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One of my big goals for this account is to show you, you, that you can accomplish anything. I also want to dispel the idea that the point of working out is to “look good”. For me, this has always been about being able to do things, to live my best life, and to have experiences that I couldn’t otherwise have. - I will be sharing my work outs, thoughts, and adventures with you here. I don’t intend to ever try and sell you anything, I just want to bring value to you, value that can change you life, just like it did for me.
~ Stella never wanted to go on this ‘curly-curly’ (as she calls it) slide, and then one day she just did it and kept on doing it. 🌈  I once saw a Mama force her child to go down it, despite the child’s cries of not wanting to (the fear on the child’s face made me want to cry). I’m not judging the Mama - I heard her say ‘come on, you love slides’, so i guess she was trying to help her child overcome this seemingly (to her) unreasonable fear.  Stella once went through a phase of not wanting to bath (she had always LOVED water). At first I thought she was just being defiant but then when I put her in the water it really appeared as if she was terrified of it. Seems unreasonable right? But I honoured what she was feeling and gave her some time to work through it... it was about a week and she was back in the water again.  Children go through things, just the same as adults do... fears, insecurities, behaviours... phases of new awareness that confuse their understanding of their reality. As their consciousness expands, there’s so much more that is unknown to them, and sometimes it just takes some time for them to integrate this new perception.  It was always amazing to observe how the 2 year olds in my classroom experienced periods of, what looked like, completely irrational fears. Amazing too, was to see how differently mothers responded. In short, what I noticed was that those children with mothers that panicked and always tried to solve ‘the problem’ tended to increase the fear in a way, and the child would take much longer to overcome it. Those children whose mothers acknowledged their feelings and didn’t harbor on about it, managed to overcome those fears much quicker.  In this 2 year old stage when children are just starting to learn how to rationalise and communicate their feelings... let’s try to allow them to feel those feelings, without us compounding their fears with our own (note to self 🙈). ♥️ #consciousparenting
Is #fearfriday a thing? Because even though I didn't complete this obstacle, I don't really consider it a failure. You may not be able to hear on the video, but right before I drop to the tramp, I pause, scrunch my face, and say "I don't want to do this!" Lol! Ninja is as much a mental sport as a physical one. Even though I didn't make the transfer, I didn't let my fear of falling stop me from trying. Hope to make progress on this obstacle soon!  #teamtry #obstacles #ninjatraining #afn #unaa #stonger #purple #purplepower #anw #overcomingfear #trampoline
I had a ton of fun hosting the Songwriters in the Round at @theacousticdencafe tonight!! At the end of the night we talked about overcoming our fears & silencing our inner critic, so I thought this song “The Wall” would be a fitting way to end the night. 😊 Thanks to everyone who came out to listen & support local music! 🎶❤️🎶 . . . . . . . #supportlocalmusic #localmusic #sacmusic #sacsongwriter #sacmusicscene #sacmusician #singersongwriter #overcomingfear #thewall #sacramento #roseville
Fear is a very real emotion that can render us powerless. It can make us choose what we believe will keep us safe, even when the opposite is true. It can make us believe that we can’t do it, we are wrong, the cost is too high, the path ahead too difficult. But every time you choose fear, you lose sight of your highest aspirations and fall prey to being controlled by your history instead of rising to the future you desire and deserve. #overcomingfear #bemotivated
Scales not moving? Reached a plateau? Not happy with your results? I GOT YOU! Let's step away from your scales and step onto mine... • Day after day, week after week & month after month, I see posts about those dreaded stand-still points; you're doing everything right, following your macros/ meal plans/ workouts down to a T, but the scales are on holiday & you're stressed out, frustrated and thinking about giving up! Nothing's working, donuts are calling, your determination is dropping and Lord knows why you even started this! 😭😤 • When last did you measure your NSV (non-scale victories)? When last did you measure your inches/ how your clothes feel? When last did you look at your before/ in progress pictures? WHEN LAST DID YOU WEIGH UP YOUR MENTAL HEALTH? 💭 • You wanna slim up, drop a stone in 1 month, get a killer bikini bod or the physical results of eating & living clean on my TEAKO weight loss program? I got you... BUT, with a healthy body and a mind that's killing you, are you REALLY losing weight?! • Our weight fluctuates for a number of reasons that can be summed up in with number but our mental health is PRICELESS and NUMBERLESS. • When I started eating and living clean, yeah, I dropped pounds like WOAH, but I can't even tell you, without crying, how much pounds I lost in anxiety, depression, confusion, loneliness, self-hate, fear of failure & my longing for appreciation. My diet fed my mind, body and soul & now I'm on a mission to cook up some of this goodness to help YOU kick those physical and mental stones to the curb FOR GOOD. • Regardless of what those scale say, I'm celebrating the other battles I'm winning! Who's in?! 🙋🏽‍♀️💪🏼❤️😘
