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Hibiscus. I’m subtly pushing @limboleafgardens to become a florist ;) #bloom #arizona
In the garden today #pollen #bees #beehaus #nature
Strawberry milkshake... Again there are loads of variations of this, but this is my favourite&the one my kids like the best too. The Rude Health milk is naturally sweet (& the only 'milk' I've found that's organic& has no additives) & the goats milk makes it really creamy. As stevia goes well with milk you only need a tiny bit of honey or maple syrup, meaning there are no big sugar spikes. I've tried sneaking in various green things when I give this to my kids but spinach is the only one that goes unnoticed. Superfood powders like acerola cherry or baobab can easily be added to give an extra boost, as can bee pollen& lecithin.  Recipe... Approx 10 strawberries Big handful of spinach  Small glass of raw goats milk Small glass of almond milk Small glass of Rude Health coconut milk Sprinkle of salt Pinch of vanilla powder 3-4 drops stevia Splash of maple syrup Blend  #haveyourcakeandeatitnutrition  #raw #milk #goatsmilk #milkshake #superfood #aerola #cherry #baobab #bee #pollen #lecithin #smoothy #healthy #kids #recipe #green
Chloe mal als Queen Bee zu sehen😍🐝 und Pollen auch mit dabei🙊  #miraculous #miraculousfanpage #miraculousfan #ladynoir #adrienette #marichat #ladrien #tikki #plagg #pollen #chloe #queenbee🐝
Hive inspection ✔ both hives have freshly laid eggs and we saw each queen. They are hungry in this drought and eating all their food. We replenished both feeders. This morning we spent time in the garden preparing rows with fresh compost and working through a bit more weeding. Are all of you having as lovely a day? . . ____________________ A honey bee (or honeybee) is any member of the genus Apis, primarily distinguished by the production and storage of honey and the construction of perennial, colonial nests from wax. ▶Bee Facts◀ ▪A queen can lay 1500 to 3000 eggs in a single 24 hour period. Her goal is to lay more eggs each day than the number of bees that are dying off in a colony, which can be 100-1000 per day. ▪Eggs are deposited into the bottom of beeswax brood comb cells and a bee is in the egg stage for 3 days. Worker bees secrete beeswax from a series of glands on their abdomens. They use the wax to form the walls and caps of the comb. ▪Larva in cells look somewhat like little worms. The body is composed of a head plus 13 ring-like divisions orsegments. It grows to fill the cell very quickly. Between the day it emerges from the egg until it reaches the fifth day of development, it will grow six times it’s body weight during each 24 hour period of development. ▪Healthy larva are white in color. ____________________