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#repost @nandoofatleti with @get_repost ・・・ • Let's remember some occasions when Torres scored (or almost scored since last sunday his beautiful action was saved in extremis by a defender) with a chip 😍⚽✨ - #fernandotorres #elniño #torres #throwback #seleccion #españa #liverpool #atleticomadrid #fermazing #ferfect #ferliever #nandoofatleti #nandoofatletiedits #nandoofatletifiltered
#repost @nandoofatleti with @get_repost ・・・ • Nando's celebration was something he never did before: it's the 'Wakanda forever' salute that is now becoming a popular form of celebrating among the sportsmen after the success of the Marvel film Black Panther. Searching on the net some information about it, it seems that arms should be crossed on the chest in the opposite order but anyway we don't know exactly cause personally I didn't hear Nando talk about this after the match... if you know anything more just write in the comments! 👇 Anyway nice gesture, Fer! ☺ I always love his celebrations ❤ didn't expect this one and for whatever reason he made it, it made me happy to see it! 😍  #fernandotorres #elniño #torres #atleticomadrid #europaleague #lokomotivatleti #doblete #brace #smile #happiness #celebration #wakandaforever #blackpanther #fermazing #ferfect #ferliever #thegreatest #proudtobeatorrista #nandoofatleti #nandoofatletiedits #nandoofatletifiltered
#repost @nandoofatleti with @get_repost ・・・ • Helloo unfollowers I'm still alive 👅🤗 - This is a quick parallel I prepared today about two important braces ⚽ I just came up with it by chance 🙈 Yesterday night I couldn't sleep right away, so I lay in bed for a while reading some old notes I've got in a spiral notebook where I used to keep articles and other stuff about Fer. And there was this part where I wrote about how the night he scored his first brace in Champions was kinda a turning point for me. Cause you know, at that time I'd been supporting him for a little more than one year, but it was difficult for me to follow his performances since I didn't have satellite tv and not even internet at home, so rarely could I watch a full match of him, and generally all I could do to know how he was going was read some news on the newspapers' sport section and watch highlights of the foreign championships whenever they broadcasted anything on free channels. When there was Champions League I could always check all the goals highlights late at night, and that night when Fernando scored for his first time ever in CL I was so happy and excited and stayed up late even though I had school the following day, just because I couldn't wait to see him 😍 Woah, I had almost forgot about that... not about those two goals, for sure not, but about the fact that I wrote about staying up late to see them 😅 God, it was like a lifetime ago... This makes me think that I feel so so grateful for all these years I could support him and watch him grow into the amazing man he's become, through good and not-so-good moments... I can't help smiling while I'm writing this cause I am so proud of him, and proud to have become a Torrista... ❤ I hope he can still stay around for some time cause he is still so full of power and enthusiasm, and I don't want his last years of career to be ruined by people who don't give him the space he gained with his efforts and his good