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Actually don’t know what to do with this kid. Today as I was paying at the checkout Cammie casually walked out of the store with the toy trolley and both dolls, none of which had been or intended to be purchased 🤦🏼‍♀️ needless to say I had to leave the pram in the store to run after Cammie with Theo in the carrier. This led to a toddler tantrum in the middle of the palms. I am so grateful that my medication is obviously working as I can laugh at this situation whereas 4 weeks ago I would be in a puddle of tears!
Eat • Sleep • Feed • Repeat 💯🤦🏽‍♀️ This is pretty much my daily ( and nightly) schedule at the moment! 😂💯 There’s just so little time with two children! - Ezra is 10 days old and oh my goodness can he sleeeeeeeeep 😴... and feed.... and poop! 😂💯 People say I’m lucky but has anyone else had such a sleepy baby? - Although this is my second, I feel like a first time mum. It’s just so different this time! 😳Rio was up all the time and this one just Sleeps and Feeds... he’s only awake like 2/3 hours a day 😮 Anyone else experienced this❓ - What other differences did you notice between your children as babies? - Anyway happy Wednesday... or Thursday.... wait what day is it? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I have no idea what’s going on ... but I do know that in 3.5 hours I’ll be feeding again so excuse me while I get back to the ‘routine’.... I believe ‘EAT’ is next onthe list 😋👍🏾 Happy Hump Day Friends! Shakira 🙋🏽‍♀️ ( @shakira.akabusi ) #stronglikemum
So true ✌️ When the mother is happy and healthy, so too is the family. Then the whole community benefits 😊
Another one of my warm up games 😁  When did YOU last play - like nothing else matters?! Playing is all too often lost as adults. I love the feeling of letting go of serious adult life and simply PLAYING.  #beabetteryou #funmum #kcfitnz
Maybe you need to hear this today from @dayinthelifeofmum ❤️ ・・・ ✨For all the pregnant mamas✨ Anxiety and depression in pregnancy is a real and serious issue that needs more exposure. I’m so happy that as a society we are speaking about mental health more openly but I still feel there is a lack of light on mental health in pregnancy.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not your first pregnancy the experience can still be daunting and leave you feeling confused, worried and overwhelmed.  I tried many times to have this baby and lost many babies along the way. My anxiety mainly stems for worrying about the health of bubba. Still now at 27 weeks I question myself when I purchase something for baby “what if it doesn’t work out” “what if something happens” this is my mind being anxious. It’s a horrible way to think but it’s how my brain works.  Speak to your drs and midwives about these feelings, ask for help when you need it and for goodness sake don’t feel ashamed or guilty of feeling this way.  I’ve been very quite in my captions for a while and it’s because honestly I didn’t know how to come out and say I felt this way or if I should even put it out there. I thought maybe it was best kept quiet.  But the reason I started this page in the first place was to shed light on issues I’m passionate about, share little bits of my life (good and bad) and hopefully help a few people along the way. You are entitled to feel how you feel. You are valid, and you are worthy of someone listening to you🖤
This is an excerpt from one of my blog posts, it’s one of my tips which I find helpful when dealing with stress & anxiety. It's about how I try to find something good in each day even when days have been not so great....and remember we all have bad days! Link in bio to read my blogs. “I am a big believer in positive thinking BUT when you're suffering from a mental illness you can't just 'think positive' or 'snap out of it'. I hate the quotes you often see online like "Some people would love to have your bad days" these perpetuate this idea that we aren't allowed to feel any negative emotion, or get help for how we are feeling because someone must have it worse. Yeah, someone may be going through something awful, but it doesn't take away from any pain you're feeling in your life.....anyway, something I have found very helpful is a positive/gratitude journal. I keep one by my bed and I write any positive things which have happened. Any achievements, no matter how small. I write the things I'm grateful for, and also on the way to school in the morning I do this with the kids in the car, we say what we are grateful for and what good qualities we have i.e. "I am grateful, I am kind, I try my best, I am friendly" it is just way to remind ourselves of the positive things in our lives. When we have stressful situations, we can focus on the negative, it can consume our thoughts and even fuel our depression. It's something I find helpful to read over, it draws my attention away from the negative and reminds myself of the good things." . . . #postnatalanxiety #postnataldepression #anxiety #depression #motherhoodunplugged #mum #mom #mama #mummyblogger #instablogger #mentalhealth #hope #pnd #ppd #positiveblogger #postpartumdepression #tbt #qotd #positivevibes #inspire #pregnancy #newmum #newmom
