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Say a little prayer to the persistent women in your life today, who use their voices and risk their livelihoods to protect others when you don't even wanna feel briefly awkward at a dark bar. #mtlmoments #primemate #mtlaccountable #boybye #patrickmocan #goldenstatekiller #cosbytrial #fattal #canlitaccountable @mollyspittal
(screenshot from @eater) i stand in solidarity with the brave montreal women who came forward identifying #patrickmocan as a rapist and abuser. patrick is someone i met several years ago as he was the good friend of a previous partner. when i broke up with that partner and moved to montreal with very little contacts, he went out of his way to be friendly and invite me to events and places where i could meet people. after a couple off-color comments made about women in general i came to question his motives for hanging out with me, which i confronted him about, but he assured me he was just trying to be kind. i then worked the door at a few of his #morningfever parties until i had to terminate both our friendship and working relationship because of misogynistic/objectifying comments made towards one of my best friends during one such party (and i told him exactly why). some time later two friends of mine confided in me separately that patrick had assaulted one of their friends. as my own online platform grew this continued to weigh on my mind and after a lot of thought, i decided not to call him out publicly/online (yet) because these accounts did not come firsthand from people i had a relationship with, and i wanted to respect the privacy and trauma of people i did not know personally. whether that was a wise or “right” decision is something i’m still not sure of, and something i’m going to have to answer for to both my community and the higher power i believe in. but what i do know is that whenever patrick mocan or anything he was affiliated with was brought up in any of my real-life conversations, i was vocal in denouncing him and discouraging others from attending his events or drinking prime mate (the local beverage company he is associated with) because of the “rumors” that were circulating.  i want to commend the women who chose to share their stories for their courage. as a survivor of sexual assault i know how much energy it takes to perform
Ice Skating w/ awesome funk/soul/ boogie djs such as #thegoods #patrickmocan etc....& @dam_funk !! #rbmamtl #mtl #atrium
Catch some special vibes tonight! Join Patrick Mocan and the Safari Souvenirs for the good times and start your weekend off right
11pm to 3am, get on it 🏝  No cover!
a little grooving, a little eating & start over. #patrickmocan #morningglory #restaurantday #montreal
#yourstruly 2nd Annual BBQ  #patrickmocan @aliciamocan @caitlin_power @90sjamz