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Ludus is so beautiful β™‘
Sibyl. πŸ’•
It's been a while since I posted some sleepy rats ;) Here's Suki dreaming up all the ways she'll get into trouble once she wakes up. ✩ #rat #rats #ratsaspets #ratsareawesome #ratsofinstagram #ratstagram #ratsofig #pet #pets #petrat #petrats #petratsrock #petratsrule #petratstagram #petratsofig #petratsofinstagram #cute #cuteanimals #sleepy
Yummy yummy corn.
Amalthea. You look like a potato.
*hiff hiff*
these two little shits dropped their igloo to the bottom floor from the top then proceeded to feel guilty and squished each other into the corner while expecting me to pick up after their mess! what brats?!?!
i often wish to shrink in size just so i can snuggle comfortably between these two lovely girlies
we went on a little outing to the school library heh
harlie won’t stop RUNNING!
who’s a little baby rat!!!!!!
little snuggly baby
This is Penelope. I adopted her in February along with her three sisters. Her siblings have always been very social, but I have had so much trouble gaining her trust. She rarely comes out of her hammock/hide and absolutely will not let me pick her up. She has never bit me, but has puffed up at me a few times and lunged at me once. I have been working really hard, using lots of treats, coaxing her constantly and being very patient with her trying to get her to like me. In the past week she has made so much progress. She has left the cage multiple times during free roam and has also let me pick her up and pet her a few times...she has been raking treats from me without hesitation...and I am starting to see her more often throughout the day instead of only seeing her head peek out of the hammocks. She is so adorable, and it is really rewarding to watch all of my hard work trying to trust train her finally pay off.
Penelope is still a little camera shy. We're working on it!
My rats were being so quiet. I was worried, and then I looked beside me and realized they had just fallen asleep.