Ask Me Anything! Next Tuesday at 5pm Athens time, you can hop on a live call with me and ask me anything. Get the details and sign up at doctorsabine.com/ask-me-anything  #empoweredwomen  #pcos #holisticgynaecology #menopause #ambitiouswomen #ovariancysts #lowlibido #pms #pmdd #hormonalimbalance #hormones #bioidenticlehormones #naturalremedies #depression #postnataldepression #perimenopause #healthymama #womenshealth  #askmeanything #ama
Today as we celebrate International Yoga Day, our squares are dedicated to a practise that NJM firmly believes helps mind, body and spirit.  How does Yoga help your mind? Many would agree that it is a wonderful medicine.  Practising yoga lowers your ‘amygdala’ activity – the “fight or flight” part of the brain that’s responsible for detecting threats and generating fears, whilst activating the ‘insula’ – responsible for balancing and integrating your thoughts and emotions.  It give us the self-awareness to keep our mind clear and respond thoughtfully rather than reacting erratically.  If you are new to yoga, don’t be put off by the notion that you have to be ‘super flexible’, find a class that works for you and your comfort level. For beginners and women post birth, ensure instructors are trained post-natally.  Grab a mat and take chance to stretch and breathe!
During a meditation last night I heard this phrase and thought what a good concept it was to hold on to.  For any person going through life we are all faced with challenges, upsets, anger, fear, happiness, joy. Sometimes we can get stuck in the idea that these feelings will never shift especially during times of hardship, emotions and hormones or depression.  By being able to understand how you are feeling and telling yourself that no matter how strong the emotion is in the present moment, that feeling will eventually lose its power and you will come through with a brand new emotion ❤️ #emotions #powerofemotions #depression #postnataldepression #anger #joy #happiness #sadness #feelyouremotions #itwillpass #itsnotforever #youarestrong #youarepowerful #meditation #mums #dads #newbaby #family #familylife #lifechallenges
When we have an unpleasant situation to deal with or we have been shocked or distressed by an event, our bodies energies can become blocked, or excess energy can arise somewhere in the body.  With Kinesiology, I am testing the body to see exactly what thoughts are stressing your body. This may be past, present or future stress, all of which can be balanced accordingly.  One of the easiest, yet most powerful supports you can use when feeling stressed is simply holding the front of your forehead. People often do this instinctively, putting their head in their hands without much thought to their actions, but it's your body's way of intuitively knowing what you need to do to think more clearly!  So simple! Yet so effective. The warmth of your hands will bring fresh blood flow to the frontal lobes of your brain, allowing you to think of a solution to your problem. Or perhaps it won't even be a problem anymore! 🤔 😊 🙌 💕
Do you make everyone else the priority before you even begin to think of yourself? Do you make sure everyone else is cared for without even considering your own needs? . What do you think this teaches your kids about self care? . How will your children learn how to care for themselves if you don't show them how? . If you have a newborn then of course there are many things you need to do for them before you can look after you. But as kids get older you need to find the balance again. You need to meet your childrens basic needs and your own. .  It isn't healthy to only focus on your children. It teaches them to be selfish and not compromise their own wants for others. .  So when you make decisions think about everyones needs, including your own. You aren't helping anyone by not standing up for yourself ❤. . Hi my name is Brooke Shelton and I'm a accredited AMHSW and family therapist.  I've been working with parents and families for over a decade and I have kids of my own. . I started a parenting facebook group (pregnancy, birth and beyond) because I believe all of us parents need more help and support at times.  Link on main insta page if you want to join ☺.
