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Don’t let those numbers define you. The numbers on the scales. The likes on a photo. The followers you have. The numbers in your bank account. The numbers on your clothes. None of these define who you are. • • •  The way you treat people, who you are as a human, the way you make others feel about themselves. The strangers your smile at, The people you go out of your way to help. That’s what makes you an amazing person not some silly numbers. ✨ • • • • • #houseofbigmama #quote #qotd #quotestoliveby #quotesdaily #quotestagram #quotesofinstagram #quotesoftheday #house #home #homedecor #kindness #kind #bekind #numbers #numbersdontdefineyou #substance #moresubstancethannumbers
Why are we so obsessed with measurements and statistics?  Why do we let numbers run our lives? Why do we permit ourselves to be defined by things we can count and compare: how much we weigh, the amount we earn, the number of calories we consume, how many steps we take, the percentage of answers we get right, and so on and so on? How are those qualities and characteristics that can’t be quantified any less valid or important? 🔢⏱📟⏳💷📊 The answer is that they’re not. In fact, in my view they are much, much more so. Think of love, of kindness, of compassion, of creativity. Where would we be without them? So how about we stop attributing so much value to things which rid us of humanity and individuality, and start celebrating the ones which allow us to express our uniqueness! 💕✨👫🌈🎶🎨 #numbersdontdefineyou #morethanastatistic #morethananumber #iweigh #iamnotmyweight #iamnotmygrades #celebrateindividuality #celebratediversity #kindness #compassion #humour #creativity #bekind #supportoneanother #youmatter #youareimportant
Repost @youngmindsuk Never compare yourself to others and be proud of what you achieve!  You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose #drsuess  #youngminds #celebrateyourself #beproud #alevelresults #keepgoing #destress #yougotthroughit #dontstop #numbersdontdefineyou #mentalhealthmatters
It's easy to tear yourself down when you're not getting the grades all your friends are. But you worked just as hard. Not everyone is made for exams. Celebrate what you did get and focus on where you're going. And if you don't know what your next step is, then that's okay too. Everything will work out for the best 💗👏 #repost @youngmindsuk (@get_repost) ・・・ #celebrateyourself #yousurvived #takeyourtime #destress #youwillgetthere #yougotthroughit #numbersdontdefineyou #youareenough #loveyourself #youredoinggreat alevelresults #examresults #alevelresultsday #alevels
Whether you’re excited about or dreading getting your results today, we wish all #leavingcert students well today!  #numbersdontdefineyou #resultsday #itllbegrand
Y’all get OFF the scale!!! Stop letting it determine your success!! . Guess what!... I’m down 2 lbs. 🤨 Great. Yay. . Except, I feel like CRAP!!! . I haven’t eaten well the last 4 days, I’m bloated, I am dragging and don’t have energy. And I truly just don’t FEEL good. My clothes aren’t fitting right and I don’t feel confident. Yet the scale says I’m down 2 lbs. 🤔 I could care less about those 2 lbs when I feel like garbage. . What matters more to me is how I FEEL and how confident I am in what I’m wearing! So even though those 2 lbs would ‘normally’ tell me I’m doing something right - I know I have NOT done what I need, to really give myself success. . I’d rather weigh more and feel GREAT than weigh less and feel like CRAP. 🙅🏻‍♀️ . Workout done ✅  Mind is right ✅ I’m taking steps back to feeling good! ✅ . . . . #screwthescale #numbersdontdefineyou #eatgoodfeelgood #fitandhealthy #strongnotskinny #postpartumfitness #momof2 #fitmom #fitnessathome
The numbers on the scale shouldn’t affect our happiness the weight put on our body shouldn’t be a weight put on our shoulders. The thing that is most important is that we are happy 😃 that we fulfil and achieve everything that we want to in life 💪 and finally that we remember that ‘numbers don’t define you’ 👊 #numbersdontdefineyou #achieve #quote #staystrong #dwaboutnumbers #behappy #bestrong #fufilandachieve
The BMI system (which measures your body fat based off your height and weight) is flawed in determining an individual's complete health status. . Let's consider something for a minute. Compare these two people... Person A falls into the "healthy" BMI range, yet does not get any regular physical activity and has a diet that leaves much to be desired. Person B falls into the "overweight" BMI range, yet has a regular exercise routine and eats a balanced diet consisting of fresh foods, whole grains, lean meats, healthy fats, etc. . Who is in better health? When you exercise you are lowering your risk for cardiorespiratory disease among increasing other health benefits.  While having a healthy body weight is good and can be a quick way to measure health risks, it doesn't measure your overall health.  Normal-"fit" people have less risk of mortality than normal-"unfit" people.  Now, overweight-"fit" people also have a lower risk when compared to normal-"unfit" people. . You see, being healthy or "fit" is not solely based on the numbers on the scale. A healthy weight also depends largely on the specific factors for the individual including body composition, family health history and current health status.  Healthy is an outfit that looks different on every person.
