  My wellness was all I was focused on this past Summer. Pain and propensity for infection had me going to a dozen appointments in those three months. I say, you need to keep following the bread crumbs to your own health and recovery. .  The sinus surgery hasn't quite healed and last month, I got an infection after a cold. Ok.Whatevs.  And this Monday I go get a procedure done to hopefully finally alleviate me from the SI joint pain completely. There are more options. .  Sometimes wellness seems so intangible. Sometimes you do and you do and you expect for it all to be better. And it isn't. That seems harder than anything but I just keep on keeping on. .  We are worthy of hope. We are worthy of care. And sometimes that just takes a while. .  Hugs to all of you who need to begin on your wellness plans. I get it. .  #zinnias #brickpatio #backyard #healing #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons #nothingsordinary #liveauthentic #writersofig