Yahoo! Ya girl is back in the game! Despite having Lily’s birthday party this week I’ve been able to have an amazing loss! Just goes to show that when you don’t stuff your face full of cake/chips/party food you can still enjoy yourself without the weight gain! So bloody proud of this loss! Kicks me up to 16.4kg/36.2lb/2st 8.2lb 💪🏼 Also I’m so close to being under 100kg I can almost taste it!
My depression can make me think horrible, unimaginable thoughts, that make no sense.  This is not me; this is not who I am.  I know I am loved. I know I am cared for.  Something inside of me tries to convince me otherwise; but I know it's not true.  This is my story. This is my depression.  It's not easy at all.
Gender disappointment. Becoming a parent comes with many hopes and dreams, including wanting an easy pregnancy, a positive birth experience or the desire to have a boy or a girl.  There can be a lot of shame for the parent experiencing these feelings, constantly hearing you should ‘just hope for a healthy baby’ or ‘be grateful you can conceive and have a baby at all’ and similarly judgement from others about openly wanting a specific gender and especially having feelings of disappointment if your baby is not the gender you hoped for.  There are many reasons why someone may have a strong desire and therefore disappointment to have a specific gender, imagining the baby is one gender and then being shocked when it is another, already having one or several children of one gender, feeling they wouldn’t know how to relate to a boy or a girl, experience of abuse with a particular gender and family or cultural pressure.  The feelings are genuine, parents can feel grief and a sense of loss of the realization that the relationship will not be as they hoped or they may never have a son or a daughter and during an emotional time it can be very distressing.  Because of the controversy around gender disappointment, it is difficult for parents to express and process their feelings and for all new parents, there is a range of emotions that they will be experiencing and their feelings need to be heard and validated.  Talking is an important coping mechanism when dealing with gender disappointment. Find someone you can talk to, without worrying about being judged, and let your heart pour out. This might be your partner, a real-life friend or an online community, but find someone who will listen and respect your feelings.  Were you surprised or shocked about your baby's gender?  #aboutbirthonline #laelandjules #pregnancy #birtheducation #midwives #givingbirth #genderdissapointment #birth #pnd #boy #girl #postnataldepression #ptsd
Families belong together 💯🌍❤️ #worldrefugeeday #familiesbelongtogether - My husband recently went to Bangladesh to work with refugees in the camps there ( swipe right to see more)... and click the link in our bio to donate to the charity that are on the ground there RIGHT NOW. My husband has been first hand the impact they have. - We get to tuck our children in every night. Give them a hug and kiss ❤️ We are so blessed! - Nighty night Mama’s ❤️ #stronglikemum
What is Mama Notes? . The first twelve weeks of motherhood are undeniably a special time. You are welcoming a new baby into your lives, getting to know them, and if it’s your first time around, getting to grips with all of the practical tasks that a baby requires you to learn. . Also known as the ‘fourth trimester’, the first twelve weeks are also a time of enormous adjustment. Physically, your body is recovering from pregnancy and birth. Emotionally, your mind is adjustment to motherhood (or to mothering the newest child) including changes to your role, relationships, identity and responsibilities. All this in the context of (likely) sleep deprivation, which can severely undermine any of your normal coping strategies. . Research shows that up to 1 in 3 new mums experience problems with their mental health in the first months of motherhood, and it is likely that many more experience feelings of worry, loneliness and poor confidence. . Mama Notes is a week-by-week diary for new mums. It has space to record the essentials such as feeds and nappies, together with a different wellbeing focus for each week, with ideas or activities to try. It also has prompts for journalling and recording memories of these early weeks, and space to write your birth story if you wish to. . Mama Notes is written by a Clinical Psychologist and draws on sensible and accessible psychological strategies and techniques to help new mums adjust to motherhood and focus on their emotional wellbeing, whilst they are focusing on their baby. . Available from July 2018 - link in bio 🖤 . #mamanotes #mumlife #mumsofinstagram #selfcare #refillyourcup #mamadiary #mama #parenting #parenthood #motherhood #newmum #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #mybeautifulmess #dailyparenting #toddler #toddlerlife #igmums #igmotherhood #maternalmentalhealth #postnatalanxiety #pnd #mentalhealthrecovery #postnataldepression #perinatalmentalhealth #clinicalpsychology #psychologist #everydaypsychology