Nothing hurts my heart more than seeing someone judge their success and self worth based on what the number on a scale shows. 😖 . So, I’m standing behind and becoming part of the #iweigh movement. . Dig deeper and define who you are without using a number! Be bold, be brave, make a post defining who you are and tag me in it! Let’s support each other and take a stand against false validation from a number! 🙅🏻‍♀️ . Check my IG stories above for more details! . . . . #iweigh #numbersdontdefineyou #findyourselfworth #youareworthy #beyou #screwthescale
#wearitagainwednesday brought to you by my wedding shower jeans. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We got married in April and so we decided the end of March for the shower. A dress wouldn’t be possible since it would be cold ((I dislike being cold))...It was very laid back and Ben was actually there to help with gifts and we had a little #pamperedchef demo. I wanted to wear light colored skinny jeans that was going to show off all the hard work I had been doing >> literally dieting and starving myself to fit into my dress
Day 247: Grateful for this image - I’ve had it in my phone for 8 years and it is still true today. And I still need it. Pass it on to someone you know who needs it. #edlessons #numbersdontdefineyou
This weekend I had a couple NSV ! I went and got a coffee,  I usually get a vanilla caramel macchiato but I'm trying to cut my sugar in take back so I got a plain cold brew with 1% milk and added my own stevia! Then we went to a boutique & there were these gorgeous jean shorts normally I wouldn't have even tried them on! Boutique clothes are usually not plus size friendly but I decide why not I grabbed a 1XL almost reached for the 2XL.. tried them on and they were huge on me! Unfortunately the didn't have another size for me to try on (only tiny sizes were left). I also got fitted for a new bra & went down 2 size! . . #numbersdontdefineyou #scalesdontalwaysmatter #weightwatchersfreestyle #ww #wwokie #wwok #wwoklahoma #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #chelsisgettinfit #gettinghealthy #gettinfit #gettingbacktoit #smashinggoals #fitformykids #chasinggoals #gettingmybuttingear #fitmom #25lbs #30moretogo #freestyle #nsv
You should never define yourself by a number. You do you, for you! 💕🏋️💪 #numbersdontdefineyou #youdoyou #healthandwellness #loveyourbody #changestartswithyou #strong #healthy #confident
Determination moves mountains. It flips tires too. #determination #trainwelleatwellbewell #ageisonlyanumber #numbersdontdefineyou
Did you know that your weight can fluctuate almost 5.5lbs a day? I’ve used to be a slave to the scale, but once I’ve learned how much things can change daily I’ve stopped that habit and actually think the scale is the devil in disguise 😄. There are so many better ways to measure your progress, go on how you feel, how your clothes feel, take weekly progress pictures and measurements. You are not defined by a stupid number on a scale!! Love the skin you’re in and realize that every day that you work on your health and fitness is an accomplishment and will benefit your life in so many ways. #thescaleisthedevil #numbersdontdefineyou #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #cleaneating #fitness
~26.07.18~ Today I tried on a old pair of jeans, maybe around a year old when I was a few pounds lighter than I am now😂 and I'm sure you have guessed what I'm going to say next, that they didn't fit well they did bit didn't close.  As soon as I pulled off the jeans I placed them on my bed started thinking about all the crap I consume but don't change my eating habits. Half hour later I started looking into the mirror and picking out my flaws even though I'm usually a positive person and love my self and care for myself as much as I can. But this time it wasn't enough these jeans were my favourite and I felt so low that, the jeans didn't fit.  Like you do I started researching for healthy eating tips blah blah... and it was all the same, the same as I did before diet to the point I  got sick of eating these foods that I completely stopped dieting.  I'm not in the right frame of mind to Start a healthy lifestyle even though I should sooner than later but a thought came to me as the day went on... Why do females and males get pressured into wearing smaller sizes which are tightly fitted or 'muscle fit' just because it's muscle fit does that mean I can't wear it if I'm not *hench* ? NO TOTALLY NOT I believe to wear what ever you like even if that means to go out of your comfort zone as you impress and love others you need to be able to love your self and impress your self.. a number or size cannot define you, you are more than that and every now and then everyone needs to be reminded of their worth. Oh yes going back to the jeans I decided that I'm going to lose a few pounds but not for the jeans but for my self and so I can say that I've made an achievement which will help me in the future. If I really wanted to i could buy the next size up but no I'm better than that I'm going to make myself matter not let myself go and make sure I fit into the jeans so then I can start loving my self again.. The point you let yourself go that's when you lose love for your body,
Health and happiness isn’t about the number on the scale. .  It’s about the quality of life you gain , and the woman you become along the way.❤️ . #livelimitless #beyoutiful #yourchoice #liveyourbestlife  Photo credit to my amazing mom @angiecrompton ❤️