Show up and see what amazing things can happen 🧐 • • • #showup #becurious #courageous #overcomingfear #challenges #advocate #ladyboss #getmessy #obstacles #bebrave
I have my share of fears. One of them is flipping over. Kart wheels, roller coasters are all the same to me. Sooo today I was thinking about this. I spent about five minutes trying to make my mat straight against the lines on the floor, made some huge decisions about my towel then I noticed my procrastination. Shit or get off the pot Tam. So I did it. I flipped my body over. It wasn’t graceful.  Pretty klunky in fact but I did it. Then I did it again. Then I moved my mat away from the wall and tried again I didn’t break anything but I’ll gladly stick to the wall for now. #phew #nolimit #overcomingshit #overcomingfear #wallyoga #ican #iam #yoga #myyogafortoday #yogafun #yogaeveryday #blackgirlyoga #blackgirlsdoyoga #yogastudent #lifesstudent #yogateacher #yogamom #40plus #stilldoinit
If you anticipate the fear you simply forget to enjoy the joy the moment. I was fearful of the unknown when I knew my phone was safe, and I knew I wasn't going to drown. Although I jumped I jumped with fear and forgot to enjoy and embrace the moment. Don't be me in this moment, if you're going to do it do it without fear or don't do it at all.  #overcomingfear#water#carribbeansea#travelvlogger#travel#momonthego#boatparty#deepbluesea#blue#waves#fear#youshouldbehere#travelholic
Can you tell I'm afraid of this deadlift? . . It's actually the heaviest I've done in ages. Wasn't hard, so if I screwed up, it would have been only because of that fear. . . Story of my life 😔 . . #workout #workoutmotivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #overcomingfears #overcomingfear #gym #gymtherapy
You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy. ------------------------------------------ #bliss #skydiving #edit #skydive #flying #adventure #adrenalinerush #adrenaline #rush #high #fall #blessed #overcomingfear #fear #travel #wanderlust #traveling #cessna #fun #happy #naturalhigh
#repost @lvjonok with @get_repost ・・・ I should do drops more often. I feel much more secure now, only one thing to overcome is fear. @kadrihansen please I really want to teach this so it's looks perfect... @reverieaerial Is it 1.5 turn star drop, or one turn? #aerialsilks #aerialdrop #firsttime #overcomingfear #aerialdrop #reverieaerial #reverieaerialarts #lettinggo #progress #aerialstudent #persistence #aerialclass
A big accomplishment and #proudmoment for this boy this past weekend! - In December he swam his first ever swim meet. For one reason or another, but mainly anxiety, he did not swim in the next 2 swim meets- We had the last meet of the year this past weekend. Not only did he drop  9.2 seconds on his 25m freestyle, he swam it with a smile!
Sadly there are many kinds of fears out there. The range goes from anxieties to just "simple stuff" like fear of the dark.  But God said he doesn’t give us a spirit of bondage again to fear, but a spirit of adoption!  He wants to deliver us, set us free from fear, and lead us into a real deal father-child relationship with Daddy in Heaven!  He wants to show us how we can overcome fear.  I uploaded a video about that on Youtube!  Go, check it out and share with someone! 🙂 (link in profile!) #fear #anxiety #howtoovercomefear #overcomingfear #jesus #faith #growinfaith
So I am not a big fan of heights, although I can manage the feeling of height in general I just can't look down.  However I tried #notredame to see how it works and I felt pretty awesome doing it. Than I had the incredible idea of climbing the #eiffeltower.  Me being scared of heights and on the top of the 314m construction, yay... I survived and it was therapy enough but standing on the glass ground gave me the opportunity to overcome this fear.  You can do it to.  #areyouafraidofheights #billytalent #afraidofheights #france #fear #overcomingfear #height #fearofheight #paris #travel #europe #movies #moviemaniac #2018  @klearit
Self Love ❤️ :  Self-discipline is the definition of self-love. When you say you love you yourself that means, you have a behavior towards yourself that is Loving.  Doing things that you always wish to do, Showing for your dreams for your health and saying No to things that doesn’t Serve you. Discipline has gotten a bad name like punishment. If you want to be happy you have to love yourself disciplining your behavior.😘 . . . . #selflove  #decipline  #commitment  #dreams  #1life #1dream  #dreambig  #lifelovesme  #ilovelife  #iam  #love  #dontgiveup  #decitions  #depression  #tiredofdrama #helpme  #dreamjob  #dreamcareer #gatawayforwomen #createyourlife  #lifebydesign  #motivation  #inspirationalquotes #positivequotes #womenwithachallengingpast #womenwhorock #overcomingfear  #overcomingnegativethinking